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It's all about the principle

KEVIN LEININGER: Purchase of vehicles for the sheriff should put public and principle ahead of interests.

Brady takes fight to court

Tom Brady took the fight over his "Deflategate" suspension to social media and federal court Wednesday, and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft backed the three-time Super Bowl MVP.

Enjoy music, dancing at BAALS

The BAALS festival, a nod to former Fort Wayne Mayor Harry Baals, has blossomed into one of the premier live events held downtown each year.

Dancing with the Stars: Live

Fans of the popular ABC show "Dancing with the Stars" will get up close and personal with a few of the featured dancers at a live touring production Friday night at the Embassy Theatre.

Donations needed

NS VIDEO: The food bank which provides services to hungry families in Fort Wayne is down in donations this summer by 58 percent.

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