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Wednesday September 2, 2015
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Friday, July 18, 2008 - 1:12 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through June 30. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


• Isabella L. Skeens to Dana N. Gerbers and Bren M. Skeens.


• Kaden A. Carper to Laurel A. and Bradley D. Carper.


• Brodric K. Miller to Anita K. and Shawn D. Miller.


• Addison R. Gehring to Danielle R. and Bradley D. Gehring.


• Peyton A. Nichols to Ashlye D. Hopf and Corey A. Nichols.

• Reese E. Shull to Sara E. and Justin L. Shull.


• Makenna M. Felger to Tonia L. and Douglas P. Felger.

• Payton E. Koontz to Kara J. and Nick I. Koontz.

Columbia City

• Ciera M. Geiger to Shane T. and Mike D. Geiger.

• Daniel S. Caster to Trisha B. and Scott A. Caster.

• Jaden A. Gillard to Charmin S. and Kevin B. Gillard.

• Leah G. Smits to Anita M. and Aaron J. Smits.

• Sage A. Parker to Kelly S. Parker.


• Conner A. Heyne to Malisa K. Berkshire and Ryan A. Heyne.

• Drew L. Dallmann to Christina F. and Glen G. Dallmann.

• Kinleigh M. Coffey to Jennifer R. and Kristopher M. Coffey.

• Maggie A. Wilson to Amy M. and John M. Wilson.

• Zayne M. Roop to Kathleen J. and Luke A. Roop.

Fort Wayne

• Addison C. Brockhaus to Tiffane S. Creager and Steven E. Brockhaus Jr.

• Addison R. Whittle to Erin M. and Donald R. Whittle.

• Ahmed K. Khan to Jo M. Bee and Ka Sin.

• Akhia N. Austin to Latoya N. Pleasant and Christopher M. Austin Sr.

• Alasia I. Greene to Jennifer I. Byers and Adrian D. Greene.

• Alena A. Marks to Quiesha D. Bibbs and Quinton L. Marks.

• Alexander R. Goble to Sarah R. Hoffman and Mathew R. Goble.

• Alison M. Hoffman to Maria C. and Matthew A. Hoffman.

• Alyssah J. Roberts to Bambi M. and Shaun T. Roberts.

• Amarii D. Williams to Ash-Lee E. Baker and Darraill L. Williams.

• Annika R. Newsom to Melissa S. and Joshua M. Newsom.

• Anthony T. Leash Jr. to Brooke A. Cooper and Anthony T. Leash.

• Araly Y. Medina to Vanessa M. Ramirez and Sergio J. Medina.

• Aryanna T. Manning-Cooper to Kametricia C. Manning and Thomas L. Cooper.

• Asher J. Wagoner to Rachel J. Haggard and Joshua D. Wagoner.

• Ashton A. Barber to Angel M. Bricker and Jefforey A. Barber.

• Ava G. Smith to Elizabeth M. Smith.

• Ava O. Jimenez to Abigail M. Ewing and Isaac G. Jimenez.

• Ayden J. Shaffer to Brigette E. Sofio Shaffer and John A. Shaffer.

• Bennie A. Albertson IV to Angela K. and Bennie A. Albertson III.

• Brandon J. Romero to Veronica and Carlos V. Romero.

• Brody C. Jones to Brenda S. and James M. Jones.

• Calvin W. Smith to Sarah E. and Patrick R. Smith.

• Camryn D. Conn to Mary J. Pierce and William C. Conn.

• Carter W. Plodzik to Danielle M. Lemberg and Daniel W. Plodzik.

• Casen A. Harl to Jessica and Zachary A. Harl.

• Cessiah R. Bright to Cecily M. Bright.

• Chloe A. Hursh to Katerina M. Sgourakis-Hursh David A. Hursh.

• Chloe E. Summers to Kimberly A. and Michael B. Summers.

• Claire E. Desjean to Stacy M. and Christopher J. Desjean.

• Claire E. Hauser to Meghan R. and Daniel A. Hauser.

• Cody L. Shoda to Elizabeth A. Ackerman and Joel A. Shoda.

• Cole L. Reed to Leslie M. Gibson and Gregory K. Reed.

• Coleton J. Doxsee to Nicole V. Doxsee.

• Dajyahna J. Anderson to Latoya L. Anderson.

• Daquayvious M. Gentry to Johniqua M. Holmes and Drayon M. Gentry.

• Drake A. Conrad to Kimberley A. and Eric J. Conrad.

• Dratiya L. Lagrone to Idrissa E. Butler and Terry L. Lagrone.

• Dresden M. Yancey to Oksana Y. and Dustin M. Yancey.

• Dylan M. Boxell to Leslie A. and Jason D. Boxell.

• Elaina M. Garrett to Laura L. and John M. Garrett.

• Elyana N. Casiano to Elizabeth S. Kienlen and Michael A. Casiano Jr.

• Emery M. Yockey to Carlee J. Andress and Uriah R. Yockey.

• Emma J. Sasser to Emily M. and John M. Sasser.

• Emma K. Bontrager to Aimee L. and Jason S. Bontrager.

• Emma R. Litchfield to Wendy A. and Mark A. Litchfield.

• Ethan G. Frauhiger to Abbey N. Coffel and Brian F. Frauhiger.

• Gabriel M. Keller to Shannon N. Sweet and Lyndon S. Keller.

• Gabrielle R. Wimer to Sarah J. and Eric D. Wimer.

• Gavin T. Litwiller to Corissa M. and Eric T. Litwiller.

• George A. Poiry to Erin E. and Thomas B. Poiry.

• Grace A. Norris to Christina K. and Aaron L. Norris.

• Grace E. Dickmeyer to Elizabeth L. and Richard S. Dickmeyer III.

• Hayden C. Scully to Wendy S. and Craig S. Scully.

• Hayley A. Dancer to Donelle R. Warner and Gabriel L. Dancer.

• Idrees L. Eldridge to Sharda L. Watkins and Marcus L. Eldridge.

• Isaiah A. Ali to Jacey L. Wilson and Traveon A. Ali-Bratton.

• Izaac X. Driver to Angie M. and Robert J. Driver.

• Jabriah C. Hall to Shondra L. Hall.

• Jace A. Walker to Athena M. and James T. Walker.

• Jackson S. Crawford to Marcia K. and Matthew L. Crawford.

• Jacob C. Shank to Kristyn M. and Clancy J. Shank.

• Jacob J. Connelly to Cynthia R. Rice and James M. Connelly.

• Jakari J. Adams to Latoya D. Adams.

• Jallil A. Person to Kendrea C. and Allen J. Person.

• Jamiya M. Gary to Charday D. Gary.

• Jayden M. Haywood to Krystal L. Thayer and Jerry L. Haywood.

• Jaydin A. Kruckeberg to Heidi A. Kruckeberg.

• Josmar C. Chan to Maricela Barrera and Jaime C. Chan.

• Jude N. Hudson to Sarra E. and Nicholas D. Hudson.

• Kate K. Medina to Martha Castaneda and Erick Medina.

• Kathryn I. Reynolds to Natalie E. and Jeremy D. Reynolds.

• Keon M. Sutton to Lora D. Church and Gregory A. Sutton.

• Kevin L. Smitley Jr. to Crystal D. and Kevin L. Smitley.

• Kevontae J. Williams to Miracle D. Williams.

• Khloe J. Chamness to Shannon M. Kirkpatrick and Adam M. Chamness.

• Kyrstin A. Mackin to Samantha M. and Joshua R. Mackin.

• Lillian L. Asselin to Monica A. and Marc F. Asselin.

• Lillian S. Blackman to Emily A. and Jeremy T. Blackman.

• Lucas E. Hamm to Michelle R. and Craig M. Hamm.

• Lucas J. Schenkel to Shelia C. and Joshua T. Schenkel.

• Luke M. Gardner to Laura J. and Curt D. Gardner.

• Malashia S. Swift to Latesha R. Swift.

• Marco A. Vasquez-Carmona to Luisa Carmona and Heriberto Vasquez.

• Mariana G. Cruz-Perez to Brenda Perez and Eddy Cruz.

• Maryan S. Ali to Isnino S. Nasir and Said A. Mohamed.

• Mattie P. Smeltzer to Courtney M. and Brian R. Smeltzer.

• Mattix E. Lloyd to Sunnette R. and Jeremy D. Lloyd.

• Mckaleigh D. Vaught to Victoria L. Marrero and Littlerock Vaught.

• McKenna E. Zollinger to Melissa D. and Matthew A. Zollinger Sr.

• Mitchell F. Miller to Sara J. and Kevin F. Miller.

• Molly R. Rider to Holly A. and Matthew R. Rider.

• Moo K. Sue to Paw L. Moo and Poe Shee.

• Mykalin M. King to Shaquana M. Harris and Michael D. King.

• Natalia Valencia to Maria D. Macias and Juan C. Vazquez.

• Nolan E. Hammon to Tanya M. and Chris A. Hammon.

• Olivia M. Rowan to Priscilla M. and David A. Rowan.

• Paige E. Miller to Amanda R. and Clarence J. Miller III.

• Parker H. Burden to Kacey N. Liechty and Jonathon C. Burden.

• Parker J. Tone to Karin C. and John F. Tone Jr.

• Patrick E. Drudy to Julia A. Drudy.

• Pran Moo to Eh O. La and Tada D. Say.

• Quentin E. Carter to Nicole D. Carter and Quentin R. Saunders.

• Ramaj K. Totten to Savanna M. Soto and Jamar D. Totten.

• Rayden M. Switzer to Delicia D. and Peter M. Switzer II.

• Reese M. Banks to Megan B. and Christopher A. Banks.

• Rex A. Malagon to Celica Cadenas and Victor Malagon.

• Rhyan P. Fernanders to Cassandra L. Ort and Joseph B. Fernanders II.

• Riddick I. Meade to Cristy C. Jordan and Joseph K. Meade.

• Riley A. Jeffus to Tonya A. Howey and Raymond E. Jeffus.

• Roselyn G. Damian to Anna G. Flores and Efrain Damian.

• Sabrina U. Donis to Dora A. Monterroso and Vidal Donis.

• Samuel F. Fuentes Jr. to Erica J. Geiger and Samuel F. Fuentes Sr.

• Sandra V. Gonzalez to Sandra Y. Sandoval and Edy Gonzalez.

• Sarayya C. Sullivan to Ratoshia C. Smith and Cartrelle L. Sullivan.

• Savanna K. Langohr to Miranda K. and Vincent D. Langohr.

• Shaelynne L. Luckett to Kelli L. and Andrew D. Luckett.

• Shannon M. Roussel to Kathleen S. and Benjamin J. Roussel.

• Stephanie V. Ortiz to Esthela and Jose A. Ortiz.

• Sydney A. Slagal to Kimberly M. and Dean I. Slagal.

• Tamiya R. Manning to Tammie R. and Isaac Manning III.

• Tanner C. Mickelson to Wendy M. and Christopher A. Mickelson.

• Teagan J. Williams to Jessica M. and Timothy C. Williams.

• Teriann M. Geisleman to Michelle L. Archer and Terry A. Geisleman II.

• Triton G. McGlaughn to Alexis L. Dergins and Cory J. McGlaughn.

• Valarie A. Martin to Cristina R. and Michael D. Martin.

• Vincent N. Smith-Young to Amy L. Young and Nathaniel J. Smith.

• Vivienne C. Rupright to Adrienne R. and Christopher T. Rupright.

• Wesley D. Clemens to Beth A. and Ronald W. Clemens.

• William S. Nolot to Cristina J. and Mark W. Nolot.

• Wyatt C. Knepper to Bridget K. and Matthew H. Knepper.

• Yrral Z. Stapleton to Shakia L. Tucker and Larry D. Stapleton.

• Zachary D. Pelkington to Brittany M. Hanic and Zachary D. Pelkington.

• Zaire M. Stanford to Keyion M. Stanford.

• Zane S. Hake to Vanessa and Jason S. Hake.


• Jayden T. Smith and Taveah R. Smith to Ciara D. and Justin T. Smith.


• Lanita S. Schwartz to Margaret and John J. Schwartz.

• Parker A. Wilson to Courtney K. and Anthony M. Wilson.


• Andrew J. Marley to Candis N. and Cameron J. Marley.

• Isabella R. Hernandez to Jennifer R. Hernandez and Victor A. Hernandez-Campos.

• Kellen M. Peconge to Maghann L. and Matthew E. Peconge.

• Vanessa L. Bird to Monique L. Brown and David W. Bird.


• Tegen E. Myers to Jaclyn M. and Joshua A. Myers.


• Avery L. Baird to Kathryn S. and Kevin R. Baird.

• Grace L. Griffey and Hope E. Griffey to Rochelle A. and Charles T. Griffey Sr.

• Hannah E. Skiles to Valerie A. and Adam L. Skiles.


• Brayden R. Koehl and Hunter J. Koehl to Charis M. Hunter and Vincent J. Koehl.

• Rhoda M. Bontrager to Lilly S. and Jeremy P. Bontrager.

• Sydney R. Arnold to Kelly A. McDonnell and Justin R. Arnold.


• Malachi G. Heath to Nicole I. Stanley and Bruce G. Heath.


• Grant C. Robinson and Vince R. Robinson to Sharon E. and Adam J. Robinson.

• Lukis K. Douglas to Randall L. and Shane M. Douglas.


• Ruby Y. Valtierra to Maria D. Valtierra.


• Ellie A. Gatton to Amanda M. and Charles W. Gatton.

• Gracelynne J. Shanks to Heather M. and Jason M. Shanks.


• Anna M. Thomas to Melissa D. and Kyle W. Thomas.

• Brayden J. Jarrett to Leora B. and Matthew S. Jarrett.

New Haven

• Brandtly J. Hike to Emily R. and James B. Hike.

• Hayden C. Korte to Lisa M. and Eric J. Korte.

• Shiloh G. Stoller to Sarah L. and Jeffery L. Stoller.

• Stephanie L. Hood to Loraine R. Turner and William J. Hood.

• Xavier T. Cornett to Tabitha M. Ketchum and Donald D. Cornett.

North Manchester

• Alasha J. Price to Emily J. and Frank J. Price.


• Hunter D. Heckber to Angela L. and Jason P. Heckber.

• Jaeli J. Johnson to Megan A. and Joshua J. Johnson.

• Makenna A. Johnson and Maysie J. Johnson to Megan A. and Joshua J. Johnson.


• Lydia G. Guthrie to Darlene F. and Rex A. Guthrie.


• Zion W. Garner to Teresa L. and Christopher M. Garner.


• Bostan W. Gamble to Alicia L. Gamble.

• Griffin J. Vaillancourt to Kimberly D. and Adam J. Vaillancourt.


• Gustin J. Stuckey to Jenean E. and Spence M. Stuckey.


• Addyson M. Gilliam to Carlye M. Gilliam.

• Thomas J. Zachary II to Amanda S. and Thomas J. Zachary.


• Jordys D. Vance to Elizabeth A. and Adam D. Vance.

• Mary K. Schmucker to Emma and James A. Schmucker.