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Wednesday, August 27, 2008 - 11:09 am


• Derrick C. Ihnen and Stephanie L. Smith

• Jason E. Roe and Kelli R. O'Shaughnessey

• Benjamin J. Miller and Amanda N. Hoffman

• Emmanuel Hadjakis and Gay L. Penland

• David D. Brock and Karin K. Oliver

• David A. Main and Angela S. Stump

• Christopher M. Elkins and Kelley Brooke Mahoney

• Jeremey R. Houser and Robin M. Davis

• Clinton C. Mollison and Lucille L. Wallace

• Steven D. Eichel and Erin Kelly Taylor

• Joseph L. Langacher and Elizabeth J. Wickey

• Eric L. Schnepp and Danyelle E. Tagliaferri

• Dennis W. Keller and Kimberly A. Cool

• Sherman James Caldwell and Michelle Lee Patton

• Michael J. Shorter and Heidi Lynn Tennis

• Robert Anthony Debrum and Megan R. Shively

• John M. Lafrance and Amy L. Johnston

• Timothy Robert Tylinski and Christina R. Cox

• Jonathan M. Nolan and Georgia A. Dahman

• Christopher Mark Chavez and Stephanie M. Glenn

• Tyler W. Wells and Alyssa E. Relue

• Adam James Kelly and Kayla Grace Harrington

• Christopher Lamont King and Dawn Marie Ellis

• Adam E. Friend and Brianna M. Naragon

• Bradford A. Nelson and Becky L. Gall

• Alexander T. Adair and Audrey Lynn Winiger

• Gerald W. Rogers and Jennifer M. Durbin

• Ronald L. Zartman and Rita Watson Bunner

• Samuel R. Stahlhut and Laura Ann Munro

• David J. Morris and Rita I. Tippmann

• Edward W. Matcazk Jr. and Beulah M. Stoker

• Larry L. Hilty and Carrie N. Johnson

• Jason P. Hicov and Brianna M. Cox

• Anthony L. Barnes and Sheila R. Willis

• Courtney Lavar Hurse and Myisha D. Smiley

• Michael Lawrence and Adrienne G. Booker

• Seyneko A. Mostella and Paige E. Groves

• Robert A. Nellum and Rebecca J. Maxwell

• Brandon D. Olson and Jessica Marie Revis

• Vernon J. Johnson and Angel Naki Tadeo

• Isaac J. Hoot and Carrie Lynne Stokan

• Andrew D. Sturgeon and Holly Lynn Courtney

• Daniel G. Tippmann and Jacqueline S. George

• Anthony E. Easterly and Elizabeth K. Jastrzemski

• Dylan Edward Barton and Chayla Ciera Anne Rhoton

• Bobby D. Bolen and Abbey M. Clark

• Brian D. Gore Sarah E. Boylan-Mattes

• Arnulfo Almaras Carrillo and Esther Romo

• Jeremiah Lothamer and Amy Louise Labounty

• Kewan Ramseur and Tara Taneka Thompson

• Joshua A. Flaugh and Angela N. Granger

• Tyler D. Marr and Jennifer M. Woods

• Stephen M. Carbaugh and Kimberly K. Shell

• Mitchell D. McAfoose and Abigail K. Schnurr

• Todd Andrew Wilson and Tanya Elizabeth Marsh

• Robert L. Guy Jr. and Christine Ann Pinkston

• Roy D. Smith and Marjorie Rae Moll

• Cole Michael Strader and Sandra Kay Gernheuser

• Lance E. Papenbrock and Amanda E. Webster

• James Phillips and Mary Ann Sheets

• Douglass D. Swihart and Suzanne C. Haga

• Andrew J. Kitrush and Monica M. Sands

• Adam M. Vanwagner and Michelle R. Blackburn

• Stefan R. Hartman and Christine R. Nass

• James M. Doty and Holly M. McKanna

• Paul Gerard Nistler and Monica Mary Korson

• Vincent A. Freese and Yu Yu Lwin

• Jordan A. Thompson and Kristy L. Killion

• Joseph D. Lawson and Elizabeth Marie Frantz

• Christopher D. Spradlin and Christy J. Wills

• Milan A. Doshi and Rebekah K. Mensah

• Zachary Odell Swopshire and Nikita Chonta Mitchell

Information received from the office of Therese M. Brown, clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior courts.