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Monday December 22, 2014
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Fort Wayne birth listings

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Jan. 14. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.

Fort Wayne

• Aaliyah M. Rowlett to Jessica M. Rowlett.

• Abigail L. Farling to Catherine L. and David D. Farling Jr.

• Adalyn J. Vail to Amy M. and Richard D. Vail.

• Addison V. Bennett to Janette D. and Adam G. Bennett.

• Adelyn N. Traxler to Stacia M. and Justin T. Traxler.

• Ahnika L. Hull to Abbey M. and Scot A. Hull.

• Al Lee M. Belcher to Janeatra D. Belcher.

• Alison R. Hathaway to Alicia M. and Jason R. Hathaway.

• Allie J. Wolfe to Jill J. and Uriah T. Wolfe.

• Amare A. Anderson to Candice C. Jones and Tyrell E. Anderson.

• Amari L. Haywood to Temia M. Haywood.

• Amora R. Banks to Amanda J. Draper and Devin L. Banks.

• Anderson Alvizures to Rosa N. Alvizures and Raul A. Anavisca.

• Andrew L. Holley to Roshawn L. Holley-Elcock and Gideon Elcock.

• Anna R. Gernhardt to Mackenzie M. and Aaron A. Gernhardt.

• Anthony W. Schwalm to Shannon M. and James E. Schwalm.

• Armani J. Link to Umekia D. Link.

• Ashton C. Lamkin to Calline R. and James M. Lamkin.

• Aurora L. Garman to Meranda L. and Thomas L. Garman.

• Autumn Marie R. Daugherty to Angela L. and Paul J. Daugherty.

• Ava G. Michelini to Heather M. Pebley and Matthew G. Michelini.

• Ava M. Jurczak to Angela M. and Joseph V. Jurczak.

• Averie L. Moorer to Felicia C. Bellis and Walter Moorer III.

• Bella K. Sowers to Lacey S. Sowers.

• Benjamin C. Cearley to Rachael L. and Andrew M. Cearley.

• Blake C. Smith to Jennifer L. and Ryan M. Smith.

• Brandon D. Holman Jr. to Kari A. Van Houten and Brandon D. Holman.

• Braylin E. Tisdale to Lashanda M. Winborn and Brent E. Tisdale Jr.

• Brennen B. Clifford to Crystal D. McCorkle and Brian K. Clifford.

• Brianna M. Smith to Lindsey M. and David S. Smith.

• Brook-Lynn M. Torres to Brandy M. and David Torres.

• Bryan Delcid to Angelica Vargas and Edyberto Delcid.

• Bryson A. Butler to Leslie A. Butler.

• Bryson L. Bisbee to Julia N. Bisbee.

• Caitlin J. Maloblocki to Angela M. and Patrick J. Maloblocki.

• Cali J. Peelle to Amanda M. and Jason J. Peelle.

• Carson D. Wulpi to Christina M. and Jordan D. Wulpi.

• Carson K. Ravis to Lindsey R. and Keith S. Ravis.

• Carter L. Miller to Hannah C. Luley and Ryan M. Miller.

• Cash W. Robinson-Stewart to Sarah M. Stewart and Paul W. Robinson.

• Cecelia A. Patton to Jessica E. and Robert J. Patton.

• Charles A. Calligan Jr. to Michelle L. Hill and Charles A. Calligan.

• Cheyanna M. Quarles to Khristian D. Taylor and Amondo M. Quarles.

• Chloe R. Helge to Tesa Z. and Jared C. Helge.

• Christian A. Tapia to Deshondra M. Thomas and Abundio Tapia.

• Cierra R. Moorer to Felicia C. Bellis and Walter Moorer III.

• Colton J. Booker to Morgan A. and Brian J. Booker.

• Connor D. McAfoose to Abigail K. and Mitchell D. McAfoose.

• Cru D. Hale to Kari K. and Brian D. Hale.

• Curtiss J. Harding to Dawn M. and Matthew C. Harding.

• Dae-Ta C. Vanthavong to Lisa M. Kring and Chanh Vanthavong.

• Daelyn L. Calhoun to Melonie L. Bradtmueller and Marcus D. Calhoun.

• Daison R. Richards to Carrie L. and Brian M. Richards.

• Dakota R. Grawcock to Angela R. and Dustin J. Grawcock.

• Day D. Woe to Mor Rom and Sin Ya.

• Devon S. Cochran to Nicole M. and William T. Cochran.

• Ella B. Moore to Heather R. Brackeen and Jeffery F. Moore.

• Ella G. Antibus to Kathleen C. and Phillip C. Antibus.

• Elliott M. Ahlersmeyer to Kelley R. and Nicholas J. Ahlersmeyer.

• Enoch H. Madsen to Sarah E. and Maynard P. Madsen.

• Esperanza M. Zamudio to Tonya M. and Rafael Zamudio.

• Estella T. Benge to Angeliki N. and Scott A. Benge.

• Esther Karen to Eh Gay and Toe Win.

• Ethan A. Decker to Melissa R. Landers and Ryan E. Decker.

• Ethan A. Prentice to Brenda M. and Aaron D. Prentice.

• Ethan M. Slone to Chelsea N. Treft and Joshua M. Slone.

• Garylee Serenity A. Herrin to Deseree M. Herrin.

• Greyson D. Schneider to Hollie M. and Aaron D. Schneider.

• Hayden W. Bair to Heather A. and Joshua L. Bair.

• Heaven M. Virges to Tocarra L. Virges.

• Henry L. Born to Tammy J. Noyes and Henry R. Born.

• Hunter G. Waltman to Jeanne M. and Joshua G. Waltman.

• Isabella N. Perez-Yenna and Jordan R. Perez-Yenna to Tarryn N. Perez and Justin R. Yenna.

• Isabelle A. Eke to Traci J. and Giles C. Eke.

• Isabelle G. Jackson to Lisa M. and Benjamin M. Jackson.

• Isaiah V. Weemes to Jennifer L. Wagstaff and Seneca C. Weemes.

• Ivan Carrillo to Rosa I. and Jose J. Carrillo.

• Jack M. MacPherson to Carmen M. and Daniel N. MacPherson.

• Jack T. Zolman to Gretchen J. and Mark E. Zolman.

• Jakyrah S. Davis to Takia S. Davis.

• Jamarcus L. Brockington Jr. to Tara R. Brockington.

• James L. Alexander Jr. to Jennifer M. and James L. Alexander.

• James M. Lowe Jr. to Amy N. Lowery and James M. Lowe Sr.

• James S. Hess to Amanda D. and Benjamin W. Hess.

• Jasiah C. Chapman to Courdney Y. and Anderson L. Green.

• Jax W. Witzigreuter to Jennifer E. and Kevin E. Witzigreuter.

• Jaxson G. Rhode to Bree D. Rhode.

• Jayden J. Williams to Marshette K. and Contre J. Williams.

• Jerome P. Wishin to Amber S. Sproat and Russell E. Wishin.

• Jeryn A. Moore to Tiffany L. Moore.

• John J. Henry to Anna C. and Louis V. Henry II.

• Jolette Corona to Brenda Corona.

• Jonathan F. Braaten to Lauren E. and Jason M. Braaten.

• Jonathen P. Schaefer to Rennae L. Schaefer and Stephen P. Sparks.

• Jonquil A. Mendoza Jr. to Justina C. Curry and Jonquil A. Mendoza.

• Jordan A. Reyna to Maricella and Alfredo Reyna Jr.

• Jordan C. Anderson to Tiffaney K. Anderson.

• Josue R. Ramires to Norma Y. Ramires.

• Juan J. De La Cruz to Victoria De La Cruz.

• Judah C. Brown to Anne E. and Bryan J. Brown.

• Jude L. Potter to Katherine A. and Nathan L. Potter.

• Jude R. Holben to Lela A. and Jeffrey L. Holben.

• Kaeden L. Pullum to Jennifer D. Pullum.

• Kaitlin K. McClain to Karma J. Geisleman and Todd L. McClain.

• Kaitlyn J. Cooney to Micki M. and Michael F. Cooney.

• Kale A. Westropp to Mandy L. and David P. Westropp.

• Kamar J. Miles-Martinez to Tanesha R. Miles and Ricardo Martinez.

• Karla G. Alferez to Erica D. Alferez and Jose F. Alferez-Rangel.

• Karsen A. Walters to Whitney A. Reinhart and Zachary H. Walters.

• Keaira L. Bounket to Krystyl L. Bounket.

• Keidran L. Jackson to Lakenya S. Billingsley and Jehrad L. Jackson.

• Kendall E. Schreck to Kamy R. and Darren W. Schreck.

• Kenyatta L. Kelly to Rodnika M. Kelly.

• Kimora D. Davis to Kymetha Davis.

• Korbin A. McCormick to Stephanie M. McCormick.

• Kylee R. McBride to Christen F. McBride.

• Kyndelle R. Marcum to Rebecca and Joseph B. Marcum.

• La Taishia A. Tompkins to Latoya M. Tompkins.

• Landen J. Bachert to Stephanie M. and Ryan J. Bachert.

• Lauren F. Groves to Lisa M. and Nicholas C. Groves.

• Leanna E. Lestarge to Hallie R. Kruckeberg and James A. Lestarge Jr.

• Lila E. Hayes to Stacey A. and Daniel W. Hayes.

• Lucas A. Eme to Jacqueline M. and Shawn L. Eme.

• Mackenzie V. McCormick to Nancy S. and Corey B. McCormick.

• Macyn R. DeHaven to Stacie M. DeHaven.

• Makayla M. Henning to Mary E. Fink and Joshua K. Henning.

• Maliah M. Rogers to Rakita S. Davis and Eric F. Rogers Sr.

• Mariah A. Rodriguez to Tanishia L. Harris and Scott A. Rodriguez.

• Maris E. Williams to Tasha H. and Blake T. Williams.

• Mark A. Haudenschild III to Janet R. and Mark A. Haudenschild II.

• Maryjane E. Reynolds to Alison R. and Justin D. Reynolds.

• Maurice V. Hairston Jr. to Jennifer L. Boyd and Maurice V. Hairston.

• Max P. Antonuccio to Debra M. and Patrick M. Antonuccio.

• Mckynah L. Driver to Shauna M. Johnson and Tyrone Driver.

• Mehki J. Moore to Shamika T. Moore.

• Miley A. Rhinehart to Monica L. Gaff and Matthew W. Rhinehart.

• Milo A. Heraldo to Amy L. Allen and Edward A. Heraldo.

• Miriam E. Meyer to Ruth E. and Jonathan D. Meyer.

• Mitchell A. Ames to Alexandriea N. and Theodore R. Ames.

• Mya E. Taylor to Nancy C. and Marc E. Taylor.

• Nasir J. Waller to Radiance M. Upshaw and Nelson J. Waller.

• Nathan K. Williams to Candice L. Leshore and Nathan W. Williams.

• Nathaniel E. Clough to Lisa A. and Edward H. Clough II.

• Nicole A. Bakhtova to Alena V. and Aleksandr N. Bakhtov.

• Nikoli A. Castillo to Nicole F. Henry and Ernesto M. Castillo Sr.

• Noah T. Ames to Alexandriea N. and Theodore R. Ames.

• Norah J. Quinn to Raven M. Quinn and Shaun M. Quinn.

• Olivia R. Ryan to Margaret M. and Casey P. Ryan Fort Wayne

• Patrick G. Guerrant Jr. to Camellia R. Lytle and Patrick G. Guerrant.

• Pau Boy T. Noe to Pa Mu and Po Gan Noe.

• Payton E. Stewart to Tina M. and Dean T. Stewart.

• Princess L. Underwood to Krystal L. Underwood.

• Remington L. Reyes to Corinna K. Reyes.

• Riley H. Richard to Alicia L. and Mark W. Richard.

• River D. Barker to Kimberly A. and Travis L. Barker.

• Riyauna N. Roberson to Jessica S. Woods and Rodney R. Roberson Jr.

• Ronan T. Wilkins to Paige A. and Dane I. Wilkins.

• Ryne M. Haver to Shannon D. and Matthew R. Haver.

• Salvatore L. Colacuori to Lindsay D. and Fredrick M. Colacuori Jr.

• Samuel C. Bell to Jennifer N. and Ryan C. Bell.

• Savanna M. Jewell to Heidi M. Clark and Brian K. Jewell.

• Savannah E. Nesseth to Danelle E. and David J. Nesseth.

• Serenity I. Shaw to Susan A. Shaw.

• Sho L. Sar to Toe Toe and Mu Sar.

• Silas A. Burney to Ebene L. and Adrian M. Burney.

• Sir-Juwelz P. Gaston to Katrina M. Barajas and Shoanari K. Gaston.

• Steven R. Doenges to Kristine L. and Brian S. Doenges.

• Surayna L. Heaton to Holly A. Knight and Matthew L. Heaton.

• Suzanne E. Blee to Marcy S. and Thomas M. Blee.

• Taiuontay X. Brown to Melissa L. Brown.

• Taylor M. Blackford to Erin L. Blackford.

• Terry L. McKinney III to Latoya J. and Terry L. McKinney II.

• Theodore R. Dills to Ruth N. and Scott A. Dills.

• Thomas A. Maxwell Jr. to Mistal N. Cox and Thomas A. Maxwell.

• Thomas J. Bay to Jennifer J. and Jonathan J. Bay.

• Trevion A. Rankin to Chauntell M. Adlam and Tyronn A. Rankin.

• Valeria L. Romero to Julieta and Pedro A. Romero.

• William J. Lomont to Hana A. Menkir and Tristan W. Lomont.

• William R. Case to Dawn R. and Aaron W. Case.

• Wyatt T. Byrd to Renee W. and Noel T. Byrd.

• Zachary E. Newton to Jennifer E. and Christian E. Newton.

• Zachary T. Cain to Kathryn E. and David M. Cain.

• Zander M. Benbow to Teanna E. Benbow.

• Zion S. Chapman to Johanna J. and Damion Q. Chapman.

• Zoe R. Ghilardi to Jessica L. Jankowski and Michael D. Ghilardi.

• Zypheria A. Smith to Jessica C. and Marvin A. Smith.