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Monday, September 25, 2017
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Fort Wayne births

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009 12:01 am
Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Aug. 28.♦Aaliyah L. Davis to Alicia R. Davis.♦Abigail R. DeKoninck to Brittney R. and John A. DeKoninck.

♦Abigayle K. Smith to Gail E. and Travis A. Smith.

♦Adalyn B. Puff to Holly L. Marks and James R. Puff.

♦Admyre O. Bragg to Dezyre S. Bragg.

♦Agnes R. Bell to Aimee R. and Andrew T. Bell.

♦Aidan M. Venable to Nicki N. and Michael R. Venable.

♦Alana I. Romero to Wendy A. and Adolfo R. Romero.

♦Alexis H. Bloomfield to Rachel J. Reneau and Jason L. Bloomfield.

♦Alharith M. Aziz to Ekbal A. and Moktar S. Aziz.

♦Alia M. Clem to Brandi M. and Reginald W. Clem.

♦Alizabeth K. Clark to Dusty J. and Tommy Clark.

♦Amanda E. Lambert to Julia E. Mendenhall and Matthew P. Lambert.

♦Ameerah J. Saba to Jessica A. Saba.

♦Amouria R. Smith to Melissa J. Kaehr and Justin A. Smith.

♦Andrew J. Campbell to Janine O. and Clifford S. Campbell.

♦Andrew J. Steffen to Amanda N. Steffen.

♦Andrew L. Gunn to Jennifer L. Hertenstein and Willie A. Gunn II.

♦Andrew L. Maydwell to Christina B. Williams and Landiran C. Maydwell.

♦Angel S. Munoz to Floricelda Morales and Eulogio Munoz.

♦Angel T. Brooks to Selina M. Brooks.

♦Aniyah Tynae L. Lapsley to Naquita T. and Tyris D. Lapsley.

♦Annastacia R. Cooper to Brooke A. Cooper.

♦Annie J. Rhee to Bobbi C. and Michael S. Rhee.

♦Antonio M. Birdsall to Erica M. Birdsall.

♦Ariana G. Prater to Cassandra R. DeHaven and Adam J. Prater.

♦Arianna N. Crum to Amanda N. Bobb and Ryan D. Crum.

♦Aryannah K. Freeman to Samantha J. Freeman and Brent S. Browning.

♦Ashley Nino to Laura Garcia and Sergio Nino.

♦Ashlynn F. Dettmer to Christine M. Sorg and Joshua J. Dettmer.

♦Aunna M. Dean to Alecia L. Stine and Jonathan L. Dean.

♦Avery D. Stensrud to Jamie L. and Daniel J. Stensrud.

♦Azlyn E. Swager to Heather A. Fisher and Jacob J. Swager.

♦Benjamin I. Davis to Candice R. Davis.

♦Bianca J. Roussel to Jennifer D. and Mark C. Roussel.

♦Blane A. Law to Kristen M. and Andrew S. Law.

♦Braden G. Dammeier to Jenna M. and Dustin D. Dammeier.

♦Braden L. Pliett to Jessica L. Steinbacher and Travis B. Pliett.

♦Brandon J. Gaither II to Sharrell D. Smith and Brandon J. Gaither.

♦Braydon C. Bentley to Tara M. Cummins-Bentley and Beau E. Bentley.

♦Brenda S. Romero to Claudia Coronel Romero.

♦Bria L. Wasson to Crystal A. Nieto and Brian W. Wasson.

♦Brianna M. Woodson to Melissa C. and Owen L. Woodson Sr.

♦Brogan A. Stephens to Ashley A. Reish and Matthew J. Stephens.

♦Brooke E. Reynolds to Susan M. and Bradley S. Reynolds.

♦Brooklyn S. Maggart to Andrea C. and Lucas G. Maggart.

♦Caedmon J. Raymer to Wendy D. and Geoffrey S. Raymer.

♦Cala S. Haffner to Shelly E. and Timothy J. Haffner.

♦Cale T. Ashcraft to Jennifer T. and Thane L. Ashcraft.

♦Camila Quintana to Zulma J. Vasquez and Javier Quintana.

♦Carlie E. Parrett to Cleda J. and Carl L. Parrett II.

♦Caroline A. Meade to Diane K. and Larry R. Meade Jr.

♦Carter D. Henry to Ashley A. and David J. Henry.

♦Cassidy R. Pequignot to Emily R. Christlieb Pequignot and James A. Pequignot Jr.

♦Cecilia L. Mankin to Ashley E. and Michael H. Mankin.

♦Chace J. Jones to Allison D. Kraft and Jeremiah D. Jones.

♦Charles W. Truesdell III to Nicholina M. and Charles W. Truesdell II.

♦Chloe A. Klausing to Stephanie A. and Andrew C. Klausing.

♦Collum J. Delaney to Amy M. and Daniel E. Delaney.

♦Colsen J. Chiaruttini to Jill A. and Michael J. Chiaruttini.

♦Colton G. Bermes to Angel M. Bermes.

♦Cora L. Evans to Angela K. and John M. Evans.

♦Dallas J. Mata to Ashley Y. Ford and Juan V. Mata.

♦Danika R. Brown to Stephanie R. Brown.

♦Danny L. Stonestreet Jr. to Karissa R. and Danny L. Stonestreet.

♦Daylyn M. Stevens to Danielle C. Stevens.

♦Demale L. Martin to Jamika D. Martin.

♦Demi R. Williams to Danielle N. Williams.

♦Elias C. Kroeker to Miriam A. and Gregory A. Kroeker.

♦Elijah M. Prado to Jennifer A. Prado and Mack C. Magee Jr.

♦Elizabeth A. Tippmann to Kelly A. and Benjamin R. Tippmann.

♦Ella G. Bedree to Nicole M. and Jeffrey M. Bedree.

♦Ella J. Klein to Sarah D. and Michael R. Klein.

♦Elle C. Laurent to Holly A. and Mark R. Laurent.

♦Elle M. Gardner to Brooke M. and Bryan R. Gardner.

♦Ellen K. Thompson to Melissa A. and Jared A. Thompson.

♦Elyjah K. De Santiago to Rebeka C. and Abraham De Santiago.

♦Elyse A. Moses to Darcy D. Ummel and Andrew C. Moses.

♦Emeka E. Emedobi to Shawnta M. Stanford and Olu-Ebube S. Emedobi.

♦Emily E. Boester to Dana L. and Andrew W. Boester.

♦Emma R. Judy to Laura H. and Matthew R. Judy.

♦Eric L. Minor Jr. to Alicia M. and Eric L. Minor.

♦Ethan C. Bruce to Jamie R. and Timothy L. Bruce.

♦Evan A. Bleich to Christina A. and John A. Bleich Jr.

♦Evelyn R. Verslype to Samantha S. and Michael J. Verslype.

♦Fayth A. Reynolds to Cynthia M. Cushing and David D. Reynolds.

♦Ferdian A. Rasooli to Kamila Rahimi and Abdul K. Rasooli.

♦Francisco Martinez to Jeannette A. and Jorge Martinez.

♦Gabriel E. Bedford to Alexandra K. Rivera and Edward C. Bedford.

♦Gavin T. Miller to Kimberly A. and Dearl L. Miller.

♦Geniah L. Dudley to Natasha L. Dudley.

♦George H. Thomas to Laurie M. and Scott M. Thomas.

♦Giovonni M. Hawkins to Kiara S. Dennis-Burnett and Christopher E. Hawkins.

♦Grace M. Ellis to Brittainy N. Ellis.

♦Gracie M. Shelton to Samantha A. and Cletis A. Shelton.

♦Hadley M. Shaw to Jill S. and Nicholas L. Shaw.

♦Hailey M. Diehl to Krista M. and Brian A. Diehl.

♦Henry A. Schilb to Ashley J. and Aaron C. Schilb.

♦Heron J. Lopez to Anelinda Lopez and Genaro Mendoza.

♦Holden T. Craig to Jennifer A. and Jason A. Craig.

♦Hope L. Schumacher to Stephanie D. and Nathanael G. Schumacher.

♦Iman Y. Aboelgassim to Khadiga D. Abdalla and Yahya A. Adam.

♦Isaac D. Rine to Holly M. and Eric A. Rine.

♦Isaac S. Bushong to Rachel E. and Scott J. Bushong.

♦Isabella D. Alberts to Samara M. Sheray and Brandon D. Alberts.

♦Isabella M. Smith to Virginia M. and Jeffrey A. Smith.

♦Isabelle G. Boettcher to Beatrice M. and Benjamin C. Boettcher.

♦Isabelle M. Engquist to Alyse M. and Nathan A. Engquist.

♦Isaiah A. Helland to Amanda R. Helland.

♦Izabella M. Starkey to Brandi S. and Patrick H. Starkey.

♦Izaiah J. Chalfant to Sarah N. Stacy and Shane J. Chalfant.

♦Jabrial T. White to Lekeshia M. White.

♦Jack F. Mallory to Leslie M. and Andrew F. Mallory.

♦Jackson C. Tigulis to Sahsha R. and Jason C. Tigulis.

♦Jackson L. Brenner to Michelle M. and Matthew R. Brenner.

♦Jacquelyne Quintana to Bertha and Gonzalo Quintana.

♦Jade L. Witherspoon to Toni M. Baumgartner and Joe L. Witherspoon Jr.

♦Jaiston M. Duff to Keitra L. Duff.

♦Jarvis M. Hogan to Anna M. Hogan.

♦Jashar A. Moore to Jessica E. Henderson and Aric H. Moore.

♦Jayden A. Farr to Sequoia T. Farr.

♦Jayden J. Smith to Tiffany J. Hughes and Jonathan J. Smith.

♦Jaysha A. Bennett to Shuneata R. Fields and John J. Bennett Sr.

♦Jazon D. Tucker to Shannon N. Kazee and Jamarcus A. Tucker.

♦Jeremy J. Walker Jr. to Jessika B. Gleason and Jeremy J. Walker Sr.

♦Jesus E. Chamorro Jr. to Michelle E. Gregory and Jesus E. Chamorro Sr.

♦John H. Olds to Virginia S. Olds.

♦Jordan D. Walls to Melissa S. Covey and Justin D. Walls.

♦Jordyn G. Taylor to Lavina S. and Antoine D. Taylor.

♦Jose J. Dominguez to Marina Dominguez and Jose Soto.

♦Joselyn V. Lopez to Prescilla L. Garcia and Jaime Lopez-Hernandez.

♦Joshua A. McBride to Lisa M. and Michael L. McBride.

♦Josie E. Stow to Kristyn M. King and Michael S. Stow.

♦Julian C. Suarez to Jordan E. Griner and Caleb Suarez.

♦Julius H. Jessup to Nicole R. Torres and Jamaal H. Jessup.

♦June L. Worden to Angela L. and Eric D. Worden.

♦Justin T. Williams to Alisha M. Mason and Simeon L. Williams.

♦Kaelin A. Taylor to Jaslyn V. Taylor.

♦Kaleb E. Quezada to Melissa B. and Jose D. Quezada.

♦Kaliah A. Sullivan to Nikki L. and Antonio L. Sullivan.

♦Kamden J. Starks to Alisa L. Starks.

♦Karmen A. Tomlinson to Rachel D. and Dewaine J. Tomlinson.

♦Katelyn R. Steigerwald to Cassandra R. and Shawn R. Steigerwald.

♦Kathryn R. Steffanus to Robin M. and Aaron D. Steffanus.

♦Kayden J. Robbins to Brooke R. Erler and Corey J. Robbins.

♦Kaylee J. Shultz to Lisa M. and Mitchell W. Shultz.

♦Keegan J. Harp to Jenah M. Hull and Kenneth A. Harp Jr.

♦Keldin J. Wims to Shenekia D. and Cameron J. Wims.

♦Kevin L. Jackson to Wendy M. and Kenneth L. Jackson.

♦Khloe M. Morgan to Amy R. and Lester P. Morgan.

♦La Niyah N. Knight to Jamika M. Fowlkes and Luis Q. Knight.

♦Lacey A. Gonzalez to Amber C. Terry and Daniel E. Gonzalez.

♦Lauren C. Walden to Emily M. and Mark J. Walden.

♦Layton G. Pierce to Shelbie D. and Gabriel T. Pierce.

♦Leah K. Ambrose to Sherrie L. and Andrew P. Ambrose.

♦Lee B. Berry to Jessica L. Gamble and Benjamin L. Berry.

♦Leiyonna T. Cotton to Shaquek R. Cotton.

♦Liam A. Yoquelet to Stephanie M. and Blaine A. Yoquelet.

♦Lillian E. Alberts to Samara M. Sheray and Brandon D. Alberts.

♦Lilly A. Holbrook to Jaime L. and Andrew R. Holbrook.

♦Lindani B. Baker to Melissa R. and Kenneth D. Baker.

♦Lindsey J. Florian to Maybel S. Florian and Edwin O. Florian-Aguilar.

♦Logan A. Maxwell to Kaylin S. Maxwell.

♦Logan M. Bugge to Michelle R. Hunley and Jeremy H. Bugge.

♦Lucas J. Bercot to Christina D. Summers and Trent S. Bercot.

♦Macie N. Reith to Arista L. and Patrick D. Reith.

♦Mackenzie R. Beard to Jennifer M. and Michael W. Beard.

♦Maddox J. Shovlin to Erica M. and John B. Shovlin.

♦Madeline M. Burbrink to Bridgette L. Gist and Matthew S. Burbrink.

♦Madelyn M. Pranger tp Beth A. and Joshua B. Pranger.

♦Maileyonna A. Larue to Nakesha K. Larue.

♦Maisy R. Cala to Neleigh R. and Elias R. Cala.

♦Makaia G. Fairgood to Andrea S. Johnson and Lloyd L. Fairgood.

♦Malachi S. Thompson to Hayley J. Lavine and Aaron L. Thompson.

♦Malaysia A. Virges to Yevett R. Freeman and Terrence L. Virges.

♦Malecki A. Holman to Ericka Holman.

♦Mariana Diaz-Lopez to Veronica Diaz-Lopez and Gerardo Diaz.

♦Mariyah N. Armour to Shanita B. Bates and Nadir Armour.

♦Matthew J. Clutter Jr. to Jessica M. and Matthew J. Clutter.

♦Maya A. Brownlee-Kelly to Mylisa K. Brownlee-Kelly.

♦Maya M. Nahrwold to Heather L. and Paul E. Nahrwold.

♦Maya R. Rivera to Jeanette M. and Antonio L. Rivera.

♦Mckayla R. Case to La Rea M. and Ian M. Case.

♦Micah J. Billingsley to Crystal C. and Bryan J. Billingsley.

♦Micah J. Johnston to Laura B. Bridges and Aaron W. Johnston.

♦Michael D. Hendricks III to Amanda J. and Michael D. Hendricks Jr.

♦Miles K. Coray to Kristina L. and Aaron K. Coray.

♦Myo K. Kyaw to Eh H. Doh and Kyaw M. Htun.

♦Nalihya R. Moore to Olivia R. Moore.

♦Nang-En Z. Dal to Nolam M. Tungnung and Thang K. Dal.

♦Nashira L. Phillips to Wathina S. Phillips.

♦Navayah D. Johnson to Yolanda R. Perry and Cornelius Johnson.

♦Nevaeh J. Mosley to Jennifer Mosley.

♦Nicholas R. Soto Jr. to Keesha L. Eldridge and Nicholas R. Soto Sr.

♦Nila Naing to Dahim Be and Thet Naing.

♦Nivia Romero to Beatriz and Alejandro G. Romero.

♦Noah C. Henschen to Lydia R. and Ryan P. Henschen.

♦Noah J. Boylan to Megan E. and Benjamin J. Boylan.

♦Noah L. Cox to April L. Hinkson and Aaron J. Cox.

♦Nyasia N. Moore to Joanna D. Moore.

♦Oliver M. Harmon to Courtney L. and Mark A. Harmon.

♦Peyton M. Queen to Mellisa K. and Fred E. Queen.

♦Preston S. Bright to Erica M. and Lewis O. Bright.

♦Quinn B. Vanover to Katherine A. Vanover and Jesse J. Rinard.

♦Rakaya M. Roberts to Leticia Lebron and Troy G. Roberts.

♦Rayden L. Morrow to Katamba L. and Rodney Morrow.

♦Reed W. Shin to Ra Weer and Ha Shin.

♦Reid W. Hasselman to Amanada L. Smith and Todd M. Hasselman.

♦Riley B. Locke to Olivia J. and Roger A. Locke.

♦Robert J. Beaver to Jessica N. Dicken and Adam L. Beaver.

♦Rosie I. Simon to Elena V. Ayers and Gregory A. Simon.

♦Rudy L. Tippmann to Lisa R. and Vincent P. Tippmann Jr.

♦Samantha G. Scribner to Jessamine R. and Patrick B. Scribner.

♦Samuel T. Reichard to Christina and Jeffrey T. Reichard.

♦Sarahi Torres-Delgado to Alma L. Delgado Urbina and Isidro Torres Catete.

♦Saturnina O. Duckett to Cassandra M. Young and Anthony L. Duckett.

♦Sawyer J. Hill to Amy L. and Jason D. Hill.

♦Sawyer W. Thiele to Kristin L. and Randall J. Thiele.

♦Selena N. Payton to Cortney M. Payton.

♦Serenity R. Mignerey to Lisa A. Mignerey and Christopher R. Wallace.

♦Shawndre D. Cannon Jr. to Quintina M. Whitt and Shawndre D. Cannon Sr.

♦Shidalasha D. James-Hollis and Shimylasha D. James-Hollis to Shiaquilla Y. James and Andre J. Hollis.

♦Simon A. Elaver to Andrea R. and Richard A. Elaver.

♦Sondos I. Mertami to Soumya A. Adam and Ibrahem M. Mertami.

♦Sophia K. Sarrazin to Jenna S. Sarrazin.

♦Sophie S. Hess to Dwila J. Lewis-Hess and Brandon M. Hess.

♦Steven V. Lima to Thelma Y. Lima and Isabel E. Villagran.

♦Tate E. Knoblauch to Amber L. and Christopher C. Knoblauch.

♦Thaddeus D. Peterson to Eilicha M. McKinley and Michael J. Peterson.

♦Thang M. Mang to Cing D. Huai and Cin T. Pau.

♦Tiffany H. Borton to Charlotte S. and Joel E. Borton.

♦Trinity D. Griggs to Destiny C. Potts and Steven L. Griggs.

♦Victoria R. Kien to Becky E. and Matthew M. Kien.

♦Wesley G. Leazier to Mariea L. and Lee E. Leazier.

♦Weston J. Perfect to Holly A. Heath and Shane M. Perfect.

♦Westyn A. Grothaus to Devon L. Flynn and Matthew A. Grothaus.

♦Win T. Ya to Zar Z. Hlaing and Maung T. Ya.

♦Yusariam M. Pozuelos-Lemus to Suri M. Lemus and Hector E. Pozuelos.

♦Zachariah E. Ramirez to Veronica S. Elkins and Pedro E. Ramirez.

♦Zachary A. Miller to Melissa J. and Lance C. Miller.

♦Zadane L. Schendel to Brittany L. Schendel.

♦Zaden A. Zirkle to Mindy N. and Nicholas A. Zirkle.

♦Zechariah J. Currie to Bianca R. Reid and Anthony L. Currie.


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