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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Births: Fort Wayne listings from early December

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 12:01 am
Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Dec. 9.♦Aaliyah R. Nichols to Shaneshia L. Rogan and Tavaris L. Nichols.♦Aanysha M. Bennett to Natasha M. Browning and Tyrone L. Bennett.

♦Abigail M. Fletcher to Michelle M. and Brian R. Fletcher.

♦Adalin R. Longley to Abbi L. Longley.

♦Adam J. Loftis to Shannanora M. Goodrich and Jason M. Loftis.

♦Addison P. Bell and Avery A. Bell to Angela L. and Chad E. Bell.

♦Aleksa N. Pepple to Jesse L. Pepple.

♦Alexander J. Spinella to Shari A. Spinella.

♦Alexis D. Wilson to Ashley K. Armstrong and Jamarcus D. Wilson.

♦Allison P. Rogers to Melissa M. and William J. Rogers.

♦Alyssa M. Hathaway to Heather M. and Adam N. Hathaway.

♦Amirah M. Lapsley to Jennifer R. Story and Anthony L. Lapsley.

♦Amodjai D. Stewart to Kimberly E. Skillom and Rodney L. Stewart.

♦Andrew J. Rathbun to Amanda L. and Jason W. Rathbun.

♦Angela S. Allen to Amy L. and Tracy D. Allen.

♦Angelmon Tunwin to Mi Mon and Min Tunwin.

♦Aniah N. Whitmore to Shalynn N. Klemm and Samuel C. Whitmore.

♦Anna A. Pantoja to Ana Lilia R. Ramirez and Padro L. Pantoja.

♦Anthony M. Rhodes to Charieta N. Walker and David M. Rhodes.

♦Anyla J. Daniels to Trinice A. Daniels.

♦Ariana M. Calix to Eva C. Fernandez De Calix and Azael A. Calix.

♦Ariyana A. Yates to Mistie D. Yates.

♦Audrina C. Burkholder to Nistjatsha N. Ryan and Tommy L. Burkholder Jr.

♦Ava E. Soto to Jessica D. and Salvador A. Soto.

♦Ava M. Gumpp to Angie M. Black and Kevin J. Gumpp.

♦Avalyn J. Goldstone to Bethany C. Wade and Adam A. Goldstone.

♦Avery S. Trigg to Rachelle K. Gongwer and Shane R. Trigg.

♦Ayana M. Hambright to Alesha S. Hambright.

♦Ayden C. Walker to Amanda L. Parks and Charles R. Walker.

♦Ayden J. Cearbaugh, Elizabeth J. Cearbaugh and Joseph W. Cearbaugh to Melissa A. and John E. Cearbaugh.

♦Azaria L. Washington and Jelani M. Washington to Tanisha L. Washington.

♦Bella L. Petras to Brandie L. and Robert E. Petras Jr.

♦Brody M. Salas to Jennifer M. Goldsmith and Paul M. Salas.

♦Caden A. Shultz to Megan K. and Jerry T. Shultz.

♦Caidynn B. Driver to Brianda D. Driver.

♦Caiomhe A. Rogers to Bridget E. Flanagan and Andrew W. Rogers.

♦Caleb N. Grepke to Katherine J. and Nathan A. Grepke.

♦Camden T. Boggs to Amber N. and James T. Boggs Jr.

♦Camiyah T. Stephens to Lacrisha L. Russell and Casey T. Stephens Sr.

♦Carey M. Smith to Napresha M. Smith and Carey E. Williamas.

♦Caroline M. Romero Bautista to Maribel Bautista and Santos S. Romero.

♦Carson L. Jack to Samantha R. Savage and Robert L. Jack.

♦Carson M. Ferris to Crystal L. and Michael R. Ferris.

♦Carson W. Hunt to Jessica R. Miller and Darren L. Hunt.

♦Carter R. Jagger to Amy N. and Jason R. Jagger.

♦Cashis-Micheal A. Budde and Ryan-Jackson M. Budde to Taylor B. Roberts and Ryan-Micheal W. Budde.

♦Charles D. Chandler Jr. to Andrea P. Simpson and Charles D. Chandler Sr.

♦Charles M. Dubes to Jamie L. and Charles C. Dubes.

♦Cheyenne C. Hinkle to Marsha R. Hudson and Nathan W. Hinkle.

♦Chloe J. Warfield to Michele L. Phillips and Anthony D. Warfield.

♦Cicely M. Harding to Kara M. and Eugene M. Harding.

♦Cingngai M. Hau to Mang D. Nuam and Pau Hau.

♦Cole A. Baumgartner to Christina M. and Matthew A. Baumgartner.

♦Cole P. Strahm to Jean M. and Nicholas P. Strahm.

♦Colton J. Hunt to Jessica R. Miller and Darren L. Hunt.

♦Connor J. Carcione to Stephanie M. and Joseph M. Carcione.

♦Corvin L. Longley to Abbi L. Longley.

♦Curtis D. Merriweather to Shamelda N. Gentry and Curtis W. Merriweather.

♦Dane R. Flennery to Tammy J. and Raymond J. Flennery.

♦Danica K. Whitesell to Carla D. Washington and Julian L. Whitesell.

♦Devonte M. Jones to Devon S. Courtney and Vernon D. Jones.

♦Dexter S. Lindsay to Danielle M. and Peter C. Lindsay.

♦Dezmond M. Franklin to Karonda K. Franklin.

♦Dominic J. Kern to Tomara L. and Andrew S. Kern.

♦Dylan M. Weible to Darcy L. and Robert M. Weible.

♦Ehmoo L. Jonh to Ahdeena H. and Aye W. Jonh.

♦Eleanore J. Shively and Marshall T. Shively to Monica A. and Kurt S. Shively.

♦Ella A. Davenport to Alyssa A. Parrot and Ryan F. Davenport.

♦Ember A. Drummond to Patricia A. and Andy K. Drummond.

♦Emerson M. Bryant to Vivi Y. and Richard A. Bryant II.

♦Emery L. Hutsell to Stephanie A. and Derek S. Hutsell.

♦Emma E. Wright to April D. and Terry S. Wright.

♦Emma G. Robertson to Amelia G. and Derrick R. Robertson.

♦Emma J. Reed to Alissa J. and Michael D. Reed.

♦Emma L. Hipskind to Michelle N. and Casey J. Hipskind.

♦Erica G. Scherrer to Sonja M. Scherrer.

♦Gabriel Dykehouse to Hope M. and Zachary J. Dykehouse.

♦Giselle Garcia to Maria Franco-Flores and Leopoldo Garcia.

♦Grace A. Hipskind to Heather R. and Gary A. Hipskind.

♦Grace I. Garber to Jennifer F. and John E. Garber.

♦Grace L. Kimble to Danielle J. and Roderick L. Kimble.

♦Graham N. Urschel to Elizabeth A. and Adam S. Urschel.

♦Hadley G. Hudson to Sarra E. and Nicholas D. Hudson.

♦Hannah N. Wright to Jennifer N. and Joseph D. Wright.

♦Holly R. Herber to Erin A. and Steven M. Herber Jr.

♦Holt J. Walker to Mercy R. and Kyle S. Walker.

♦Irisa M. Sewell to Amber M. McClellan and Timothy M. Sewell.

♦Isabella N. Johnson to Katie A. Johnson.

♦Isabella N. Slemp to Jaime L. Slemp.

♦Isabelle M. Mendez to Whitney L. McGehee and Paul M. Mendez Sr.

♦Isabelle R. Cavazos-Dyke to Melissa L. Cooley and Jessie L. Cavazos-Dyke.

♦Isaiah A. Johnson to Tinikia N. Johnson and Antwan D. Brookshire.

♦Isaiah K. Burge to Amanda M. and Robert S. Burge.

♦Ja Darion A. Hopson-Riley to Jessica R. Flores and Patrick A. Hopson-Riley.

♦Jacob D. Dewalt to Nickolia C. Johnson and Damon J. Dewalt.

♦Jacob E. Lyons and Johnathan C. Lyons to Sonja J. and John E. Lyons.

♦Jacob E. Ormiston to Julie M. Guptail and George T. Ormiston.

♦Jada N. Wallace-Wade to Rashaunda S. Wallace and Robert E. Wade.

♦Jakayla S. Schutte to Nicole L. Schutte and Anthony L. Houston.

♦Jaliyah L. Smith to Jonisha L. Garcia and Jamarcus D. Smith.

♦Janyla L. Daniels to Trinice A. Daniels.

♦Jason M. Busz Jr. to Monica R. Montoya and Jason M. Busz Sr.

♦Jawaun S. Bennett to Shyra D. Bennett.

♦Jayden J. Gordish to Kristina M. and Joshua J. Gordish.

♦Jayla G. Tomkinson to Brittany S. Sierra and Morgan A. Tomkinson.

♦Jenna E. Covey to Kristina L. and Gary L. Covey II.

♦Jermaine S. Smith to Rosemary Smith.

♦Jerome D. Fincher to Krishawna T. Jones and Jerome D. Fincher.

♦Jocelyn N. Pedroza to Blanca L. Rodriguez and Jose H. Pedroza.

♦John-Michael T. Mann to Ruth M. and Christopher M. Mann.

♦Joselynn R. Kaufmann to Crystalyn S. Noble and Joshua A. Kaufmann.

♦Josephine M. Chen to Chao and Zesheng Chen.

♦Judah Allen to Mandy M. and Justin M. Allen.

♦Justin J. Walker Jr. to Jessica C. Elder and Justin J. Walker.

♦Kaidence A. Sales to Brittany E. Mossburg and Adam H. Sales.

♦Kaitlyn A. Carr to Lindsay A. and Paul E. Carr.

♦Kala D. Hedges to Dawn M. Adams and Danny K. Hedges.

♦Kalease M. Shurelds and Karter J. Shurelds to Mikaeala P. Woodard and Demetrius A. Shurelds.

♦Kaleb O. Money to Amber N. Lash and Cody F. Money.

♦Kamaury D. Hardamon to Shecrease S. Royal and Larry D. Hardamon.

♦Kamaya M. Derrick to Megan M. Wright and Joseph A. Derrick.

♦Kamryn L. Smith to Christina A. and Jeffery L. Smith.

♦Karter L. Stayton to Katelyn M. Stayton.

♦Kiera J. Whitaker to Tara J. and Stephen M. Whitaker.

♦Kingstan M. Willis to Angela C. and Elstanley Willis Jr.

♦Lacorey L. Allen to Shada P. Allen and Lacorey L. Brown.

♦Lainey P. Etter to Angela S. and Mark W. Etter.

♦Landon D. DeFay to Brittney M. DeFay.

♦Landyn A. Compton to Amber N. Noble and Michael L. Compton.

♦Larryah A. Cook to Kristen C. Craig and Larry E. Cook Jr.

♦Leasia M. Harvard to Laveasea N. Harvard.

♦Leeshawn J. Johnson to Shatara S. Johnson.

♦Liam M. Okponobi to Amy J. and Michael I. Okponobi.

♦Lillian H. Roberts to Suin and Lee M. Roberts.

♦Lilly A. Pepple to Kristen R. Gaff and Zackery D. Pepple.

♦Lily G. Ellison to Jennifer L. and Paul R. Ellison.

♦Lily M. Sell to Teresa M. and Troy D. Sell.

♦Loyreal N. Underwood to Donjria M. Scott and Chad Underwood.

♦Luccen M. Hess to Tamara K. Ghaster and James D. Hess.

♦Lucy R. Olson to Erin E. and Chad R. Olson.

♦Lydia R. Long to Amber M. Baysinger and Matthew R. Long.

♦Macie A. Oden to Kristie N. and Scott A. Oden.

♦Madison R. White to Deborah L. and Travis C. White.

♦Makayla H. Gamez to Alexandria H. Rose and Antonio M. Gamez.

♦Maki L. Watkins to Sharda L. Watkins.

♦Malik J. Vasquez to Jasmine M. Vasquez.

♦Malin M. Studebaker to Maura M. and Matthew A. Studebaker.

♦Mari I. Segura to Maria I. Ahumada and Hilario Segura.

♦Mia A. Winfree to Megan A. and Marcus A. Winfree.

♦Mia E. Moreno to Mirna E. and Miguel Moreno Jr.

♦Micah H. Tomashewsky to Suzanne B. and Andrew C. Tomashewsky.

♦Micah S. Massie to Michele D. and Stephen R. Massie.

♦Michelle M. Stronczek to Michelle M. and Douglas E. Stronczek.

♦Mirra E. Lape to Lainie E. and Thomas L. Lape.

♦Mung H. Lian to Niang D. and Kap Lian.

♦My Yah S. Buckley to Marvella R. Nuby and DeAngelo S. Buckley.

♦Myllon N. Bure to Nialynn Bure.

♦Neveah S. Coleman to Olivia B. Coleman.

♦Nicholas W. Jefferson to Tanisha S. Jefferson.

♦Noelia E. Sanchez to Rosa Nino and Edgar G. Sanchez.

♦Olivia G. Moreno to Carole L. and Billy J. Moreno.

♦Parker J. Miller to Tierni M. and Matthew J. Miller.

♦Piper M. Miller to Kendra L. and Jeff R. Miller.

♦Preston R. Capps to Jennifer L. and Brandon R. Capps.

♦Riley M. Walters to Heather D. and Craig B. Walters.

♦Rylan J. Bean to Lindsay J. Carpenter and Jason A. Bean.

♦Shammy Ma Ra to Ma Z. Be and Har Nae.

♦Shania J. Jones to Candace M. Resendez and James E. Jones.

♦Slate J. Masek to Katherine M. and Paul R. Masek.

♦Sofia J. Kropuenske to Natalie A. and Ryan M. Kropuenske.

♦Sophia M. Hernandez to Lucila J. Feliz and Franklin F. Hernandez.

♦Taalynn R. McCroy-Lockridge and Tashawn R. McCroy-Lockridge to Seretta R. McCroy-Lockridge.

♦Tamerica M. Sanders to Erika L. Sanders.

♦Tayar M. Swe to Nwet Than and Min Swe.

♦Tiffany J. Kruger to Stefanie J. and Rick J. Kruger.

♦Trenton R. Yaggi to Kimberly R. and Andrew P. Yaggi.

♦Trinity E. Wilson to Janet L. Wilson.

♦Tyler J. Garlinger to Erin D. Garlinger.

♦Tymperance J. Storey-Henry to Amanda L. and Daniel P. Henry.

♦William I. Rentfrow to Melissa A. and Justin M. Rentfrow.

♦William W. West to Amber L. Whittmyer and Robert E. West.

♦Wyatt N. Heath to Chelsea E. and Joshua M. Heath.

♦Xoe-Jayne N. Goodin to Jennifer L. Kunkleman and Trevor J. Goodin.

♦Zedric D. Sy to Tara L. and Mark Francis O. Sy.

♦Zekra K. Haroun to Sourya A. Issa and Kamaldine H. Moustapha.


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