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Friday, January 15, 2010 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Dec. 31.


• Lilly A. Martin to Mishelle D. Craft and Nicholas P. Martin.


• Kaelyn G. Hagaman to Terah A. and Eric H. Hagaman.


• Adam W. Kesse to Lisa M. and David C. Kesse.

• Alexander D. Squires to Jessica R. and Nicholas W. Squires.

• Lorelai C. Fast to Christine A. and Andrew P. Fast.


• Moriah G. Tiendrebeogo to Rita J. and Jean Paul Tiendrebeogo.


• Adriauna M. Carpenter to Christin M. and Derek M. Carpenter.

• Anthony L. Jackson to Wendy J. Eisenhut and Damien L. Jackson.

• Kamryn R. Ault to Abby L. and Andrew C. Ault.

• Karease R. Reinhard to Janae R. and Matthew G. Reinhard.


• Alexander O. Dreibelbis to Amy B. Hague Dreibelbis and Brent L. Dreibelbis.

Columbia City

• Ansleigh J. Jenkins to Brandi D. Werline and David H. Jenkins.

• Brailea J. Gay to Kristin L. Foster and Zachary S. Gay.

• Braxtyin W. Julian to Ashley N. Cordova and Joshua W. Julian.

• Daisy M. Swineford to Natalie J. and Bryan M. Swineford.

• Emmylou S. Lambert to Natalie S. and David M. Lambert.

• Estara B. Love to Melany A. and Michael W. Love.

• Isabella A. Shoup to Sarah M. and Don F. Shoup III.


• Kayden J. McNabb to Lisa D. McNabb.


• Bella R. Fravel to Caitlin R. Fravel.

• Claire A. Arner to Melissa A. and Cary A. Arner.

• Isabella R. Suarez to Kimberly B. and Miguel A. Suarez.

• Jaden A. Feasel to Lacy A. and Max A. Feasel.

• Mya C. Zimmerman to Michelle L. and James C. Zimmerman.

Fort Wayne

• Aariyah L. Link to Laquesha R. Link.

• Adin T. Adair to Audrey L. and Alexander T. Adair.

• Adrian R. Spahiev to Aubree R. Spahiev.

• Aiden L. Brown to Erin L. Goubert and Andrew L. Brown.

• Akai A. Reed to Timeika N. Rowles and Allen A. Reed.

• Alana J. Brooks to Danielle M. Jones-Brooks and Alvin W. Brooks Jr.

• Alexander J. Bailey to Tara R. and David M. Bailey.

• Alfredo Zavala to Maria G. Sanchez and Braulio Zavala.

• Alicia M. Contreras to Michelle R. and Jose I. Contreras Jr.

• Anne B. Dunbar to Erica L. and Justin D. Dunbar.

• Anne M. O'Brien to Gina M. and Daniel P. O'Brien.

• Anthony M. Vebert to Penny L. and Micheal A. Vebert.

• Arianna N. Carter to Nina M. Carter.

• Aubri L. Parrish to Taylor S. Elder and Ethan M. Parrish.

• Autumn R. Bobay to Kristen N. Teders and Robert V. Bobay.

• Ayden M. Rinehold to Heather N. Alvarado and Christopher L. Rinehold.

• Benjamin J. Smith to Erin E. and Bryan J. Smith.

• Bradley J. Berndt to Christina N. and Joseph L. Berndt.

• Brayden H. Ruballos to Alexandra M. Phelps and Henry A. Ruballos.

• Breylon A. Mims to Autum A. and Richard B. Mims.

• Brice A. Peterson to Jenifer K. and Jason A. Peterson.

• Brooklin N. Holle to Jaime L. and Jeremy W. Holle.

• Brooklyn R. Oberlin to Kimberly S. Osborn and Chad R. Oberlin.

• Byron J. Milligan to Yalonda Y. Milligan.

• Caleb D. Trowbridge to Catlyn D. and Bradley D. Trowbridge.

• Camiyah J. Shepherd to Shaquay J. Shepherd.

• Carder A. Newton to Candace D. Newton.

• Carlos G. Perez to Martha E. and Jesus I. Perez.

• Caroline M. Frecker to Anna R. and Andrew S. Frecker.

• Carsyn D. McMeeking to Rachel L. and Brian D. McMeeking.

• Cassie M. Rogers to Nicole E. Ditzenberger and Christopher W. Rogers.

• Cayden T. Baird to Caitlyn R. Evans and Seth W. Baird.

• Christian C. Slaughter to Brandie A. and Shaun C. Slaughter.

• Christopher W. Klug to Maria R. and Joshua J. Klug.

• Cidney Nguyen to Tracy Trinh and Johnny T. Nguyen.

• Cobi D. Snell to Jennifer L. Hiser and Jonathan M. Snell.

• Colton R. Sinnes to Amanda C. Ashley and David P. Sinnes.

• Dacirus M. Carter to Christine N. Carter.

• Daisy B. Morris to Adeline M. and David M. Morris.

• Davon M. Hinton to Jasmine Y. Hinton and Davon M. Burden.

• Dekardiyha D. Boone to Shanedra L. Boone.

• Demonie L. Billingsley to Lisa R. and Demond L. Billingsley.

• Dominic C. Preston to Ashley N. Preston.

• Dustin M. Shellhammer to Andrea N. Shellhammer.

• Erin M. Yauch to Danell L. and Mark E. Yauch.

• Ethan P. Brumbaugh to Elizabeth E. and Brandon M. Brumbaugh.

• Ethan V. Jovevski to Nga K. and Peter Jovevski.

• Eva A. Engel to Heather J. and Shaun A. Engel.

• Ezra J. Pettiet to Melyssa M. and Tobin J. Pettiet.

• Fara L. Evilsizor to Gennifer L. and Craig L. Evilsizor.

• Gabriana A. Solis to Yvonne M. Gill and Jose G. Solis Jr.

• Gabriella G. Aguirre to Nancy V. Delira and David G. Aguirre Jr.

• Gabriella M. Behrends to Katrina J. and Jared D. Behrends.

• Gerald A. Parapi-Angulo to Maria A. and Oswaldo J. Parapi.

• Haley N. Terrell to Lisa D. and Nicholas A. Terrell.

• Hannah E. Haydl to Lori L. and Kevin M. Haydl.

• Hannah Mohammed to Shama U. Korattiparambil and Jaby Mohammed.

• Hayden W. Beltz to Tearra L. Beltz.

• Henry A. Snyder to Rosemary C. and Matthew A. Snyder.

• Hudson A. Regan to Heather J. and Stephen D. Regan.

• Ian C. Smith to Erin K. and Christopher S. Smith.

• Isabella E. Miller to Olivia V. Valencic-Miller and Randy S. Miller.

• Isaiah R. Bair to Bryony J. and Jeffrey W. Bair.

• Jackson L. Zion-Skalicky to Rachel E. Zion and Andrew C. Skalicky.

• Jacob M. Worman to Jenilee A. and Matthew S. Worman.

• Jaiden C. McMillan to Emily J. and Joshua M. McMillan.

• Jake T. Clemons to Andrea M. Dove and Mark A. Clemons.

• Jalena M. Davis to Gina M. Creed and Michael A. Davis.

• Jaquavion M. Parks to Joynieccia A. Parks.

• Jaxon T. Fleming to Stacy L. and Wallace J. Fleming Jr.

• Jay Den M. Green to Teaera A. Green.

• Jayden L. Hughes to Alicia S. Hughes.

• Jaylan D. Abercrombie to Tiffany L. Carlisle and Kealin J. Abercrombie.

• Jennifer Rosina to Ni Ni and Na Hu.

• Jillian M. Kumfer to Cristy M. and Joshua L. Kumfer.

• Jordan X. Patton to Ashley A. Debacher and Tyler D. Patton.

• Jordin C. Witherspoon to India L. Witherspoon and Jovan M. Witherspoon.

• Joseph A. Janisse to Michelle T. Janisse.

• Jova S. Richards to Carrie L. and Brian M. Richards.

• Joziah C. Soto to Valerie R. Barragan and Bobby J. Soto.

• Julianna D. Stockman to Melissa A. Mills and Dustin E. Stockman.

• Kaidance P. Lang to Stanita L. Lang.

• Kaitlyn A. Barton to Melissa A. and Jason J. Barton.

• Kamaureyiaunntae S. Hogue to Kashawnda L. Hogue.

• Karson C. Leiner to Freida D. Leiner.

• Kate L. Winters to Colleen A. and Mark D. Winters.

• Kaylee U. Medina to Cintia J. Acosta and Cesar Medina.

• Kham M. Lian to Cing L. Nuam and Cin E. Thang.

• Khloey M. Bryant to Ashley A. and Neal D. Bryant.

• Kirie P. Lang to Stanita L. Lang.

• Lakia E. McCullough to Arnessa L. Johnson and Frank McCullough.

• Lane A. Blackburn to Darcie A. Wells and Michael A. Blackburn.

• Leiaijah D. Brown to Lucinda N. Brown.

• Levi M. Richard to Emelie E. and Michael A. Richard.

• Liliana T. Truong to Kristen T. Hoang and Phu G. Truong.

• Lilyana G. Adams to Jill A. Hart-Adams and James S. Adams.

• Logan A. Noyer to Rudeliza D. and Ryan J. Noyer.

• Logan G. Deprey to Kathleen R. Tracy and Richard G. Deprey.

• Lucas A. Crismore to Julie A. and Joshua E. Crismore.

• Luke W. Forrester to Marilyn and Steven A. Forrester.

• Malik A. Hughes to Regina K. and Cordarro M. Hughes.

• Mary K. Gregory to Kristen R. and Peter F. Gregory.

• Mat Li to Sar B. Be and Nge Li.

• Matthew J. Keirns to Lisa M. and Seth P. Keirns.

• Megan E. Lallow to Tara L. and Daniel J. Lallow.

• Meramy A. Sako to Aissatou Samaque and Abdelkader Sako.

• Metea S. Wasvick to Tanya L. Myhre and Michael S. Wasvick.

• Mia Muhammad to Kaylee A. Predum and Rashad Muhammad.

• Micah J. Stiver to Megan L. and Lance C. Stiver.

• Micah L. Hughes to Regina K. and Cordarro M. Hughes.

• Miryam D. Starr to Kristina M. and Daniel D. Starr.

• Monday Kyaw to Paw L. Lay and Kyaw Mya.

• Natalee G. Ade to Ashley K. and Eric T. Ade.

• No D. Hau to Niang S. Lian and Vum L. Tung.

• Noemi M. Mendez to Manuela Juarez and Gregorio Mendez.

• Nolan R. Mangan to Jasmin R. and Scott A. Mangan.

• O Zine to Zi M. Be and Sar K. Ri.

• Paul E. Kline to Raquel A. and Joshua D. Kline.

• Priscilla G. Miller to Beth A. and David H. Miller.

• Quinnly T. Fife to Kimberly B. and Dane J. Fife.

• Quinton J. Tatum Jr. to Kristy M. Newton and Quinton J. Tatum.

• ajon L. Elkins to Almira D. Starks and Ricky L. Elkins.

• Ramaya J. Whitson to Ronda L. Whitson.

• Raquel Macias to Raquel and Erick A. Macias.

• Ryan M. Altic Jr. to Casey R. and Ryan M. Altic.

• Saidie I. Swager to Kathy K. Diaz and Larz W. Swager.

• Sarah M. Al-Shibani to Sajaa S. Kannoon and Mahir G. Al-Shibani.

• Shalom H. Opliger to Hannah L. and Anthony L. Opliger.

• Sincere T. Roberson to Shannon M. Roberson.

• Sydney C. Stewart to Camille L. Cansler and Brandon J. Stewart.

• Taleya U. Robinson to Ladasha M. Robinson.

• Taylen K. Leflore to Tequila M. Leflore.

• Terrica A. Smith to Monta S. Smith.

• Trinity D. Jacobs to Jennifer C. and Matt K. Jacobs.

• Trinity M. Nickels to Christina M. Hall and Dustin L. Nickels.

• Tristan V. Fogt to Deborah M. and Benjamin J. Fogt.

• Valentine A. Conyers to Erin N. Vafiades and Michael S. Conyers.

• Vance T. Murdock to Lacy D. Morris and Kyle A. Murdock.

• William B. Rondeau to Kortney R. McCoy and William T. Rondeau.

• William P. Jehl to Monica M. and Russell W. Jehl.

• Zenea L. Presley to Tizitta Y. Ali-Bratton and Karlon M. Presley.

• Zion M. Forrest to Jalissa L. Sanders and Terrell M. Forrest.

• Zuryiah J. Porter to Markeyita A. Gamble and Zarian E. Porter.


• Breonna K. Bure to Jessica K. and Michael C. Bure.


• Elizabeth R. Claflin to Samantha M. Claflin and Sean D. Berry.


• Daniel P. Podszywalow to Kristina E. Zurcher and Michal Podszywalow.


• Carter R. Meyer to Susan M. and Daniel L. Meyer.

• Eva A. Doucette to Erin E. and Stephen F. Doucette.


• Adele N. Cryderman to Leslie N. and Michael C. Cryderman.

• Andrew C. McCutcheon to Kristy R. and Christopher W. McCutcheon.

• Campbell D. Nix to Natalie M. and Jarrod D. Nix.

• Haden J. Hendryx to Julie A. and Adam J. Hendryx.

• James C. Wiley to Erin M. and Mark W. Wiley.

• Kiahna A. Shugart to Rebecca L. Shugart.


• Ross B. McClintock to Cassondra J. and Bryan H. McClintock.


• Arizona R. Brames to Stacey J. and Joshua P. Brames.

• Garrett E. Oliver to Joanna K. and Gregory A. Oliver Jr.

New Haven

• Gabriel D. Smith to Karolyn M. and Joshua D. Smith.

• Ian R. Geller to Abby K. Hickman and Benjamin R. Geller.

• Isaiah T. Kohl to Sarah M. and Matthew P. Kohl.

• James M. Reidy to Dorothy R. and Christian D. Reidy.

• Juliette E. Tippmann to Regina K. and Barry L. Tippmann Sr.


• Sophia R. Lee to Tia J. Lee.

• Stratten J. Whiteman to Jessie M. and Shane M. Whiteman.

Pleasant Lake

• Olivia A. Mason to Kristy N. and Daniel R. Mason.


• Quinn J. Schall to Courtney L. and Brandon M. Schall.

Rome City

• Brooke R. Massey to Abby L. Jones and Jason A. Massey.

Saint Joe

• Audri N. Bultemeier to Elyse A. and Nathan L. Bultemeier.

Van Buren

• Jacob L. Jones to Melany A. Hofmann and Jacob L. Jones.


• Alisa L. Turk to Amy J. and Travis W. Turk.

• Anna N. Pals to Rachel A. and Trent J. Pals.

• Taner L. Smith to Candice D. and Kevin C. Smith II.

• Xavier A. Vera to Hailey R. Allen and Jose M. Vera.


• Jacob A. Coats to Vicki A. and Andrew D. Coats.


• Vincent R. Likens to Cara M. and Aaron M. Likens.


• Brayden A. Brown to Jessica L. and Andrew M. Brown