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Area births

Friday, October 15, 2010 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Aug. 31. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


• Carly A. Sriver and Lily G. Sriver to Christina M. and Joshua I. Sriver.


• Avery L. Randol to Sara E. and Joshua L. Randol.

• Ethan J. Pippenger to Michelle L. and Aaron L. Pippenger.

• Logan W. Miller to Danielle D. and Joshua K. Miller.


• Kaylina M. Wietecha to Melissa A. Rowland and Robert J. Wietecha.

• Kolton A. McClanahan to Misty A. McClanahan.

• Olivia A. Howe to Janelle I. and Arek C. Howe.


• Brayden P. Weimer to Nicole L. and Troy J. Weimer.

• Evelynn E. Gallagher to Tiffany E. Dollier and Seth S. Gallagher.

• Kinley A. Barton to Megan N. Mann and Braxton L. Barton.


• Isabella G. Morgan to Heather E. and Joshua L. Morgan.

• Kevin E. Myer to Laura E. and Jeremy M. Myer.

• Weston S. Vernon to Janean R. and Adam W. Vernon.


• Dariyonna V. Walker to Krystal L. and Darrius C. Walker.

• Isaac J. Mettler to Heidi M. and Karl F. Mettler.

• Ryan L. Beer to Julie A. and Craig L. Beer.


• Colton J. Edris to Shelly A. and Todd A. Edris.

• Elijah S. Bendes to Tiffany N. and Eric S. Bendes.

• Landon A. Clark to Heather R. and Ryan A. Clark.

• Macy L. Lemler to Jamie L. and Jeffery D. Lemler.

• Wyatt H. Holmes to Erin L. and Ryan Holmes.


• Remington L. Keener to Nicole L. and Colton R. Keener.


• Ethan E. Langston to Erica L. McWhirt and Joshua A. Langston.

Columbia City

• Allie G. Boggs to Holli J. and Travis A. Boggs.

• Aylah J. Grostefon to Jona J. and Justin D. Grostefon.

• Charles H. Brinker to Noel M. and Joseph P. Brinker.

• Emma M. Morrison to Naomi M. and Matthew R. Morrison.

• Isabelle I. Eller to Tabitha Y. Lers and Austin J. Eller.

• Lucas S. Francis to Abbey L. and Kyle E. Francis.

• Mckenzie J. Pippin to Jessica M. Pippin.

• Niya K. Wilson to Diana L. and Matthew T. Wilson.

• Raella R. Driver to Angela D. and Gregory D. Driver.

• Vincent M. Woodard to Michelle E. and Robert S. Woodard.

• William M. Kinter to Miranda R. Kinter and Paul M. Cramar-Kinter.


• Aiden C. Wulliman to Jill D. and Sterling B. Wulliman.

• Braden R. Cross to Wendy S. and Timothy R. Cross.

• Collins A. Poling to Lori R. Irwin and Cory A. Poling.

• Douglas K. Plas to Nicole K. and Jacob E. Plas.

• Hayden M. DeBolt to Misty R. and Thomas L. DeBolt.


• Ramee H. Ali to Madonna J. and Hatem M. Ali.

• Ryleigh P. Daniels to Catrenia M. and Kenneth W. Daniels.


• Brayton M. Robinson to Savannah M. Allen and Nicholas A. Robinson.

• Dillon C. Neutz to Maria J. Neutz.

• Taylor A. Baer to Bobbie J. and Joshua R. Baer.

• Treyvin L. Leaders to Kelly J. and Logan L. Leaders.


• Lillian N. Asher to Brittany N. Asher.


• Adalyn S. Drake to Ashlee K. and Cody J. Drake.

• Daniel J. Stahl III to Stacey L. Stahl.

• Joshua D. Vangerpen to Beth E. and Daniel R. Vangerpen.

• Keegan D. Gaham to Hannah L. and Nickolas D. Gaham.

• London A. Powell to Heather A. and Dewayne M. Powell.


• Aubrey J. Markley to Jennifer E. and Geoffrey H. Markley.

• Karter E. Spath to Michelle M. Spath.

• Kyler P. Frey to Salena L. and Eric P. Frey.

• Levi A. Shoffner to Shannon M. and Mark A. Shoffner.

• Maxwell V. Nightenhelser to Andrea N. and Lucas A. Nightenhelser.

• Olivia A. Jackson to Stacy A. and Daniel L. Jackson.


• Camila Irineo-Millan to Maria Millan and Victor M. Irineo Ramos.

• Dakota A. Leslie to Candace N. and John A. Leslie.

• Kamrynne J. Townsend to Katrina M. Carlson and Harry J. Townsend.

• Mason J. Foote to Stephanie A. and Jared L. Foote.


• Bennett C. McPherson to Alisa J. and Jason R. McPherson.


• Ella K. Arnold to Danielle J. and Justin K. Arnold.


• Charlotte C. Lyons to Christine S. and Chadrick Lyons.

• Gavin R. Strong to Donna R. and Rodney A. Strong.

• Janiye D. Smith to Juliet O. Smith.

• Patagonia G. Hawkins to Lindsay N. and Matthew J. Hawkins.

• Willow M. Miller to Hayley A. Miller and Jacob A. Springer.


• Colton M. Taylor to Rise C. and Michael J. Taylor.


• Brookelyn P. Emenhiser to Tonya S. and Chris A. Emenhiser.

• Vella R. Schuch to Autumn R. and Derek R. Schuch.


• Chase A. Kirkwood to Ashley R. and Tod A. Kirkwood.

New Haven

• Brett A. Hale to Angelyne A. and James M. Hale.

• Bryden A. Kien to Aimee E. Kien.

• Chyler A. Albert to Darla M. and Daniel A. Albert.

• Colbey A. Vanderford to Deanna L. Pelak and Kerry D. Vanderford.

• Elijah A. Groh to Michelle M. and Rick A. Groh.

• Grayson M. Wyss to Ellen K. and Andrew D. Wyss.

• Kaiya E. Bendele to Mia L. and Joseph E. Bendele.

• Logan I. Hunter to Regan J. and Jeffrey C. Hunter.

• Myra E. Ryckman to Chevon M. and Raymond D. Ryckman III.

• Sophia A. Gould to Lora S. Wallace and Michael D. Gould.

• Timothy Schmucker to Marietta and Marcus H. Schmucker.

North Manchester

• Addison G. Bretzman to Amber D. and Kevin J. Bretzman.


• Emma M. Dickes to Tanja I. and Warren L. Dickes.

• Parker A. Gerber to Elizabeth S. and Trent A. Gerber.


• Raya N. Bruce to Jennifer N. and Benjamin J. Bruce.

Pleasant Lake

• Elizabeth A. Noll to Theresa E. and Glenn R. Noll.

• Graysen F. Dilts to Jamie M. and Brady L. Dilts.


• Cleyton L. Reed to Emilea A. Reed.

• Foster E. Studebaker to Brittany N. and Marc B. Studebaker.


• Joslin R. Ward to Crystal A. Joyner and Thomas E. Ward.

• Keira F. McCoy to Jennifer L. and Jason E. McCoy.

• MaClaine E. Stringer to Erin L. and Brent A. Stringer.


• Allison M. Smoker and Jaren L. Smoker to Sara M. and Jason L. Smoker.


• Nakishia C. Plasterer to Holly K. Plasterer.


• Ava M. Catanzarite to Lindsey B. and Joshua B. Catanzarite.

• Breydon W. Shaub to Meagan L. and Michael R. Shaub.

• Reef A. Cuthbert to Kira L. and Alan R. Cuthbert.

• Sammual N. Kellogg to Vondell R. Kellogg.


• Adam J. Schwartz to Joann M. and Leroy S. Schwartz.

• Alyssa L. Erpelding to Jessica A. Kyser and Gregory S. Erpelding.

• Jace I. Gordon to Melissa S. and Nathan R. Gordon.