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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Letters to the editor: election issues

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010 10:10 am
EACS should be embarrassed. Are they really going to cater to the residents who in a survey said they want more buildings to stay open even if education suffers? Are they really going to let these emotional attachments get in the way of our children's futures?Further, how can taxpayers be willing to pump more money into such a defunct system? Decades after financial problems began, a board still cannot step up and make the tough choices required. Instead, they put political gain and popularity ahead of our kids. It is so unfortunate that this weak attempt at redesign was the only proposal that had a chance of passing.

Consolidating high schools is the only way to conserve more tax dollars and give our upper-grade-level students the opportunities and electives needed to have success after graduation. This will not happen with a “College and Career Academy” at Harding, which is clearly just a ploy to prevent state takeover. Force EACS to improve the district the right way instead of funding a redesign that in no way enhances education. Vote “no” to the referendum Nov. 2.

Dr. Kara Heine Laughlin

New HavenOn Nov. 2, we will elect the judge for the Allen Superior Court Criminal Division. As many us may have read, incumbent Judge Kenneth Scheibenberger was disciplined by the Indiana Supreme Court for comments he made to the family of a male defendant after he had been sentenced by a fellow judge in the Allen Superior Court. This incident has been used by some to wage an attack against Judge Scheibenberger's character. I strongly believe, however, that a closer review of the circumstances surrounding this incident reveals instead the true depth of the judge's integrity.

Judge Scheibenberger lost his son to a drug overdose. It was a loss that left him profoundly affected. He had, after all, established drug court for the very purpose of stopping the devastation that visited his own life. The young man whom the judge believed had supplied drugs to his son was later charged in an unrelated matter with the crime of possessing a handgun without a license. This charge, a class C felony, carried with it a sentence of two to eight years and was assigned to fellow Judge Frances Gull.

During the pendency of this young man's case, Judge Sheibenberger remained totally silent about his beliefs regarding this particular defendant. Were he inclined, he easily could have attempted to influence the young man's case any number of ways. He could have informed any of his many acquaintances of his beliefs. Mere mention of these suspicions to anyone in the courthouse would have spread like wildfire. Alternatively, he could have taken a more antiseptic approach of requesting that his fellow judges appoint a special judge prosecutor under the guise of “avoiding the appearance of impropriety.” Either approach would have achieved the purpose of alerting those in authority that the young man before them may have participated in the death of the judge's son.

The judge's silence was not broken until after the young man received a minimum two-year executed sentence in work release (a sentence that was later revoked due to behavior issues on the part of the defendant). The judge then approached the defendant's parents and countered the accolades they spoke about their son with words of his own. His actions were wrong but understandably human. The Supreme Court found the appropriate sanction was a suspension for three days without pay.

I'm certain it must have been the ultimate struggle for the grieving judge to place the rights of a defendant and due process of law above the human desire for vengeance, especially under these extreme circumstances. But that is the type of integrity and character we have come to expect from his honor over the last two decades. That is why the vast majority of his colleagues, including myself, strongly support his re-election.

John Shepherd Nimmo, Esq.In the days leading up to the election, people involved in the political process have forums, debates and “meet the candidate” events. The Fort Wayne Builders Association and Fort Wayne Realtor Association hosted an evening at the Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce. There was an opportunity to meet candidates and have a question- and-answer session, also providing a time for candidates to introduce themselves. The three active political parties in Fort Wayne were invited and present.

When the introduction and Q&A time came, only the Republicans and Democrats were given time. When I asked about the allocation of speech time, I was informed that the five committees and two political parties arranged the agenda and due to time constraints, we (the Libertarian Party) were not able to be included in the program. The program started late and ended 30 minutes early.

Congressional candidate Scott Wise was personally snubbed when his opponents were given five minutes each while he received no time at all. In this political climate, you don't have to look very far to find a story about people frustrated with the political game-playing that dominates our government today. Running the country is not a game.

Paul LeslieI am mildly interested in your political endorsements and not at all interested in political speechs, debates or advertisements. All politicians are glib liars, quite capable of fooling me (or you). The oratorical skills of an office-seeker are, of course, no indication of their ability to legislate or administer.

The only place I feel I can get useful information is online at www.votesmart.com. There the voting record of state and national candidates is available for all to see. If the candidate has voted in opposition to my standards, he is likely to continue doing so.

I suggest the most valuable service you could provide is to list the voting record of the local candidates.

Dick PetersenTom Hayhurst is a nice guy who would make a wonderful representative to Congress, so everyone is saying. However, Hayhurst is a Democrat who, if elected, will caucus with the other Democrats in Congress and vote with the Democratic block.

Moreover, he will toe the Democratic line and he will do exactly what he is told by the Democratic leadership, just as Brad Ellsworth and Baron Hill did. Furthermore, he is part of the party that passed a stimulus bill that did not stimulate. He is part of a party that passed a health care bill, which a majority of Americans opposed because it will ruin health care for everyone in the country and drive the country deeper into bankruptcy. Finally, he is a part of a political party that just would not listen to the American people

I have no argument with the people who have expressed their praises of Hayhurst for his wonderful humanitarian work and all the other works he has done for this community. I echo these praises. However, I just can't support him for Congress.

Arnold LinnemeierMarlin Stutzman would like to follow Mark Souder as our representative. He and Souder do share their deep faith, small-town family values, a young inheritance, political aspirations and political supporters.

Their obvious similar background apparently worried Stutzman during the recent debate. The mere mention of the word Souder resulted in anxiety, as there seemed to be no distance too great. The facts are that sending another small-town, God-fearing man to Washington is not only likely bad for the Stutzman family, it will also likely result in the same type of representative.

It seems time to trust your doctor and vote for Dr. Tom Hayhurst. He showed us he is a man of science and reason. He has served his country, raised his family and earned his living helping others fight illness.

He spoke of problems with solutions that are conservative for liberals and liberal for conservatives. He was respecting of the others' views. He knew all the issues and welcomed all sides, not just those who agreed with him. He was the most respectful with his answers. As Souder did four years earlier, Stutzman put all his trust in his God. His fight is for God. Stutzman, like Souder, challenges science and reason and promises only a “prayer” or “eternity in fire” for non-followers. We are a country with a place for religion, not a religion with a place for citizens.

Mark WehrleIt is time to cut to the chase regarding the election for the clerk/treasurer position in Huntertown. The election on Nov. 2 is not about the current clerk/treasurer who was defeated in the primary election in May, nor is it about the employees presently working in the town office. It is about who is the best and most qualified candidate for the job.

I have over double the experience of my opponent. I have more than 25 years' experience on the local council and have owned and operated three successful businesses in which I did all the accounting and government filings. My opponent has worked in a government agency most all his adult life and has no experience in business accounting and office management.

I have the ability to make the hard decisions. I am direct and decisive. My opponent is wavering and self-serving, depending on whom he is talking to. I have championed most every infrastructure project needed by the town and enjoyed by our fine community today.

I am a man of principles and honesty. I have the will, the knowledge, the experience and the integrity needed to be the next clerk/treasurer of the Town of Huntertown.

I will be honored by your vote for Huntertown clerk/treasurer. Thank you for your consideration.

David W. Rudolph,

candidate for Huntertown clerk/treasurerI don't think Marlin Stutzman is stupid, but he certainly is ignorant.

During a radio program at noon Oct. 18 on WBOI, the NPR station in Fort Wayne, Stutzman said it is easier to do business in Russia than the United States: “When did we get to this point, how did we get to this point, when jobs are going overseas because it's easier to do business there?”

I was listening and was simply aghast at such an ignorant comment. I tried to call the program to ask a follow-up, such as, “Have you done business in Russia?” or “Do you understand how endemic corruption is there?” or “Do you know that the tax police regularly raid normal companies, throw their accountants in jail without bail and leave them there for years?” The Kremlin has a way of keeping businesses in line. I did not get the chance. It was pledge time and they were not taking calls, so I hoped the interviewer would ask a follow-up. He did not.

Russia, by the way, ranks No. 120 on the list of Ease of Doing Business, www.doingbusiness.org/Rankings, 13 places below Ethiopia, one place ahead of Bangladesh and 116 places behind the United States. Disparage the ranking system as you will, but the U.S. was No. 4 behind Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore.

I thought Stutzman must have made a mistake. Later, I learned that Stutzman had meant Ukraine, not Russia.

The Ukraine is a neighbor of Russia, but has been independent since the fall of communism and is still fighting, still struggling, to defend its sovereignty from Moscow. Ukraine is listed as the 142nd easiest place to do business, even worse than thoroughly corrupt Russia.

Come on, Marlin, do some research before you show your ignorance. Stutzman is sadly ignorant. I would guess he has no idea what he is talking about. I would guess his foreign travels include Windsor, perhaps a jaunt to Tijuana. I would guess Stutzman is not all that deep in history or political science. But he wants a job that expects understanding of the past as a basis upon which to build the future.

Jim SackPresident Obama is well on his way to his plan of collapsing the economy to achieve his dream of radical secular socialism. At this point, the only corrective measures would be through the vote.

We are now committed to the short term of halting this dangerous and suffocating plan to drastically change the United States in a negative way. The ideal of the U.S. being a shining “city on a hill” (Ronald Reagan) is insidiously being undermined. The November elections are paramount.

Robert ShawTea Party people are everyday Americans who simply want less and limited government, less spending and less taxes. If Judith Steckley had done any research at all, she would know the overwhelming majority of people affiliated with the Tea Parties around the nation are not radical. They are hardworking people who believe in the Constitution and “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

They do not want to eliminate Social Security. Privatizing part of benefits would be an option for those under 55 years old. This option allows a worker to maintain control over the contributions they have made while working. You are able to name a beneficiary to these funds. As for responsibilities of liberty, indeed Judith. It is called accountability and personal responsibility. As for job creation when Clinton was president, people forget he also had a Republican-controlled Congress that balanced the federal budget, cut spending and cut taxes, all of which helped create those jobs.

Laura J. SmyserVote for Tom Tiernon. I have never had a better neighbor, and I will be happy to share him with our fellow Wayne Township residents.

Tom is active in the Oakdale Neighborhood Association. He knows how local government should work. He cares about people. If you have a problem, he will help you look for a solution.

Susan Archibald Stone


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