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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Letters to the editor: election issues

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010 10:00 am
Well, it's over, at least for another year. Yes, 9/11 has come and gone. The speeches are over, the parades have ended, and the flags have been folded and put away for another year. Now it's time to get the country back on track for the sake of the 10,000 children orphaned on 9/11.And who are we Hoosiers going to elect to the U.S. Senate to help in that effort? Why, who else but Dan Coats, the man who has ignored Indiana for the last 10 years, the same man who let his Indiana law license expire. Yes, it's Dan “I am Too Big to Fail” Coats, who lobbied Congress to bail out his big Wall Street bank clients with our tax money while Hoosiers were losing their homes at the hands of the same greedy bankers.

Now Coats is blaming his opponent for voting for a bill Coats himself helped draft when he was earning $500,000 a year as a lobbyist for the banks. Coats has refused to release his tax returns for the years he was a lobbyist.

Coats also voted for NAFTA, saying it would be a great economic boon for Indiana.

Now Coats seems dismayed that the NRA recently endorsed his Democratic opponent, Brad Ellsworth, instead of him. One only has to look at Coats' voting record when he served in the House and Senate to see why the NRA made the choice it did. Coats never saw a gun-control bill he didn't like. He voted to eliminate semiautomatic guns and large- capacity magazines and has been a supporter of the Brady Bill and its organization from its inception. I must admit, as a Goldwater Republican, I shared the concerns of many Americans about President Obama's agenda on gun control. But I have seen no effort by the Supreme Court or the administration to challenge the Second Amendment. As a matter of fact, since Obama took office, the residents of Washington, D.C., have gained the right to carry firearms, and for the first time in 100 years, Americans have the right to carry firearms into federal parks. It's clear that my Republican Party, so well defined by Barry Goldwater, now exists in name only.

However, I think Goldwater would be the first to point out to me that the Indiana Senate race is not about gun control, it's about sleaze control. As many seem focused on a black man in the White House, my eyes are on a white man in sheep's clothing.

Charles C. Garnette Sr.Some musings on the current political campaigns, which do seem to be more negative than usual.

The Democrats do not mention President Obama much, but the Republicans sure do like to target him. Interestingly enough, neither side mentions former President Bush very much.

The Republicans also like to mention Nancy Pelosi. Is it because they feel they can mobilize their supporters by pointing out that a woman is in a position of power? Sarah Palin would probably be appalled if that is the reason. The National Chamber of Commerce has attacked Brad Ellsworth for supporting national health care because it would cost businesses money. The state Chamber of Commerce has opposed the property tax cap because it would cost businesses money. What is a good conservative supposed to do?

It is fairly obvious that many candidates really do not know what socialism is. They use it as a scare word.

Back to the National Chamber of Commerce — they have suggested health care would be rationed under the recently passed changes. There has been no indication of rationing, and the previous system already included rationing. If you could not afford health care, you got sick or died. That is true rationing. (Just how stupid does the National Chamber think Hoosiers are?)

It is hard to believe someone would run an ad claiming they would protect Medicare from a takeover by a national health care system since Medicare is already a form of national health care.

Former lobbyists can attract lots of campaign contributions when they run for the Senate.

Finally, all the folks that talk about the Constitution in their ads should actually read it or attempt to understand it. They act as if change is unconstitutional, and the Constitution of the United States does not prohibit change. Some changes may be bad ideas (privatizing Social Security), but they are not unconstitutional.

James M. Lutz(East Allen County Schools) Superintendent Karyle Green wants to spend $81 million to save $2 million a year. She says the media reported incorrect numbers. I was at the board meeting when the proposal was presented. The media report was totally accurate. She initially said the referendum was to balance the budget. Now, in smaller meetings, she is saying it is for added educational curriculum choices and improvements. She is now also claiming a savings of $6.2 million. Where did this suddenly come from?

Green's answers seem to keep changing with the audiences to whom she is speaking. She has also admitted there is a possibility of more referendums in the future to be requested, in addition to the current referendum in order to keep EACS up and running. Think twice before voting for this referendum; it may only be the beginning. There are other, better solutions that have been discarded. The audience was told this plan is least beneficial to the school system, (so) why are we even considering it.

The EACS board needs to get a backbone and make decisions based on the best education for all the students of EACS. Quit making decisions based on emotions and small-town politics.

Marcia Geller

New HavenOn Oct. 6, The News-Sentinel published an opinion letter titled “Liberal is not a four-letter word.” Actually, it's a word that no longer has a true meaning as a present- day ideological label. Instead, it has been morphed into the politics of socialist progressivism. The villains in the referenced letter were identified as conservatives. This is another label that no longer has merit. Today, members of this ideological group are better known as patriots.

Our government is now in the hands of socialist progressives who have absolute disregard of the best rules for the civil governing of mankind ever written – the United States Constitution.

Current patriots want to restore the concept of a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Their opponents, the progressives (former liberals), want a social state of government by government and for the government. There's absolutely no question about this. Think GM and Chrysler, socialized medicine, financial reform, government- controlled college loans, Medicare waste and fraud, substandard mortgage lending programs, etc.

The timing of the fast-approaching midterm elections could not serve the people better. Divine providence, anyone?

You, your family members, your friends and neighbors must act. Ask others if they agree with what's written here. Then vote for the socialist progressives (no longer liberal Democrats), or for the patriots (no longer conservative Republicans). You and only you still get to make the choice.

Has God blessed America, or what?

Jay PowellI would like to clarify a few statements Dave Rudolph made in his letter to the editor. In it, he stated that the town of Huntertown has spent $1.5 million on a future water plant. I'm not sure where he got his data, but it appears he is trying to make it seem the town council is wasting taxpayer money. At the present time, he is also on the town council, and he has voted for the work on these projects.

I contacted the town engineer to get the exact figures that have been spent on the future water plant. Huntertown has spent $22,681.91 for the Johnson Road production wells and $44,590 for the Johnson Road water treatment plant (in which some of this work might be able to be used when a new location is chosen). The total amount is $67,271.91, which is not even close to the $1.5 million he previously stated. Huntertown has also extended the water main on Hathaway Road to Hand Road for a total of $336,439.82. This water main will be able to be used in the future. We borrowed money from the State Revolving Fund (SRF) for this project and several others. The property Huntertown purchased at Johnson and Hathaway roads was not purchased with money from this loan. As the totals show, this is a lot less than $1.5 million.

Rudolph is running for clerk/treasurer, and I feel he will have difficulty overseeing Huntertown's finances if they are handled in this way. Because of this, I encourage voters to vote for John Hidy for clerk/treasurer.

Jim Fortman

Huntertown Town Council memberTom Hayhurst is our choice for Congress for many reasons. He was our representative on City Council, and we always found him quick to respond whenever we had concerns or problems. As a physician, he was known for his attitude of respect for all the people with whom he worked. He has abundant energy and high intelligence, which he has always directed toward serving others. His strong faith led him to help found Matthew 25 and the Wolf Lake Free Health Clinic so people who cannot afford health care are served.

His integrity is above reproach. He lives by the highest family values, devoting himself to his wife, two daughters and four grandchildren in many ways.

He served in the Air Force and has worked hard to keep our VA hospital open, something that our former representative originally said was not possible.

He is very concerned about providing incentives to employers to keep jobs in this country and create more jobs. He understands well the danger of our dependence on foreign oil and the influence that oil companies have exerted on our energy policies.

His opponent's appeal to schoolteachers to reward their students with extra credit for volunteering in his campaign is blatantly unethical and shows very poor judgment. Marlin Stutzman's family has accepted almost $1 million in farm subsidies while he was criticizing their existence. That is certainly hypocritical.

Lionel and Ann KreamerAre you tired of irresponsible government bailouts, unsustainable increasing federal debt, special congressional deals, unread passed legislation such as the health care bill, not protecting our borders, a failed massive stimulus bill and a 9.6 percent unemployment rate?

Ask yourself: Which party has complete control of Congress, the Senate and the presidency? The Democratic Party is in control, running the country into massive chaos and cultural paralysis. The chains of enslavement of our children and grandchildren to the national debt is a treasonous crime against democracy. The federal credit card needs to be cut up and thrown into the wastebasket of history.

Now we are in an election cycle, and Democratic candidates are running away from their disastrous policies. These politicians are now talking about “conservative, responsible government.” Unfortunately, they haven't voted that way over the previous two years. The American people will not be deceived again by their campaign rhetoric.

Americans will rise this November and change the balance of power in Washington, D.C. We have no choice but to replace irresponsible Democratic candidates in order to save our liberties and prosperity for future Americans.

The American people know party affiliation places the power of committees and agendas directly in the hands of the majority party. That is why your candidate's party affiliation is important and why you vote.

The time is now for all great Americans who have been on the sideline of past elections, who want to make a difference, to register to vote and consider which candidate and party you will support.

Tom Ringenberg Huntington Choose Judge Scheibenberger On Tuesday the voters in Allen County will go to the polls to make a choice about the criminal court judge for Allen Superior Court. I hope they take time to learn about the candidates so they can make the best choice about who should be judge. In order to make that choice, voters should visit the courtroom of Judge Ken Scheibenberger.

On any given Monday or Friday morning (typically non-trial days), you will witness him doing what he does best. He listens. He listens to both sides. He listens to what the prosecutor and defense attorney have to say. He listens to victims who appear before him. He listens to family members of defendants who appear before him. He even listens to the criminals. And then he asks questions – of the lawyers, the witnesses and even the criminals. He listens to the answers given. Those answers influence his decision. He does this so he can have the tools he needs to make his choice. It is obvious, as you watch him, that he is trying to make the best choice — do the right thing — with the information provided to him. It is also obvious he has not walked into that courtroom already having made a decision about a case.

It concerns me that at least one of his opponents seems to have already made representations about how she will handle the criminal cases submitted to her. She has already made choices about what she will do to the people who appear before her. This candidate has declared herself “pro-law enforcement,” which is a noble thing to be, unless you are expected to be a fair and neutral judge. She has said (or written) that she has no “tolerance” for certain types of offenders. An intolerant judge is hardly an unbiased and fair judge.

Judge Scheibenberger has worked hard to be the best judge he can be. He is fair, unbiased and honest. Those are the qualities all judges should strive to have. Please join in me in voting for Judge Ken Scheibenberger.

Michelle F. Kraus


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