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Thursday, August 17, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Thursday, October 28, 2010 10:10 am
Under Barack Obama, who claims to be a Christian, we are witnessing the betrayal of our Christian heritage and the surrender of our country to Islam.Obama defends the construction of an Islamic symbol of conquest, a mosque, near ground zero but won't defend the rebuilding of a Greek Orthodox Church near ground zero that was destroyed on 9/11.

The Greek church can't get building permits while the mosque is fast-tracked. Why? When Islam conquers a country, no other churches are permitted to be built or repaired. Is this the answer to what happened to the Greek Orthodox Church?

Obama defies the God of the Bible by his support of homosexuality; why? He supports the wholesale murder of innocent babies despite God's command to do no murder; why? He betrays God's chosen people Israel, while selling weapons of war to their enemies; why?

David Carroll

HuntingtonHave you ever wondered why there is fighting in Jerusalem over the mosque that was built over the old Jewish temple?

It was built after Jerusalem was defeated in one of the many struggles in that region. The mosque was built as a symbol of Islamic victory.

That is what is wanted in New York — a symbol of victory with the destruction of the World Trade Center. The center was looked on as the money center for the infidel, and the destruction was a victory for Islam. No mosque at ground zero.

Gary Schierling Grabill FWCS was already on the right track A recent newspaper story read, “FWCS achieves No Child goal.” The story goes on to explain that this achievement is based on last spring's results.

Last spring — before the massive teacher layoffs and staff reshuffling, but more importantly, before the LEAD school implementation. These test results show FWCS was on the right track before the district leadership dismantled and destroyed many of our schools. Superintendent Wendy Robinson and board President Mark GiaQuinta attribute the 2010 test results to “district collaboration, individualized student instruction and a vision shared by the administration and board.”

Really? I attribute student success to the hard work of the students and the dedication of classroom teachers, not some abstract political jargon spewed by people who have no clue about what students or teachers need to succeed.

I wonder if Robinson and GiaQuinta will be so quick to take credit for this year's scores when they take a nosedive thanks to their destructive administrative policies.

Many people and programs that helped achieve those high scores are no longer in place. Schools that were stable and productive last year have been “restructured” to eliminate that stability and productivity.

Maybe GiaQuinta and Robinson truly believed they had to destroy the schools to save them, but apparently our schools were doing just fine before their destruction.

Gregory C. SchambergI was shocked when I tuned in to my favorite TV station and Sandy Thomson was leaving.

At first, I was happy for her ready to enjoy life after years of being ready to help anyone she could, but my happiness turned to sadness when I read the paper Oct. 2 and learned they didn't renew her contract.

I have no idea who Alan Riebe, general manager, is, but I think he has a lot to learn about people.

I would like to help Riebe move in the new direction. I'm not going to tune in to WANE until you have Sandy come back with a new contract and a raise for the suffering you caused her. I hope when someone else reads this, they will join me on another TV station.

By the way, Sandy doesn't know me, but I care for everyone on WANE, and they don't know me, either.

Louise Reinhart


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