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Saturday August 29, 2015
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Births: Area residents

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 12:01 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Oct. 15.


• Naomi J. Green to Heather M. Bender and Tony N. Green Sr.


• Isaac R. Hefty to Stacy E. and David W. Hefty.


• Akera M. Hess to Tamara K. Ghaster and James D. Hess.

• Autumn R. Goodyear to Sarah K. and Brannon L. Goodyear.

• Ethan M. McCormick-Hinrichs to Jadene R. McCormick and Eric M. Hinrichs.


• Josie J. Nash to Shanda M. and Ryan J. Nash.


• Emersyn K. Geiger to Kari K. and Kyle L. Geiger.

• Hannah B. Louden to Sarah B. and Matthew B. Louden.

• Jayden A. Roebel to Sarah J. Roebel and Jonathan A. Kumfer.

• Keaton B. Mertz to Kristian R. Salyers and Chad C. Mertz.

Columbia City

• Carma C. Baldwin and Chloe C. Baldwin to Casey C. and Brian J. Baldwin.

• Charlotte O. Larue to Brittany C. Haas and Ryan L. Larue.

• Ciera J. Sefton to Erica L. and Jay J. Sefton.

• Delilah K. Simmons to Jennifer D. Eisberg and Clinton W. Simmons.

• Jordan C. Hargrave to Melinda S. Jagger and Jerimiah Hargrave.

• Mackey L. Pierce to Stephanie D. and Shawn M. Pierce.

• Mason D. Jenkins to Jaime L. and John P. Jenkins.

• Trinity J. Monnier to Elizabeth A. Hoffman and Michael T. Monnier.

• Vincent M. Coronato to Ann Marie and Michael T. Coronato.


• Addison R. Wagner to Amanda A. Thomas and James L. Wagner.

• Brooklynn R. Miller to Jade M. and James E. Miller.

• Easton A. Sauer to Kylie M. and Andrew E. Sauer.

• Eleanor J. Thieme to Lea A. Thieme.

• Fernando D. Herbert to Maria D. Ortiz Reyes and Daniel F. Herbert.

• Jevan D. Brickley to Kathryn M. and Ryan D. Brickley.

• Makenzie J. Clear to Heidi J. and Jason J. Clear.


• Alexander G. Gibson to Stacy L. E. Gibson.

• Elyse A. Hunt to Natasha M. and Aaron J. Hunt.

• Izabell R. Snyder to Brittany R. Clem and Joshua C. Snyder.

• Jasper A. Cindric to Desire D. Cindric.

• Luke D. Zuehsow to Courtney P. and Dalen P. Zuehsow.


• Hannah E. Lengacher to Anna M. and Amos L. Lengacher.

• Mark A. Schwartz to Martha S. and Victor L. Schwartz.

• Rachel E. Schmucker to Marilyn and Martin J. Schmucker.


• Johnathyn M. Grimm to Allyson J. Garman and Jacob M. Grimm.


• Aiden T. Smith to Jenna R. and Marcus T. Smith.

• David J. Morris Jr. to Rita I. and David J. Morris Sr.


• Ava C. Zeigler and Elin I. Zeigler to Rachelle J. and Carry L. Zeigler.

• Jaxon M. Pitcher to Erika D. and David A. Pitcher.


• Landon A. Crooks to Jennifer S. and Zachariah K. Crooks.

• Mason J. Christiansen to Jennifer M. and Reed R. Christiansen.


• Kameron J. Johnson to Kari J. and Andrew J. Johnson.


• Laney R. Knott to Kristin R. and Kyle L. Knott.


• Brady M. Smith to Amy M. and Troy E. Smith.

• Zamarion R. Pinkney to Markianna J. Pinkney.


• Laurina E. Engel to Dana M. and Sean P. Engel.

New Haven

• Aiden J. Hoffer to Debra S. and Troy A. Hoffer.

• Charles J. Tippmann to Jackie S. and Daniel G. Tippmann.

• Cohen W. Karns to Brittany M. and Tyler B. Karns.

• Jayana M. Morris to Regina D. Stephens and Joshua M. Morris.

• Jeremiah L. Graber to Leanna L. and Andrew D. Graber.

• Juelz M. Haywood to Shariah M. Haywood.

• Lewis E. Krueger to Kimberly J. and Kyle D. Krueger.

• Marcus J. Schwartz to Malinda and Aaron D. Schwartz.

• Marissa E. Baughman to Melissa L. and Chad E. Baughman.

• Vanessa G. Jernigan to Jessica S. Loggains and Joseph W. Jernigan.

• Wyatt J. Cooley to Gretchen L. and Jeremy L. Cooley.

North Manchester

• Clare L. Dandrea to Sara H. and William A. Dandrea.

• Jorden P. Oldfather to Kimberly and Mark R. Oldfather.

• Liam E. Huntley to Mallory B. Sheets and Scott M. Huntley.


• Autumn C. Ferguson to Brandi S. and Michael C. Ferguson.

• Brenna J. Meyer to Abby E. and Kameron G. Meyer.

• Easton W. Loker to Angela R. Hile and Leland S. Loker.

• Frankie L. Schroeder II to Ashley M. and Frankie L. Schroeder I.

• Mason O. Weaver to Angela M. and Brandon C. Weaver.

• Zoey G. Ferguson to Brandi S. and Michael C. Ferguson.


• Isaiah R. Fingerle to Diane R. and Nathan D. Fingerle.


• Noah J. Souza to Priscila M. Jerep and Rogerio R. Souza.

• Sawyer F. Kauffman to Heather H. and Christian B. Kauffman.

St. Joe

• Leroy A. Ruckman to April M. anf Andrew J. Ruckman.


• Max E. Renner to Amy R. Renner.


• Lilly Ann M. Carden to Heather A. Smith-McClure and Clinton A. Carden.

Van Buren

• Kenzie E. York to Kristina S. and Larry D. York II.


• Aria M. Westlund to Alyssa M. Hardin and Taylor J. Westlund.


• Jahydine J. Barrera to Magdiell A. Barrera.

• Kinsey D. Haskins to Kylie D. and Garrick G. Haskins.


• Brody L. Gonzalez to Misty M. Rosebrock and Serafin R. Gonzalez.

• Mahlon L. Schwartz to Mary Ann and Larry L. Schwartz.


• Brayden T. Eller to Ashley L. and Justin T. Eller.

• Jayde M. Folk to Kimberly D. Folk.