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Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - 1:32 pm


•Bradley A. Stresemann and Erin E. Doyle

•Lorenzo Antonio Alvarado and Rosario Adriana Bravo

•Jon A. Salalayko and Regina M. Gerbic

•Colin M. Gallagher and Emily J. Williams

•Benedict W. Kim and Eunes M. Cerdenola

•Sarah A Mohas and Marvin Oliva Del Cid

•James B. Collins and Cassandra L. Chausse

•Johnathan Edward Matten and Jennifer N. Michael

•Andrew Edward Stout and Meredith Nicole Feasel

•Adam David Lorey and Chelsea Marie Miller

•Matthew J. Osterholt and Kenda C. Zuber

•Joel Elijah Webley and Siobhan Sine Kenny-Sanders

•Benjamin Wilson Poehler and Trista Marie Bauer

•Travis J. Kelly and Gena M. Seinke-Lusk

•Paul M. Eshelman and Amanda M. Shearer

•Joseph Daniel Disser and Melyssa Jill Ramos

•Christopher Lee Klotz and Sabrina K. Martin

•Dennis W. Wolfe and Kathleen A. Romy

•Everardo Valero and Christina Marie Peppler

•Curt Michael Esterline and Linda L. Beckstedt

•Dennis J. Zehr and Emma Schwartz

•Hermelindo D. Gonzalez and Jeannie S. Monterroso

•Michael K. Sullivan and Chandra Michelle Tassell

•David B. Klages and Kristie N. Sewart

•Daniel Eric Mansfield and Victoria Marie Romero

•Tate A. Study and Allison D. Ware

•Kyle K. Vanner and Erin Renee Yager

•Tyler M. Brannman and Kristine A. Werling

•Dan R. Mullins and Angel Nicole Walters

•Gregory A. Thomas and Nicole M. Leon

•Timothy D. Motta and Hilary A. Amstutz

•Thomas Jay Eicher and Taruli Ido Hana

•Mark A. Gerber and Brittany N. Mason

•Demarcus L. Benson and Breanne Marie Wimbley

•Brandon S. Schaadt and Erika Michelle York

•Charles M. White and Colleen Tyk

•Timothy Clark Wood McCain and Madai Garcia Martinez

•Zechariah Carl Gerhardt and Kellie Baker

•Steven Jeffery Huey and Chris Donell Gephart

•David R. O'Neal and Katie L. Vincent

•Eric S. Seitz and Tabatha E. Thomas

•James S. Davis and Darlene S. Lucas

•Otoniel Sachez and Aime M. Hernandez

•Curtis L. McBride and Hafeezah Jeannet Carter-El

•Drew A. Fitzgerald and Tiffany Marie Whisman

•Shawn G. Walker and Amanda J. Potter

•Jeremy D. Widenhoefer and Melissa McDonald Moore

•Toby L. Cross and Domonique T. Bryant

•Felip Roedriguez and Mireya Linares

•Cedric Deon Benson and Tea Hadzic

•Dean A Bickel and Michele L. Cole

•Brandon J. Heal and Heather D. Krock

•Richard Arce Jr. and Nilda Datil

•Jontavious Tyron Hood and April S. Booker

•Jonathan M. Honeywell and Marra Ruth Carso

•Heath Edward Smith and Jazmyn Swann Card

•Peter James Edgar and Annamarie Elizabet Geivett

•Brian A. Daviduke and Megan Rose Burzych

•Jose Gabriel Salinas and Rosalba Magallanes

•Spencer Cole Ackers and Kathryn A. MacDonald

•Anthony James Cimino and Dawn Michelle Crothers

•Marc R. Dowling and Rebekah A.Gonser

•Jacob N. Good and Jennifer L. Berry

•Michael Leon Walker and Mary Alice Tompkins

•Keith B .Parr Jr. and Donna L. Christ

•Joshua A. Rebber and Jennifer R. Kulmerten

•Mirsao Maglajlic and Amina AI Advany

•Kenneth J. Litzenberg and Kristen D. Zahm

•Matthew James Hollen and Cecilia Cavazos Rex

•Jason Moreno and Angie Hargrave

•Matthew Charles Feipel and Marissa Jo Scheumann

•Clay Michael Tingley and Katelynn Elise Kora

•Casey J. Jones and Caren K. Vachon

•Zachary Michael Ford and Laura Aburto-Martinez

•Randall Clayton Miller and Hope Jeanne Wilson

•Dennis Payonk and Amanda Bieberich

•Daniel A. Dellinger and Kristalle Wadsworth

•Robert E. Hiser and Valerie M. Jackson

•Bradley C. Lowe and Tisha Ann Martin

•Anthony Lamont Covington and Damara Danielle Pearson

•Eddie R. Harrison Jr. and Ester R. Shiley

•Nicholas L. Rupley and Heather M. Batchelder

•William F. Olds and Jessica J. Thomas

•Zane D. Carey and Brittany M. Schenk

•Anthony Wayne Mast and Lindsay Marie Sundholm

•Michael Wells and Mary Catherine Gardner

•Thomas K. Andrews and Crystal S. Junk

•Scott M. Howard and Jill Suzanne Weaver

•Michael N. Hough Jr. and Christina Marie Kistler

•Adam G. Woodard and Krystal Marie Keeling

•Curtis J. Combs and Heather Marie Simerman

•Joshua Lee Daniel and Angela M. Peck

•Thomas B. Pendergraft and Aundrea Lynn Holland

•Thomas B. Horn and Adriene E. Troxel

•Jacinto Ramos and Nellie L. Aguilar

•Justin A. Sharpe and Marisol Gonzalez Martinez

•Patrick W. Arnold and Holly L. Elkins

•Jarod A. Detamore and Chloe Nicole James

•Kevin J. Gregory and Lindsay M. Miller

•Lawrence R. Fitch and Karen S. Fitch

•Daniel H. Kimes and Lauren M. Drabecki

•William V. Terry III and LaShonda T. Williams

•John J. Keesler and Sherry Renee Nestor

•Nicholas A. Rothgeb and Rebecca Gabrielle Eichen

•David Cates and Jessica R. Grace

•Brian Kevin Robertson and Julie Ann Grierson

•Andrew M. Fulton and Rachel Lynn Fleming

•Donald Pyer and Yong Watson

•Clarence DeForres Sanders and Jacqueline M. Jones

•Adam J. Welch and Bethany Ann Beck

•David Caballero and Linda Wrizar

•Garrett Michael Denton and Hannah Dawn Lichtsinn

•Gilbert Pierreval and Irmine Paul

•Richard M. Jennings Jr. and Jamie Elizabeth Coder

•Charles D. Burleson and Catherine A. Robb

•Matthew J. Schimmoller and Kelli Lynn Jennisch

•Pascual Galicia and Laura Keener

•Justin A. Pratt ad Christa J. Ruggerio

•Paris McFarthing and Tia Franks

•Scott A. Lee and Rebecca L. Evans

•Michael L. Barbour and Maegen E. Trump

•Christopher Thomas Higham and Anne E. Simerman

•Edward Gregory Miers and Nora L. Mattingly

•Stewart Jones and Shawn Robinson

•Ernesto Patino and Tania Robles

•Philip W. Barnes and Heather Renee Ohneck

•Bradley Clinton Harris and Jennifer Marie Turner

•Jeremy Lee Crace and Rachael Marie Patrick

•Larry D. Hardamon and Lanee Monique Nelson

•Omar Leopold Navarro-Paez and Mary Beth Florek

•Brandon M. Davis and Briana E. Dixon

•Noah Schmucker and Marjorie Elieen Graber

•Allen J. Smith and Christa Marie Dehner

•Steven J. Dager Jr. and Susan M. Bianski

•Elan Coy Williams and Kathleen L. McClellan

•Warren James Davis and Alexis Erin Riley

Information received from the office of Lisbeth A. Borgmann, clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior courts.