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Fort Wayne firm lands $394,000 contract to improve library computing

Wednesday, March 21, 2012 - 7:19 am

The Allen County Public Library will pay ENS Group of Fort Wayne almost $400,000 to upgrade its computer system.

ENS said the $394,000 contract will include a server-virtualization project for the library data center's 30 servers that are responsible for its computing environment. The new environment virtualizes the library's existing physical servers and redesigns and improves its backup processes. This project also creates a new remote virtualized server environment at an alternate data center. The remote virtualized server environment will serve as a secondary backup and disaster-recovery data center.

ENS said its plan for the library will move the library's “systems into a state-of-art private cloud computing platform that will increase the infrastructure's reliability, disaster recovery, and eliminate the reliance on aging physical servers.” The library will also save considerably on the operating expenses associated with powering and cooling multiple racks of equipment, the company said.

The contract includes training for the library's information-technology staff members so they can learn how to create virtual servers, back-up computer systems and maintain the new technology. The project, along with training, should be completed by early this summer, ENS said.