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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Thursday, September 06, 2012 12:01 am
What’s all the diversionary excitement over the possible release of the president’s beer formula? It must be a great brew since Jay Carney, his press secretary, said it was “quite refreshing.” What else would he say, his job future being in consideration? I can’t imagine the prez down in the basement personally tinkering with the brew anymore than I imagine him writing his own speeches.

Reading the news accounts of this monumental story reminded me of the old joke about the home-brewer who sent his product to the state lab for evaluation and a week later received the report back that said, “Your horse has diabetes.”

Perhaps the release of this “magical” formula could be done in union with the release of the president’s college transcripts and records. Now that would be newsworthy!

Jim AckmannNothing has changed. It’s still “politics as usual” — the art of the illogical. All the while, we’re paying more at the gas pump, more at the grocery store and the bureaucrats say “no inflation” because they don’t count the aforementioned in their “statistics.”

Same can be said for unemployment; “they” don’t count those who have given up and no longer are looking for a job. And what are the politicians talking about? The liberals want to focus on lightning rod issues like abortion and same-sex marriage while the conservatives do want to talk about issues such as runaway deficits and entitlement reform, but only in generalities.

Does no one know how to fix the mess we’re in? We’re in fiscal quicksand, sinking lower each day.

What happens when China and other creditors (and our own Federal Reserve) no longer want or can buy our debt instruments? Does the dollar get devalued and we’re all a great deal poorer for it? People who are saving for retirement are seeing their CDs returning a paltry fraction of a percent; the only alternative seems to be the “crapshoot” that is the stock market. What’s to become of them?

Good questions, I think, but no answers are coming from Washington. Shame on them!

Rich PolkDid you know there seems to be no veteran who enlisted in the armed forces did so to fight for socialism, Marxism or communism? The following reveals a lot about a person but not necessarily a man. In all the years since D-Day there are three occasions when the president failed to go to the D-Day Memorial that honors the soldiers killed during the invasion of Europe.

The occasions were: 1. Barrack H. Obama 2010; 2. Barrack H. Obama 2011; 3. Barrack H. Obama 2012. Yes, for the past 60-plus years every president except Barrack H. Obama paid tribute to the fallen heroes.

This year instead of honoring the fallen heroes he was on a campaign trip aboard Air Force 1 for the upcoming election.

What kind of person do we have as president?

Tom HosierAfter years of promoting charter schools, vouchers and choice for parents, The News-Sentinel in a recent editorial suggests a return to neighborhood schools. What’ll it be next week?

Leonard M. Goldstein


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