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Wednesday, September 12, 2012 - 12:01 am


•Stephen M. Hannon and Amber L. Hoeppner

•Garold F. Springer and Suzanne M. Wagner

•Christopher J. Fike and Kayla L. Percy

•James A. Cassell and Belinda R. Hines

•Donavon D. Tracey and Twilla S. Shannon

•David Brennenstuhl and Kristin Chase

•James Collins and Rhea N. McGinnis

•Nicholas A. Beck and Kellie A. Wood

•Kenneth Armand Bernier II and Magen Renee Cruz

•Samuel R. Castillo and Lakesha Necole Davis

•Kevin Dossen and Tabitha Marrs

•Brandon M. Wells and Lindsey S. Bradtmueller

•Andrew James Tuttle and Erin E. Crim

•Mario R. Vazquez and Heather Marie Gomez

•Jeremy A. Betz and Cynthia L. Burns

•Tyler James Babcock and Christine Marie Fruchey

•Nathan Curtis Eck and Laura J. Riethmiller

•Antinoice A. Surry and Aundrea Charese Brown

•Matthew Thomas I. Gearhart and Jennifer Dawn Ringel

•Paul E. Ueber and Laura E. Birchler

•Ryan L. Beck and Katherine A. Harden

•Gary D. Bassett Jr. and Jessica M. Vachon

•Bruce N. Searcy and Kelsey Rae Langlois

•Heath James Thornhill and Rachel Marie Kramer

•Jeffery J. Snouffer and Andrea R. Bangert

•Thomas M. Warnecke and Cynthia R. Schuster

•Michael Raymond Freeman and Angela Lee Wilson

•Andrew Javon Moore and Sharonda Andrea Stanford

•Erick Springer and Jodie Patrick

•Adam J. Kilburn and Tracie A. Moreno

•Matthew Stouder and Brittney Hurley

•Bruno Angelo Taylor Jr. and Tiffini B. Holder

•Daniel Frederick Bigler and Alisha Marie Hankey

•Heath W. Wolfe and Catherine P. Wells

•Brent A. Spahr and Katelyn E. Kilmer

•Jared Michael Wurtzel and Cassandra Marie Tucker

•Daniel Wayne Patterson and Angela Renee Debolt

•Matthew Martin Kinsman and Cari M. McAfoos

•Edward Bryan Reed and Kailie Renee Brown

•John Girardot and Tami Fancher

•Joseph T. Spicer and Amanda Lee Graf

•William A. Garrett and Shanda Sharee Kirby

•Charles Vanstrom and Jessica Boyer

•Dale Alan Hanley Jr. and Jamie Lynzetta Peterson

•Ryan C. Zent and Casey Lynn A. Broadwater

•David Hernandez and Misty Nicole Kahn

•Mark Gabriel Shepherd and Jennifer A. Springer

•Edwin Lengacher Jr. and Betty Zehr

•Jason Daniel Ford and Annie Jo Sekel

•Carl Edward Yoder and Jennifer S. Fegley

•Nathan Mark Gerken and Janeen E. Baxter

•Mahili Baraka and Felicious Johnson

•Cameron Niemeyer and Samantha J. Lee

•Matthew Joseph Graham and Katlyn Marie Scheumann

•Brian Johnston and Adriene Jones

•Amardeep Singh Grewal and Madhuri Smita Singh

•Kenneth E. Fort and Megan Elizabeth Thompson

•Jason S. Schebig and Elizabeth A. Walker

•Benjamin Lee Berry and Danielle Renee Garns

•Adam Joseph Fullenkamp and Melanie M. Olry

•Isabel Enrique Villagran and Thelma Yolanda Lima

•Michael Hastings and Mauresa Thomas

•David Ryan Mattern and Danielle Marie Blake

•Michael Decker and Sherry Elane Christner

•Kelly W. Johns and Ashley M. Bremer

•Joshua Lee Elder and Linda N. Sheley

•Austin Thomas Gage and Danielle Cronin

•Ramond J. Alday and Anne Meyers

•Landon Deloss Moore and Ashley Marie Gutknecht

•Raymone A. Phillips and Cina D. Higgins

•Trent Allen Post and Jessica M. Burge

•Arturo Salgado Jr. and Angelina Granados

•Christopher J. Runyan and Leann M. Elliott

•Tad Casey Lochner and Theresa Prause

•Victor Mariano Peralta and Alexa Leigh Krider

•Thaddeus Blake Berkes and Dana K. Poffenberger

•Thomas Anthony Kelley and Inna Beider

•Andrew F. Neireiter and Rebekah L. Bates

•Stanley C. Huguenard and Cherrie M. Gramling

•Howard D. Duff and Lori A Kimbrell

•Adam J. Bolin and Angela R. Byrns

•Robert J. Egly and Sabrina Lynn Denise

•Richard Espinosa Jr. and Toni E. Klopfenstein

•Garett Nathaniel Engel and Carrie Mae Miller

•Daniel J. Coffey and Kari Leigh Irwin

•Marcos Gaytan and Shantell Dawna Hess

•Jacob Dale Kummer and Jessica Michelle Goodin

•Mitchell David Barnes and Kayla S. Holt

•Samuel N. Faulkner and Angela Dawn Abdool

•Elmer J. Moore Jr. and Angelia Denice Winslow

•Sean Michael Hoffman and Sarah Elizabeth Ellsworth

•Robert Anthony Scott and Casondra Noel Cole

•Lavert A. Hearn and Barbara A. Smith

•Joshua Allen Stephenson and Sarah Jean Cobb

•Brant Dennis Henning and Cassandra Hope Issler

•Christopher T. Bada and Bailey Brooke Smith

•Ramon Montes Jr. and Irene E. Martin

•Travis G. Lyons and Megan N. Harp

•Thomas Earl Kelly-Castillo and Joya Lynn Frelin

•Tomas J. Powers and Nadja N. Gerber

•Jason L. McKee and Reena M. Ratkos

•William J. Gephart III and Therese Anne Petrie

•Samuel R. Keirns and Jenna L. Monnich

•Zachary David Edwards and Kelly A. Burkhart

•William Andrew Spieth and Patricia Lee Walker

•Ramon A. Rodriguez and Marcia P. Carballo-Orozco

•Ralph Lee Lehrman and Sandra M. Thatcher

•Tyler W. Haire and Holly A. Schnurr

•Jon Adam Stetler and Annika May Hopkins

•Howard Edward Whitlow Jr. and Bethany Ann Chamberlain

•Gabriel Alphonse Spieth and Alyssa C. Saalfrank

•Carlos Alberto Lopez and Saby Alejandra Lopez Perez

•Terry Lorenz Evans and Sonja Marie Grady

•Ezekiel C. Tsamwa and Misty Lynn Marti

•Daniel E. Schible and Nicole Marie Wolfcale

•David R. Ramos II and Shannon Y. Finton-Wolf

•Esparaza Alfredo Lorenza and Adriana Vidales Amezquita

•Victor Manuel Gonzalez and Colleen M. Pettit

•Matthew Curtis and Sarah A. Kreigh

•John L. Wilkins and Kristie L. Rigsby

•James R. Rekeweg and Angela Marie Dietel

•Corey D. Hopp and Katherine Marie Stronczek

•Nathaniel Charles Bidlack and Aashley R. Myers

•Steven K. Sitkowski and Susan Elizabeth Rish

•Joshua W.Schnepp and Heather A. Neyman

•Zachary N. Litzenberg and Sadie Victoria Fedler

•Ronald James Schweyer and Erica L. Hahn

•Michael A. Smith and Ashleigh N. Burgess

•Billy Lee Napier and Jessica Rana Iaccovacci

•Christopher O. Davis and Joanna Garza

•Carlin F. Blevins and Esther A .Hathaway

•Stephen F. Pisula and Cristine A. Kelker

•Arthur William Bacon Jr. and Eda Jacqueli Nieves-Conrad

•Benjamin L. Clymer and Julia Natividad Vieto

•Chris Scott Millhouse and Tasha Ann Thiebaut

•Jacquan Aramis Bass and Angela M. Robles

•Billy R. Jackson II and Michelle E. Nolan

•Joseph Paul Kogin and Julie E. Turrin

•Aaron M. Meyer and Jackie Nicole Chidister

•Quenton Hector Benya and Ashley N. Kahlert

•James D. Decker Jr. and Karla J. Hatton

•Jon J. Herbst and Kasandra L. Booher

•Ryan L. Greuter and Daisy Torres

•Nicholas B. Thomas and Samantha Nicole Thompson

•Daniel C. Ottenweller and Tess Marie Pappas

•Clint Michael Lough and Megan Elaine Franklin

•Daveed Eliezer Edwards and Nicole M. Voirol

•Lee N. Woods and Flora A. Tompkins

•Moises Torrez Martinez and Nicole Lee Piatt

•Brent Timothy Gillham and Nancy Lee Carnahan

Information received from the office of Lisbeth A. Borgmann, clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior courts. The above information is public record, and names are published without exception.