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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Friday, September 14, 2012 12:01 am
Judging by his recent column (Aug. 17), Kevin Krajewski seems to live in a world of fantasy. Mr. Krajewski, you say you respect the rights of citizens to express their points of view, yet you don't respect the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms, a constitutionally protected right of the people as affirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States. As done by many other people, Krajewski seems to lay the sole blame of violence in the U.S. at the feet of the National Rifle Association's upper echelon. Unfortunately, facts are stubborn things; the leadership is following the request that the millions of members have asked of them. That request is “no compromise.”

We the people of the NRA have time and again seen that if you give the people who wish to ban guns an inch, they will take 10 miles. We have learned this over the course of many years, so we have told the leaders of the NRA that we have had enough of it. The leaders of the NRA are an elected body and follow the wishes of the majority of the organization, a fact that which Krajewski seems to miss.

Also in his column, Krajewski states that AR-15's and the like need to be banned. He seems to forget that the long-lapsed assault weapons ban attempted to do just that. And, as typical, the anti-gunners wanted more. In fact, it seems after every mass murder — even the Oklahoma City bombing that caused the death of 168 people — lawmakers and others were calling for more gun control.

The truth, as stubborn as it can be, is that the majority of Americans are tired of talk of more gun control. I also believe that the majority of Americans are tired of the anti-gunners coming out mere hours after a tragedy to use it for political gain. It's sickening to me, as I hope, to most people.

He also seems to have little idea of what would be involved if his wish for all “assault weapons” to be banned were to come true. The 5th and 14th amendments to the Constitution both have a due process clause. Basically, the government cannot seize our firearms just because the minority thinks we should not own them. I am thankful that our founding fathers included this in the Bill of Rights.

Mr. Krajewski, I respect your right to say what you will. Fortunately, contrary to what you have stated, the truth is that the NRA does not want to “arm America.” The organization's position has always been one of choice: If you don't like guns, you don't need to own them and people who have demonstrated evil intent should not own guns. At no time has the NRA said that it wants to arm everyone.

I believe the majority of Americans are good people and that we should not lose rights due to the crimes of a few individuals. It's really that simple.

Chris Doenges

New Haven
Jeers to the Sept. 5 ranter against our “racist slave owner ... hypocrites” founding fathers. They had to build a nation first, before slavery could be dealt with.

It was King George and a global slave-based economy they were up against. They knew the system would eventually crash and gave us a framework to deal with it. Give those white guys credit for thinking outside the box with that “all men are created equal” thing and backing it up with an amendable Constitution.

OK, so apparently there are descendants of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings walking around, but they're living in the free country that he helped establish.

How about a little Christian forgiveness for their sins? Hypocrites? Genius!

Philip E. Haberkorn

I have no idea what game Tom Davis was attending at Ball State Aug. 30, but it is quite obvious it was not the one I was covering. I saw full stands on both sides of the field and a very full student section.

I saw a very enthusiastic and sharp Pride of Mid-America Marching Band. The parking lots were full of cars and tailgate parties. And yes, I saw some very good Ball State football.

Davis whined the student section started to thin out late in the third quarter. According to the clock on my phone, it was 10 p.m. It was late, even for me, on both a school night and a work night. Even after some of the crown thinned, those who remained still were very much involved in the game.

Perhaps crowds will be even larger when the game is scheduled for a Saturday, when most people and students are not at work or in class.

Judging from the crowd, numerous Twitter feeds and Facebook postings, it is obvious Ball State has a large following, and the fans love their team. I am not sure what Davis is wanting.

As pointed out in some of the comments on the Web page, I concur Davis was just looking for something to complain about and the Ball State student section was the easiest target. It is a shame he chose to focus on such a non-issue and detract from the amazing game 12,000 fans got to witness.

Susan J. Wilden

American Legion Day is Sunday. I would like to thank all local American Legion posts for their work in the communities of northeast Indiana.

You might think of them as just a bar for veterans, but they are so much more. The American Legion helps promote veterans' affairs and rehabilitation. Motorcycle escorts by legion riders and funeral services by legion honor guard are part of the final respects for veterans. They support positions on national security, Operation Comfort Warriors and disaster preparedness, to name a few.

Few organizations (match) the American Legion's love for country, U.S. flag protection and education. They are the nation's foremost authority on proper disposal of unserviceable U.S. flags. They sponsor Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, oratorical competition and legacy scholarship programs.

The American Legion family of Legionnaires, Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion are open to those who meet the appropriate eligibility dates as determined by the federal government and not by the American Legion.

Please support your local American Legion post. If interested in joining any of the American Legion posts near you, contact them in person and ask for help in filling out an application, or call Tom Kelleher at 1-260-837-5772.

Tom KelleherIn an age where the Americans with Disabilities Act requires proper parking spaces and wheelchair access to all public facilities, why has the U.S. Department of Justice not enforced ADA laws at Fort Wayne's abortion facility?

Why does a hospital need such things and even offer wheelchair help after surgery when an abortion clinic does not? Is not an abortion a form of surgery?

A complaint was filed on July 9 on behalf of women who have had abortions and had to be physically assisted to their cars sitting a distance from the clinic. As of yet, eight weeks later, nothing has been done to foster that compliance.

Why is that? Why were they not forced to comply before opening their doors? What does the abortion clinic have that a dentist's office or restaurant does not have? Could it be the weight of Planned Parenthood, one of the big recipients of federal funds? Could it be a lack of caring about its patients?

A law is a law. It should be a matter of consideration to see that each woman has the best care possible — and that includes proper care out of the facility after her “procedure.”

Linda DemorestI believe it should be mandatory that every person who strives for a career in public office should sit down quietly and thoughtfully watch the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” One of the most challenging lines Jefferson Smith (played by Jimmy Stewart) said in his oath to become a senator was, “I’ll do nothing to disgrace the office of United States senator.”

It might be of great value to our country if we all make a concerted effort to review the 10 Commandments found in Exodus 20 and “The unanimous Declaration of the United States of America.”

Jayne Stabler


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