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Cheap Shots: Giants' Coughlin calls Bucs out of bounds

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Also, we're hearing about discounts on those LeBron shoes

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 5:59 am

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano told his players to knock New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning to the ground when he kneeled on the game's last play Sunday.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin reminded Schiano afterward that the game is over when Coughlin says it's over, and not a moment later.

Schiano said the Giants would have known it was coming if they'd watched Schiano's teams at Rutgers University. Clearly, the Giants need to fire their Rutgers scout.


Former Tampa Bay offensive lineman Ian Beckles was arrested Thursday for disorderly intoxication after he defied a police officer's instructions not to touch his horse.

Beckles is the first known professional athlete arrested solely for horsing around.

If the shoe fits the checkbook

The new LeBron James “LeBron X” shoe will not sell for $315 after all. Nike announced last week that the deluxe version will retail for $270 and most of the X shoes will sell for $180.

The issue now will be whether people will choose the shoe or two tanks of gasoline.

Speaking of James, he has left his longtime agent and signed with his friend Rich Paul. As a result, Paul has changed his name to Rich Rich Paul.

Bring on the hype

Notre Dame's football win over Michigan State put the Fighting Irish at 3-0, their best start in 10 seasons. I hate to say Notre Dame fans are overly excited, but they're pushing the school to bypass the move to the ACC and just join the AFC.

Everything's peachy in the Big Least

Big East Commissioner Mike Aresco says speculation that the conference is in trouble after Notre Dame's departure is “utter nonsense.”

Those who say so just don't understand the anticipation and hysteria that will surround Boise State vs. Central Florida.

Government training?

Harvard University president Drew Faust said athletes should not be singled out for the blame in the largest cheating scandal in school history.

The cheating by athletes and regular students came in a class called “Introduction to Congress.”

This could come back to haunt someone in the 2028 presidential election.

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