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Fort Wayne births, through Sept. 9

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 8:43 am

Fort Wayne

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Sept. 9.

•A Zari S. Parker to Jawauna P. Davis-Parker and Antonio S. Parker.

•Aaron I. Torres to Elvia A. Ramirez De Torres and Hernan D. Torres.

•Addison M. Bickel to Karen S. and Michael F. Bickel.

•Adelyn E. Kreigh to Haley E. Kreigh and Travys T. Collins.

•Adelyn G. Burnette to Erica A. and Andrew H. Burnette.

•Adrian J. Spitnale to Ashton L. Menzie and Joshua L. Spitnale.

•Adrian R. Broom to Szechuanitres L. Martin and Robert J. Broom.

•Adriana M. Delcid to Sarah A. Mohas and Marvin E. Oliva Delcid.

•Aeyden C. Sandlin to Shacara C. and Floyd L. Sandlin II.

•Ah Onesty C. Price to Andrea C. Price.

•Aidan D. Ludlow to Elvira Mustedanagic and David A. Ludlow.

•Ailan C. McCann to Nicole M. Vevia and Barry B. McCann.

•Alexander Delacruz-Garcia to Rebeca Garcia Salazar and Juan M. Delacruz Gonzalez.

•Alexia Gisel F. Flores to Yuni Lisseth Flores Flores.

•Alizon I. Melendez-Salazar to Patricia Salazar-Castillo and Angel Melendez-Alberto.

•Amirrah R. Benbow to Tiffany A. Benbow.

•Anabelle K. Sackett to Jennifer N. and Samuel G. Sackett.

•Anari W. Freeman to Kashyra D. Freeman.

•Anastasia I. Cheever to Sarah J. and Nickolas M. Cheever.

•Anita K. Pope to Mary K. Pink and Toriano J. Pope.

•Anyis A. Freeman to Kashyra D. Freeman.

•Ashten S. McCormick to Stormie T. Wooley and Jeremy S. McCormick.

•Atalia N. Sanchez to Cristal Abarca-Sanchez and Jorge L. Sanchez.

•Aubrie N. Gunn to Breanna M. Gunn.

•Aung H. Minoo to Aisha M. Mohamad and Soe Paing.

•Ava G. Anders to Brittany L. and Jerrod R. Anders.

•Bentley D. Brubaker to Tiffany A. and Jason M. Brubaker.

•Blaine A. Elder to Brandy L. Elder.

•Brady B. Horstman to Megan M. and Benjamin L. Horstman.

•Braxton E. Seibt to Ashley M. and Travis A. Seibt.

•Brielle O. Bucher to Kassandre L. and Eric T. Bucher.

•Britain S. Bright to Brittany L. Bright.

•Brittany J. Cardona to Rosa I. Cardonar and Jose A. Escobar.

•Brody A. Gibson to Jessica L. Hamilton and Brandon B. Gibson.

•Brooklynn S. Bratten to Amanda K. Ewald and Joseph S. Bratten.

•Bryan A. Cantor to Silvia Rodriguez and Marco A. Cantor Hernandez.

•Bryce M. Byrd to Shai L. and George M. Byrd.

•Brynn N. Anaya to Kelley J. Simpson and Eric J. Anaya.

•Caelyn G. Faghihi to Belinda S. Branham and Anthony N. Faghihi.

•Caelyn J. Bullard to Keara M. and Herbert L. Bullard.

•Calista I. Cole to Rachel A. and Shawn W. Cole.

•Calista S. Leipold to Maria A. Arapios and Mark A. Leipold.

•Charles A. Cochran II to Heather R. and Charles A. Cochran.

•Christian R. Williams to Leslie Williams.

•Christopher L. Storey to Khadija M. Storey.

•Clara J. Norris to Jennifer R. Ashby and Richard G. Norris.

•Clementine R. Ingram to Alexis R. and David R. Ingram.

•Connor M. Saylor to Brittany A. Evans and Joshua M. Saylor.

•Cristian Gonzalez-Jacobo to Lidia Jacabo and Nery O. Gonzalez.

•Dakota L. Cagle to Nell C. Williams and Jacob L. Cagle.

•Damonie L. Fortt to Dashonda M. Fortt.

•Darren M. Arellano to Crystal L. Straub and Carlos E. Arellano-Colazo.

•Demario A. Jones Jr. to Stephanie L. Brumbaugh and Demario A. Jones Sr.

•Dominic A. Price Jr. to Olevia S. Bassett and Dominic A. Price.

•Duncan W. Franks to Emily S. and Charl Franks.

•Dylan J. Mongiello to Emily M. and Brian G. Mongiello.

•Dylan M. Wagner to Ashly M. Beaty and Jeremy M. Wagner.

•Eli Jah T. Ross to Jenna M. and Lethaniel T. Ross.

•Elijah C. Parker to Adalyn R. and Jesse C. Parker.

•Elijah S. Ervin to Danielle M. and Shane T. Ervin.

•Elizabeth J. Swick to Amanda N. and Logan D. Swick.

•Elle S. Walker to Sarah L. and Christopher A. Walker.

•Ember A. Burgette to Danielle R. Fain and Anthony J. Burgette.

•Emily R. Regnier to Cheryl E. and Tait A. Regnier.

•Emma M. Beber to Melissa A. and Edward P. Beber.

•Emma R. Butler to Emily E. and Robert M. Butler.

•Emmajoy A. Delacruz to Jennifer J. and Oscar R. Delacruz.

•Emmy Camarena to Heybi M. Paz and Luis E. Camarena Romero.

•Ethan J. Lomicka to Lisa K. and Matthew J. Lomicka.

•Gabbriella A. Stayer to Colleen N. and Jamie L. Stayer.

•Gabrielle L. Ngugi to Casilda L. and George N. Ngugi.

•Genessa L. Aweys to Brea N. Logan and Abdulkadir T. Aweys.

•Gloria Maung to Shwe Z. Ma and Lay Maung.

•Grace E. Thurber to Amanda M. and Mark A. Thurber.

•Gracie L. French-Fountain to Stephanie M. Lamley and Garrard L. French-Fountain.

•Graison S. Young to Kristen L. Young.

•Hannah G. Archer to Amber L. and Mark W. Archer.

•Harley W. Davidson to Alaina L. and Jeffery A. Davidson Sr.

•Harper I. Hawkins to Kimberly N. and Christopher J. Hawkins.

•Harper J. Thompson to Angela J. and Todd A. Thompson.

•Henry W. Johnson to Lindsey C. Fisher and Benjamin T. Johnson.

•I Sha to Khung R. Sha and Nu A. Lee.

•Irelyn D. Weikart to Danielle A. Weikart.

•Ismael M. Morales to Floricelda Morales Pineda and Eulogio Munoz Delcid.

•Jack L. Rudolphi to Michele M. and Kevin L. Rudolphi.

•Jacob L. Largent to Jessica M. and Jonathan L. Largent.

•Jade Q. Bodenschatz to Emily M. and John C. Bodenschatz.

•James B. Kelley to Josephine B. and James E. Kelley.

•Jameson O. Parker to Kimberly N. Djaphar and James O. Parker.

•Jaslynn A. Spears to Shirlene L. Spears.

•Jasmine M. Myint to Su M. Htwe and Tin M. Myint.

•Jeffrey C. Burnett to Nakia J. and Jamar M. Burnett.

•Joaquin A. Morales to Liliana D. and Alejandro D. Morales.

•Johnyla D. Watkins to Venella R. Breham and Johnell D. Watkins.

•Joseph J. Schlatter to Kristi K. and Mark E. Schlatter.

•Joseph P. Coe to Marie E. and Jon M. Coe.

•Joseph W. Hood to Loraine R. Turner and William J. Hood.

•Jude C. Nelson to Paige M. Hershberger and Adam C. Nelson.

•Jude E. Hoerger to Courtney Y. and Michael E. Hoerger Jr.

•Judi E. Martz to Jami L. and Eugene P. Martz.

•Kaiden B. Hyland to Kaela L. and Austin B. Hyland.

•Kaiden J. Burch to Edwina D. and Koreen J. Burch.

•Kap S. Hang to Vung L. Lun and Mang L. Hang.

•Kemiyah Y. Sims to Brea L. Brown and Keandre R. Sims.

•Kidontai D. Hardy to Shakila S. Hardy.

•Kylie L. Hairston to Kinyedda M. Hairston.

•Leah N. Staub to Rebekah M. and Jeremy J. Staub.

•Lennox D. Graham toJennifer M. Witherspoon and Leroy D. Graham Jr.

•Leslie G. Leavell to Jennifer B. and Leslie R. Leavell.

•Liam T. Diehm to Tiffany A. Diehm and Eric J. Diehm.

•Lillian S. Smith to Crystal A. and Rick S. Smith Jr.

•London C. Nieves to Tanda S. Brownlee and Dorian C. Nieves.

•Lucas C. Piano to Carissa N. and Christopher L. Piano.

•Lucy M. Ryan to Margaret M. and Casey P. Ryan.

•Lyla H. Putt to Kaitlin H. and Christopher A. Putt.

•Magdalene L. Andrews to Lauren M. and Colin Z. Andrews.

•Makenzie L. Ervin to Tabatha S. and Todd E. Ervin.

•Malakai A. Cato to Nicole M. and Christopher L. Cato.

•Mallory E. Rhodes to Amber R. and Joshua M. Rhodes.

•Malloumi Moataz N. Ali to Kadidja Goni Malloum and Nourene Ali Nour.

•Mara R. McKibben to Chelsea R. Longwell and Matthew V. McKibben.

•Marc Austin C. Zuniga to Criselda C. and Leovigildo C. Zuniga.

•Maria C. Delagrange to Jamie M. and Nathan J. Delagrange.

•Marisol C. Alfaro to Sonia M. and Jose F. Alfaro.

•Merlin A. Bender to Sarah C. Allen and William D. Bender.

•Mya K. Lacross to Erin L. and Chad R. Lacross.

•Myheir C. White to Chiquita J. White.

•Nadia J. Knox to Joni M. and Craig C. Knox.

•Nadia N. Fyda to Quite C. Fyda.

•Nathan J. Clauss to Christina M. Sanchez and Nalee Clauss.

•Nathanael J. Jackson to Zakeya M. and Willie J. Jackson.

•Niaylah L. Burton to Kayla L. Smith-Gonzalez and Nathaniel M. Burton.

•Nuam S. Huai to Vung N. Man and Lhun K. Mang.

•Nyaira L. Bibbs to Darrielle I. Gordon and Nathan L. Bibbs.

•Owen L. Cartwright to Tabatha L. and Joseph W. Cartwright.

•Piper S. Brenner to Tierni A. and Brandon C. Brenner.

•Quinn S. Votaw to Lisa R. and Troy M. Votaw.

•Ramya E. Beck to Rachael E. Beck.

•Raneri L. Varley to Amanda L. Varley and Michael K. Varley Jr.

•Rawayda H. Nassor to Magda S. Haggar and Hassan Z. Nassor.

•Reagan M. Horine to Jessica C. and Matthew A. Horine.

•Ress L. Runyon to Evea M. Arnold and Travis L. Runyon.

•Roy J. Trevino to Taylor P. Chin and Francisco R. Trevino.

•Ryan E. Gerber to Sandra L. and Douglas T. Gerber.

•Sahana N. Colglazier to Aarti R. and Joel R. Colglazier.

•Samuel T. Arnold to Jennifer A. and Gabriel T. Arnold.

•Selah R. Truebedoor to Angelynne D. and Samuel W. Truebedoor.

•Sheabastion M. Shaffer to Crystal R. Shaffer.

•Sole A. Scipio to Callie R. Scipio.

•Sophia N. Spurgeon to Jennifer A. and Denny L. Spurgeon Jr.

•Sophia T. Myint to Cho C. Tin and Shwe Myint.

•Terrance D. Gaston to Terra E. and Mylus K. Gaston.

•Treyvon L. Heath to Rema N. Heath.

•Tyler L. Gerke Jr. to Megan A. and Tyler L. Gerke.

•Tyris D. Lapsley Jr. to Naquita T. and Tyris D. Lapsley.

•Uriah D. Edmondson to Jodi N. and Clifford D. Edmondson.

•Valentina I. Calix to Eva C. and Azael A. Calix.

•Vincent P. Fletter to Andrea J. and Todd M. Fletter.

•Wendy A. Macias to Sanjuana and Lucio Macias.

•Willa B. Loechner to Erin E. and Kenneth W. Loechner.

•Ximena Valdez-Torres to Guillermina Torres Chiman and Yovani Valdez-Diaz.

•Zaiah M. Hatch to Alisha M. Rauch and Deangelo L. Hatch Sr.

•Zeke E. Snyder to Hannah E. and Luke T. Snyder.

•Zia D. Graham to Katelyn D. Smith and Noah J. Graham.

•Ziek T. Washington to Aleighsha Y. Busche and Thomas J. Washington.