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Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 12:01 am


•Travis Allen Kinyo and Jennifer S. Minnich

•Trent R. Shively and Katy Amanda Heffelfinger

•Michael T. Johnson and Stacey Jo Johnson

•Joel D. Seibold and Dian M. Martz

•Jeremy Matthew Ley and Ashley Nichole Fuller

•Darren Drew McFarland and Brandi Renee Leazier

•Aaron A. W. Krerowicz and Natalie M. Todd

•Joseph Cain and Dawn M. Woebbeking

•Andrew Edward Bosch and Christina Therese Miller

•Mark A. Catrone and Beth Marie Linville

•Paul Michael Hockensmith and Sarah Marie Anderson

•Gregory L. Shirk and Lisa S. O'Connor

•Justin Joseph Gerardot and Anne Jean Wendel

•Winston A .Cole and Rasheena F. Vines

•Jason D. Kochenderfer and Kaitlin K. Johnston

•Rama-Sar Ali and Ka Ti Zar

•Dorsey Lee Simmons Jr. and Kelly T. Ellis

•Roger Ellington and Shavon L. Nickson

•Kristian David Brown and Ashlie M. Oster

•Barry Michael DA Drummond and Natalie Carr Weese

•Michael T. Robinson and Seandra Montique Bowen

•Kenneth Lee Polley and Tamara A. Greene

•Robert P. Hacha and Kristin A. McDonald

•Brandon J. Foster and Lindsay R. Sheckels

•Corbin L. Byler and Amber Elizabeth Heimann

•John Henry Dunbar and Gussie C. Glenn

•Benjamin R. Freiburger and Amanda M. Zapfe

•Michael P. Florin and Stephanie Marie Clark

•Paul M. Mokua and Veronica A. Pinkston

•Patrick Hutton Fischer and Rachana Nagin Shah

•Sean Earl Baines and Paige Elaine Cole

•Mitchell Robert Fireoved and Deanna Lyn Watson

•Donald H. Hurt and Annette B. Porter

•Brandon T. Mills and Alexa Breanna Mamile

•Irvin Slabach and Edna M. Hansel

•Andrew Robert Evans and Amy Michelle Venderley

•Joseph A .Colone and Amelia M. Tippmann

•Victor T. Turner and Lashawne Williams

•Jerry D Maple Jr. and Malana Zartman

•Clifford R. Tillotson and Emily Nicole Huhn

•Joseph R Reinhard and Karey M. Lengacher

•Richard Tyson Webb and Amanda Lynn Dague

•Billy Ray Nicholson Jr. and Kisha Moneak Blanton

•Benjamin A. Schaeffer and Elizabeth A. Lentz

•Nicolas Scot Grzych and Erin E. Seney

•Paul D. Bobish and Lesley D. Freed

•Kelly Daniel Johnson and Erin Denea Garlinger

•Adam Lorin Yoder and Hillary Coughlin

•Brandion M. Hull and Gabrielle Ren Paff-Delaney

•Frederick Leon Aron and Tonya M. Osmun

•Brian Michael Miller and Kathryn Leigh Marcuccilli

•Robert C. Brockmann and Lynnette F. Haynie

•Scott Gerber and Marie A. Reichhart

•Derek T. Mysliwiec and Elizabeth A. Wyse

•Ryan J. Modglin and Jenna Marie Wolfe

•Bryan T. Mower and Ericka L. Raymond

•John P. Minnich and Lori J. Manor

•Christopher Pettit and Danielle M. Geier

•Matthew J. Corner and Danielle M. Ringswald

•Tyler Hoover and Kimberly Pennington

•Benjamin M. Heeren and Kathryn L. Hinga

•Keith A. Sorg and Janelle D. Hartle

•Benjamin H. Ruhl and Kayla Brianne Snyder

Information received from the office of Lisbeth A. Borgmann, clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior courts. The above information is public record, and names are published without exception.