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Tip of the Hat

Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 12:01 am

Tip of the Hat to all the people who work at Veterinary Services on Gump Road. Nicest people in the world. I would not take Jerzee (my dog) to anyplace else. Thank you for your great service!

Thank you, Mr. (Clint) Eastwood, for your charming little skit. A bit of biting truths served up with just the right amount of elegant humor. Well done. A good night at the RNC (Republican National Convention).

Awesome job, Fort Wayne Dental Group. The patient appreciation party was so much fun. Food, Dick Stoner's show, Sweetcakes Clowns and the carnival in the parking lot. You are a class act. Thank you, Dr. Mutton, Dr. Wright and Dr. Creech.

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