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Letters to the editor

Thursday, September 20, 2012 - 12:01 am

Vote for Rev. Kevin Boyd for 3rd District

We are rapidly approaching a decisive election day on Nov. 6 when 3rd District voters will have an opportunity to select an exceptionally thoughtful and qualified candidate for Congress, Rev. Kevin Boyd, who is a Presbyterian minister in the Fort Wayne community.

The following words are from Kevin Boyd on the subject of public education:

“A high-quality public education is key to our continuation of a free society. Schools are more than just educational factories. Public schools are the real melting pot of our society where children of different economic strata, ethnic background, and social ideas learn to live, play, and work to together. Public schools develop citizens for the future of our free and democratic society. They help children develop sound judgment, which leads to good decisions for self and community in our next generation of leaders.”

I urge you to support a moderate, intelligent, and vigorous candidate, Kevin Boyd for Congress as opposed to a tea party extremist in the upcoming election in the 3rd District.

Jack Spindler

Thanks from SCAN for help with Flying High

A big thank you to Danny Rifkin for use of Hangar 39 and to John Dilley with JD Aviation for making possible the successful venue for the Sept. 6 Flying High with SCAN fundraiser at Fort Wayne International Airport.

The event raised nearly $90,000 in support of programs and services to prevent child abuse and neglect in 19 counties.

Thanks to these individuals for loaning a variety of interesting vehicles explored by the more than 300 people who attended: Pete Keelan for the Indy 500 Roadster and other show cars; Norfolk and Southern Railroad for the engine and caboose; Rick Whipp for the 12-seater plane; the Indiana Air Force Reserve for the fighter jet; and to the many other in-kind donors, sponsors and guests.

Lynn Noneman, SCAN Inc. director of resource development

Is president’s nose growing longer?

How long is Pinocchio’s nose going to have to grow before the American people will say enough, already?

President Obama said in 2008 when running for the office that President Bush’s 5.1 percent unemployment rate was too high. OK, Mr. President what is 8.1 percent rate?

The last I checked it is 3 percent higher.

You said you would bring an end to the divisiveness in Washington. All you have done is brought on more divisiveness with your class warfare rhetoric. There are many rich Americans in both parties. No one has a monopoly on that.

Mr. President, we want everyone to do well but without a job you can never become well to do, let alone get rich.

Mr. President, you said in your acceptance speech that your opponent, Mitt Romey, has no experience.

Gov. Romney rescued the Olympics from bankruptcy and has been a successful businessman. Being governor of a state has had some foreign experience. President Obama, you had no experience in either category. You got a big pass from the main stream news media along with other many promises you never kept.

When the news media fails to keep a check on you politicians they fail journalism big time, and you still are continuing to do so. Thank God for other news sources so we can know both sides.

I will never forget how President Clinton lied under oath and got away with it. Now all we have is the truth be forgotten attitude.

The Democrat party allowed that to happen along with the courts but they also showed their true colors in not wanting God and Israel to be the capitol in the platform in their last convention.

Amanda Stauffer