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Thursday September 3, 2015
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NFL Power Poll: Falcons, Giants on the rise

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Saturday, September 22, 2012 - 12:01 am

1. 49ers. Harbaugh even gets handshake right this time

2. Packers. Back on top of black-and-blue division

3. Falcons. Took care of Peyton in longest-game ever

4. Texans. Could this be the year they don't underachieve?

5. Eagles. Escape with win in showdown with Ravens

6. Ravens. Still pretty good after battle with Eagles.

7. Giants. Eli is the Manning when it comes to clutch now

8. Patriots. We'll assume last week was an anomaly

9. Lions. Not sold on Lions, but Stafford yet to find groove

10. Steelers. Big Ben, big attitude, big tradition

11. Cardinals. What? Who? How did this happen?

12. Chargers. Norv Turner on way to Coach of the Year

13. Broncos. Peyton's great. Peyton's shaky. Next?

14. Redskins. RG3 asks defenders to quit with the hard tackling!

15. Bears. Don't bump the lineman that protects you

16. Jets. Rex Ryan has it all under control, no question

17. Cowboys. Don't think they're as bad as Seahawks game

18. Bucs. They play to the last whistle, so deal with it

19. Colts. Indy riding a huge one-game winning streak

20. Saints. Guess you can underestimate value of a coach

21. Vikings. Let me Ponder their future success for a while

22. Rams. Big test ahead against testy Chicago Bears

23. Bengals. Will the real Weeden please stand up?

24. Seahawks. Nice whipping of dysfunctional Cowboys

26. Panthers. Cam Newton fighting the sophomore slump

27. Raiders. That new era of Oakland football is not here yet

28. Jaguars. Time to rethink the Blaine Gabbert commitment

29. Bills. Beating the Chiefs means something, doesn't it?

30. Titans. This team is not as bad as it has looked, promise

31. Chiefs. This team is as bad as it looks for now

32. Browns. Yeah, they're still in this same lonely place