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Friday, September 22, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012 12:01 am
In a continuing effort to keep the constituents of East Allen County Schools up to date on current legislation and communicate factual information with the stakeholders of EACS, I am responding to clarify some incorrect information shared in Marcia Geller’s letter to the editor.1. There is a current Indiana state statute that allows separating communities or forming new school districts. There is also a less restrictive law being discussed in state committee that is a de-annexation bill.

There are financial implications to both laws, and EACS needs to be prepared for what that would entail if the new law gets passed, so we have commissioned a study.

2. In both laws, communities that form new school districts only take on the assets and debts that are contained in that newly formed school district.

As always, you are welcome to call me at 627-3135 or email me at tlightfoot@eacs.k12.in.us any time you have questions or concerns.

Terry Lightfoot, East Allen County Schools board member.Citizens of the United States are living the tale of two Americas today.

In one America those who work, hope and dream for a better, more inclusive America are encouraged, assisted and even rewarded when their efforts, hopes and ideas come to fruition. In the “other America” those who work, hope and dream for a better more inclusive America are ostracized, their efforts curtailed, and they’re even penalized when their hopes and dreams stray from the status quo.

In this “other America” those who communicate their hopes and dreams for a better America are browbeaten or worse; they’re even cast away when “canned” ideas are not rigidly adhered to, pursued and realized right down to the minutest details.

In one America truth, justice, fairness and balance amongst other high ideals make up the foundation upon which our societies are constructed and governance conducted.

In the “other America” truth is the first casualty followed by justice, fairness and balance in a “win at all costs” campaign to oust the other America from positions that afford it the opportunity to help construct and govern better, more inclusive societies within our nation.

In that narrow exclusive America the highest moral and ethical ideals succumb to a totalitarian march to indoctrinate and assimilate every single soul into blind compliance with a fixed, culturally, racially gender/identity and class-biased mindset bereft of the sense of community and compassionate commonality for those who don’t look like, live like, act like or believe like the mainstream.

In my America I pay over 33 percent of my hard-earned pay in income taxes, and this is projected to increase in the near future. Paying my taxes is my duty and fulfilling my duty keeps my America functional and moving forward.

In the other America one person pays 13 percent and another pays 20 percent, and some pay zero in income taxes and this America is marching toward additional tax cuts for themselves that my America will pay for. In the other America sheltering income from taxes fulfills self interests and a duty to the payee’s own pocketbook.

The competing visions for America are clear. Your vote this November will determine whether or not we move this country forward to the solutions to our nation’s challenges that await us, or whether or not we continue to keep this country stagnant, mired in the narrow mindedness and prejudices, the intolerance and divisiveness that consume us today.

Chose your America, and vote your choice this November.

Len Maydwell



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