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Monday, September 25, 2017
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Here’s another bird-brained quiz; this one shouldn’t ruffle your feathers

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012 12:01 am
You keep telling me you like the quizzes, and many of you write that your scores aren’t high enough to please you. So here is a quiz on which I expect you to do very well because it is easy. Don’t disappoint me.

The theme: we are told in the Bible we have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air. So show your strength as you tackle the questions dealing with fish and fishermen and birds. The usual 5 points for each correct answer.

1. Name the delightful musical – both on stage and on film – about the singing idol who is drafted into the Army and will deposit one last kiss on some thrilled teenager. Dick Van Dyke was wonderful.

2. “Somewhere over the rainbow” what colored birds fly, according to lyricist Harburg?

3. Tennyson wrote that “After many a summer dies the ...” What bird does the poet say dies?

4. To whom did Ben Jonson write the tribute, the “Sweet Swan of Avon”?

5. Who killed “Cock Robin”?

6. A little tomtit sings, “Willow, titwillow, titwillow.” In what Gilbert and Sullivan delight do we find that song?

7. What French singer was known as the Little Sparrow?

8. It was July 20, Neil Armstrong announced, “The eagle has landed.” What was the year?

9. An unforgettable movie starring Burt Lancaster was set at Alcatraz. The title, please.

10. “My heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains my sense.” So wrote John Keats in his Ode to a (blank). Name the bird.

11. But Shelley saluted another bird in his tribute that begins “Hail to thee, blithe spirit.” Name the poem.

12. “The Compleat Angler” has long been a famous guide to the art of fishing, and the author’s name should be familiar to us all. Who was he?

13. “On the road to Mandalay, Where the flyin’ fishes play” was written by this Britisher who is usually identified with India, and it has been set to music. Identify the writer.

14. Kevin Kline, John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis starred in this fun film, “A Fish Called (blank).” Fill in the blank.

15. A book first, then a movie with Spencer Tracy about a lifelong fisherman who has gone many long days without catching a fish. Name the book author.

16. You have played this card game with your family since you were very little. When a player doesn’t have a certain card, he or she is told, “Go (blank).” What’s the word?

17. What color were the four and 20 birds baked in a pie in “Sing a Song of Sixpence”?

18. And in the same poem a bird came along, and snipped off her nose. What color bird was it?

19. Do mammals count in a fish story? But what kind of fish quiz would this be if it didn’t contain a question about Melville’s classic, “Moby Dick”? Name the man who pursued the whale so relentlessly.

20. What is the metaphor we use when speaking of someone uncomfortable and in a situation he or she is unsuited to? That person is like a (blank blank blank blank). Fill in the blanks.

Bonus: I’ve used this often, so you should know it if you’re a faithful quiz taker. The book, “Song of the Cardinal,” was written by what Hoosier author who lived not far from here?

Answers: This was easy, wasn’t it? Now check your answers. 1. “Bye Bye Birdie”; 2. “blue birds fly”; 3. swan; 4. William Shakespeare (You were expecting him, weren’t you?); 5. “I, said the sparrow, with my bow and arrow”; 6. “The Mikado”; 7. Edith Piaf; 8. 1969; 9. “Bird Man of Alcatraz”; 10. nightingale; 11. “Ode to a Skylark”; 12. Izaac Walton; 13. Rudyard Kipling; 14. “Wanda” was her name; 15. Ernest Hemingway; 16. “Go, fish!”; 17. black; 18. blackbird; 19. Ahab; 20. “a fish out of water”; Bonus: Gene Stratton Porter.


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