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Monday December 22, 2014
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Fort Wayne births, through Sept. 23

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 1:36 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Sept. 23.

•A Riyah O. Lewis to Tionna T. Parker and Courtney O. Lewis.

•Aaliyah N. Dumas to Alexandrea M. Jefferson and Demetrick D. Dumas.

•Addison G. Demille to Kimberly S. Demille.

•Ah Niyah E. Jenkins to Randall L. Douglas and Benjamin C. Jenkins.

•Ahlem A. Albakri to Ibtisam S. Ahmed and Ali A. Albakri.

•Alasia M. Hulbert to Asia M. Hulbert.

•Aleah J. Rowe to Stephanie J. and Brian D. Rowe.

•Aliyah M. Kyles to Aquaysha M. Kyles.

•Amazio M. Hollingsworth Jr. to Jashonia M. Underwood and Amazio M. Hollingsworth.

•Amelia J. Kennerk to Emily J. and Erich J. Kennerk.

•Andy E. Trejo to Edith E. Trejo.

•Anna L. Geise to Denise R. and Gregory M. Geise.

•Arabelle G. Brumbaugh to Stephanie M. and Ryan E. Brumbaugh.

•Ashtin C. Conner to Kayla A. Conner and Samuel L. Robison.

•Aubrianna J. Levitz to Kristain A. Swick and Jason G. Levitz.

•Avasa M. Slattery to Ashley M. Slattery.

•Avery C. Hatlevig to Jami R. Akers and Brock A. Hatlevig.

•Bailey A. Barrett to Alyssa M. Bowers and Cody C. Barrett.

•Baker R. Drerup to Megan M. and Justin R. Drerup.

•Benjamin A. Garcia-Alvarez to Esmeralda Alvarez and Benjamin Garcia.

•Benjamin G. Ford to Emily C. andd Christopher M. Ford.

•Benjamyn O. Frederick to Stephaine R. McKinney Frederick.

•Brandon D. Potts to Kaylee A. Nuttle and Austin L. Potts.

•Brenden D. Braun to Brooke R. Erler and Daniel L. Braun II.

•Brody M. Forester to Alicia C. Gotschall and Adam M. Forester.

•Brooklynn M. Hakes to Amy J. Hakes.

•Cable L. Blevins to Natalie J. and Benjamin G. Blevins.

•Callahan T. Denning to Natasha L. Tsintsaroff and Adam L. Denning.

•Castiel S. Villanueva to Gina A. and Juan A. Villanueva.

•Cecelia J. Hieber to Lisa R. and Joshua D. Hieber.

•Charles W. Kiser to Jennifer L. and Matthew C. Kiser.

•Chesarae E. Crews Jr. to Jamesha L. Copeland and Chesarae E. Crews.

•Chloe A. Behrer to Tiffany R. Turnbow and Justin K. Behrer.

•Christian D. Espinoza to Yolanda Malpica and Jorge D. Espinoza.

•Christian R. Cattaneo to Kari L. and Jeremy E. Cattaneo.

•Christopher D. Billingsley Jr. to Saquanna J. Russell and Christopher D. Billingsley.

•Colton E. Berger to Kristiana M. and Kyle E. Berger.

•Connor W. Cashore to Jennifer L. and Jayme S. Cashore.

•Cooper J. Rhodehamel to Jennifer E. and Rex A. Rhodehamel.

•Craig E. Frieson to Ashley D. Norton and Tony L. Frieson.

•Damian G. Bailey to Kimberly R. Barrand and Jarrod A. Bailey.

•Darius K. Green to Latrese M. Green.

•Darla M. Rodriguez to Mayra L. Rodriguez.

•Dasiire D. McAuley to Brenda L. McAuley.

•Dawson S. Nichols to Jamie E. Nichols.

•Desiree M. Bradley to Darnisha M. Bradley.

•Elise M. Johnson to Kaitlin M. and Isaac R. Johnson.

•Emily E. Wennemar to Kathleen R. Murray and Christopher J. Butts.

•Emma E. Scott to nne N. and Lucas M. Scott.

•Eric J. Smith-Garcia to Maria D. Garcia-Hernandez and Eric W. Smith.

•Esteban Villeda Jr. to Loretta A. Massey and Esteban Villeda.

•Ethan C. McCain to Santanna L. Morales and Johnathan L. McCain.

•Eva M. Hastreiter to Mary N. Jerome and John E. Hastreiter.

•van E. Rodriguez to Tisha L. and Devin E. Rodriguez.

•Farrah K. Mull to Jill E. and Eric Mull.

•Gabriel J. Ramey to Alexis K. and Joseph A. Ramey.

•Gavin M. Snyder-Davis to Amy L. Snyder and Gabriel S. Davis.

•Genesis A. Roldan to Carlota Roldan.

•Genevieve M. Jackson to Katherine Z. and Brian C. Jackson.

•Gethsemane B. McQuay to Moriah R. McQuay.

•Greyson A. Kuhn to Stephanie G. and John Kinsey M. Kuhn.

•Greyson R. Neukam to Amanda J. Hartstein and John W. Neukam.

•Haley E. Burnside to Emily N. Burnside and Reuben J. Smith.

•Haley M. Krontz to Jennifer N. Baird and Joshua R. Krontz.

•Harper S. Vanzuidam to Sherri A. and Derrick J. Vanzuidam.

•Henry L. Brumbaugh to Stephanie M. and Ryan E. Brumbaugh.

•Isaac B. Trumbower to Emily D. and Brian J. Trumbower.

•Isaac H. Iwen to Lauren D. and Jason L. Iwen.

•Isabella S. Orellana to Alicia N. Monterroza-Zamora and Cesar A. Orellana-Santos.

•Isabelle R. Scott to Kathryn M. Fishbaugh and Kristian K. Scott.

•Jacob M. Rusher to Melissa M. and Nathan E. Rusher.

•Jacob R. Dluzak to Jennifer R. and John R. Dluzak.

•Jahkai D. Graham to Pamela A. Graham.

•Jalaya L. Edwards to Lorrenda Y. Chapman and Lance K. Edwards.

•Jamarcus L. Underwood Jr. to Melissa F. Minix and Jamarcus L. Underwood Sr.

•Jamie C. Finley to Nicole L. Fontaine and Jaime C. Finley.

•Jason L. Bruner to Robin C. Schaeffer and Josh L. Bruner.

•Jeffrey E. Lewis to Faith M. and Jeffrey J. Lewis.

•Jermarius O. Farr to Tandra P. Farr.

•Jesiah E. Satterfield to Kaitlin E. and Aaron C. Satterfield.

•Jhon R. Perez to Lea Perez.

•Jiovonni C. Coleman to Keyara S. Turner and Jamel C. Coleman.

•Joel Rivera to Daisy M. Deleon and Gerardo Rivera.

•John A. Scorof III to Michelle L. Ropa and John A. Scorof Jr.

•John J. Busacca to Ashley A. and John R. Busacca.

•Jonah M. Thomas to Shaneria T. Thomas.

•Jordan L. Grubbs to Abby L. and Joshua C. Grubbs.

•Jose Arturo A. Perez to Silvia Perez-Guzman and Jose A. Alvizures Monterroso.

•Judah Lu to Mu Lu and Ta Puay.

•Jumoke D. Johnson to Tamara Y. Johnson.

•Kacee L. Baatz to Jamie M. Loop and Rowdy L. Baatz Sr.

•Kaiden W. Lipscomb to Joy D. Hughes and James D. Lipscomb.

•Kalyah J. Holman to Tara R. Budzon and John D. Holman.

•Kamyra H. Smith to Monique L. Smith.

•Kathryn G. Hayden to Angela R. and Robert A. Hayden.

•Kayden J. Lindsey to Cierra N. Lindsey.

•Ke Mariyah S. Anderson to Briana L. Anderson.

•Kelsey L. Morris to Kira B. and Daniel E. Morris.

•Kendall S. Gaskill to Alexandria S. Gaskill.

•Kenzie L. Daring to Amber M. and Joshua T. Daring.

•Kira N. Yaggi to Kimberly R. and Andrew P. Yaggi.

•Klayton K. Hoskins to Nicole H. Schwartz and Keith A. Hoskins.

•La Niyah M. Talarico to Kaitlynn L. Talarico.

•Lamonta Green Jr. to Jasmine M. Kolagbodi and Lamonta Green Sr.

•Leland J. Cook to Ashley A. Parrish and William E. Cook.

•Liam J. Harris to Rachael S. Harris.

•Lilliana L. Young to Amy L. Young.

•Lilly Soe to Kai T. Soe and Myo Lay.

•Lincoln R. Stark to Annie L. Resor and Benjamin R. Stark.

•Lloyd Z. Fairgood to Andrea S. Johnson and Lloyd L. Fairgood.

•Lucian D. Gerardot to Natalie N. Rufer and Michael J. Gerardot.

•Luke M. Digan to Kaitlin A. and Patrick M. Digan.

•Macilynn D. Warrick to Molly M. Ross and Kristopher B. Warrick.

•Maddox E. Rose to Katherine E. and Jordan E. Rose.

•Madisyn D. Sloss to Sarah L. and Bryan D. Sloss.

•Malaya N. Veazey to Lakeshia G. Meriweather and Terry T. Veazey Sr.

•Margaret J. Baltes to Lisa S. and Jonathan E. Baltes.

•Mary G. Krouse to Kelly A. and John D. Krouse.

•Maximillian K. Peters to Brigid C. Winners and Michael J. Peters.

•Maximus E. Shaffer to Gabrielle G. Gaunt and Lavon T. Shaffer.

•Maycee J. Smith to Sarah J. and Ryan W. Smith.

•Mckenzie J. Gustin to Lisa M. and Joshua D. Gustin.

•Melissa Ibarra to Rosenda Ibarra and Luis F. Ibarra-Sanchez.

•Messiah G. McAfee to Quinteen S. Smith and Genard McAfee.

•Mi Emiry S. Simmons to Quinnesha D. Simmons.

•Michael A. Marchesano to Mindy S. and Michael P. Marchesano.

•Michael A. Singerman to Jimmie K. and Ryan C. Singerman.

•Michael Gabriel Jr. to Adriana Ortiz and Michael Gabriel.

•Mika R. Sanavongsay to Krista R. and Steven S. Sanavongsay.

•Miles G. Kirksey to Stephanie A. McNail and Darnell Kirksey.

•Mohamed A. Mohammedain to Madina H. Abdelrahman and Ali Mohammedain.

•Myles J. Shovlin to Erica M. and John B. Shovlin.

•Naomi R. Thrams to Alexis J. Bacon and Nathan L. Thrams.

•Nathaniel J. Walberry to Leslie A. Eichelberger and Brian J. Walberry.

•Nathaniel R. Pickering to Nicole R. and Joseph D. Pickering.

•Nehemiah P. Corey to Wyleka D. Corey.

•Nicholas S. Merz to Rachel M. and Nicholas E. Merz.

•Nickolas J. Martz to Nikole M. and Christopher J. Martz.

•Noah J. Allen to Maranda L. and Matthew T. Allen.

•Nolan M. Roberts to Kristi L. and Josef M. Roberts.

•Nolan R. Macpherson to Carmen M. and Daniel N. Macpherson.

•Nosaze Ohonba to Oyenmwen Edoohonba and Osaze Edo-Ohonba.

•Olivia E. Buttes to Jessica H. Eggers-Buttes and Stephen M. Buttes.

•Olivia M. Dixie to Tiffany M. Dixie.

•Quandric J. Scroggins to Sarah E. Sutton and Quantez D. Scroggins.

•Riley A. Overbay to Katherine M. Jacquay and Brian A. Overbay.

•Rose E. Closson to Kelsey L. and Joseph J. Closson.

•Ryan J. Jurczak to Angela M. and Joseph V. Jurczak.

•Samantha A. Whitney to Melissa A. Mitchell and Jason S. Whitney.

•Savannah J. Johnson to Tanya J. Henning and Anthony C. Johnson.

•Sebastian E. Martinez to Heliana C. Montero and Riggir J. Martinez.

•Selene R. Arellano to Kelsey R. Patterson and Maximino L. Arellano.

•Silas A. Nelson to Lydia R. and Kerry L. Nelson Jr.

•Sofia G. Miranda to Stacy L. Miranda and Harry L. Miranda-Rodriguez.

•Sophia J. Stir to Aimee L. and Joshua O. Stir.

•Spencer J. Marcum to Chelsey L. Ormsby and Cameron J. Marcum.

•Suan S. Hoih to Vung H. Cing and Thang D. Ping.

•Susana E. Nino to Rosa L. Cruz and Gerardo A. Nino.

•Sylvia Wang to Wei Wei Weng and De Qin Wang.

•Tanner A. Munger to Cynthia J. and Robert A. Munger.

•Tegan A. Hout to Maria A. and Adam M. Hout.

•Timear W. Farmer to Alyeshia R. Farmer.

•Tristan R. Money to Trisha N. Warner and Cody F. Money.

•Tristen F. Bennett Jr. to Lacresha S. Taylor and Tristen F. Bennett.

•Triston L. Healy to Dedria M. Banter and Tommey L. Healy.

•Truman C. McCoy to Sara E. Siefert and Daniel C. McCoy.

•William R. Ramey to Alexis K. and Joseph A. Ramey.

•Yerima A. Maina to Fatime A. Moussa and Abdago M. Ngare.

•Zander W. DeHaven to Crystal D. and Shawn A. DeHaven.