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Tuesday September 1, 2015
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Area births, through Sept. 23

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 1:38 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Sept. 23. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


•Noah J. Castillo to Kelsey N. Smithson and Antonio A. Castillo.

•Sidney M. Parker to Tiffany M. Conrad and Trent I. Parker.


•Asher L. Blue to Tiffany M. and Ryan L. Blue.

•Brian M. Keeney Jr. to Megan M. and Brian A. Keeney.

•Isaiah L. Hancock to Samantha R. and Leigh D. Hancock.


•Blake E. Franz to Jennifer L. and Christopher A. Franz.

•Emmalyn H. Conn to Kayla E. Conn.

•Rowan J. Kempf to Jaclyn M. and Peter C. Kempf.

•Weston G. Harp to Sharon B. and Joshua D. Harp.

•Wyatt W. Moeller to Lauren D. Beck and Correy M. Moeller.


•Logan L. Beer to Julie A. and Craig L. Beer.


•Brynlee C. Gaskill to Hilarie N. and Zachary R. Gaskill.

•Callie L. Craig to Christina M. and Trace C. Craig.

•Gage A. Quillen to Rachel N. and Shane L. Quillen.

•Jaycee D. Carroll and Keeton J. Carroll to Diane M. and Justin F. Carroll.

•Kayelee A. Laughery to Rebecca K. Coffield and Christopher L. Laughery.

•Sora L. Long to Crystal L. Slauf and Robert E. Long.


•Alice V. Grimes and Anna M. Grimes to Chelsea N. Grimes.

Columbia City

•Ariyah N. King to Amanda N. Gibbs and Nicholas E. King.

•Brock E. Schuckman to Kristal L. Fox and Edward L. Schuckman.

•Leauna R. Clark to April R. Clark.

•Levi C. Turner to Jennifer N. and Christopher M. Turner.

•Olivia K. Ehresman to Shana K. and Kyle A. Ehresman.


•Braelynn C. Hammond to Alexandria R. Pharr and Mason C. Hammond.

•Lilyann R. Mowery to Sara M. and Christopher W. Mowery.

•Mason B. Steele to Shawnda R. and Glen L. Steele.


•Marlee A. McCue to Chelsea R. Presley and David M. McCue.


•Brody S. Klok to Tracey A. and Matthew S. Klok.

•Cameron M. Ward to Faith M. and Travis M. Ward.

•Langston E. Maurer to Rachel L. and Matthew J. Maurer.


•Sophia G. Robles to Danielle E. and Amos M. Robles.


•Delainey R. Leitch to Linsey M. and Joshua A. Leitch.

•Maddison G. Claflin to Samantha M. Claflin and Sean D. Berry.

•Roselyn K. Lengacher to Amanda K. and Victor L. Lengacher.


•Declan R. Cantonwine to Chelsea N. Cantonwine.


•Braylin R. McAlkich to Kayla L. McAlkich.

•Corbin S. Clugston to Jessica E. and Jeremy M. Clugston.

•Gabriella L. Brewer and Sophia R. Brewer to Sara E. and Christopher A. Brewer.

•Henry J. Edwards to Crystal M. and Samuel G. Edwards.

•Maddox C. Amstutz to Shay L. and Luke C. Amstutz.

•Owen M. Redding to Amanda J. Westerfield and Michael D. Redding.


•Brandon D. Ray to Marisa N. and Brandon D. Ray.

•Gracie A. Payne to Jennifer A. and Danny R. Payne.

•Izzabella E. Elzey to Stacey J. Cole and Kortney L. Elzey.

•Katarina R. Wiley to Linsee K. Ruppel-Wiley and Todd D. Wiley.


•Camden C. McCormick Julie D. and Christopher T. McCormick.

•Olivia R. Moffitt to Elizabeth A. Spurgeon and David E. Moffitt.

Liberty Mills

•Hannah J. Jackson to Elizabeth A. and Nathan A. Jackson.

•Kendall L. Coburn to Shelli L. and Justin D. Coburn.


•Ethan A. Disbro to Nancy E. and Rodney L. Disbro.


•Catilaya J. Ramos to Monica M. Ramos.


•Dylan C. Juricak to Rachael L. and Brian J. Juricak.

New Haven

•Blake A. Withered to Alisha M. Withered.

•Christopher R. Woenker to Cortnie J. and Christopher T. Woenker.

•Delaney J. Sebastian to Allison R. and Derek J. Sebastian.

•Ella R. Albright to Stacy A. and Mark A. Albright.

•Emma G. Jones to Andrea M. and Charles A. Jones.

•Gabriel D. Meyer to Sarah I. and Scott M. Meyer.

•Kenleigh G. Plumb to Sheila A. McDowell and Robert A. Plumb.

•Marvin R. Wickey to Rosa E. and Michael M. Wickey.

•Nolan A. Jones to Jade M. and Brandon L. Jones.

•Violet J. Kortenber to Cortney L. and Daniel M. Kortenber.

•Zachary W. Mathis to Deborah J. and Daniel J. Mathis.

North Manchester

•Gatlyn D. Wood to Whitney L. Wood.

•Maynard W. Nicodemus to Rebecca A. and Patrick W. Nicodemus.


•Emma L. Schueler to Amy L. and Donald W. Schueler.

•Lucas X. Streeter to Chrystal M. and Joshua D. Streeter.


•Jack M. Bannister to Katie L. and Michael A. Bannister.

•Keagan J. Reid to Krista D. and Steven M. Reid.

Silver Lake

•Keaton A. Montel to Lexis M. and Jason C. Montel.


•Jagger G. Weaver to Amanda N. and Jeremy R. Weaver.

•Rylee L. Smith to Amanda L. and Daniel R. Smith.


•Audrey L. Hall to Sasha L. and Rocky L. Hall.

•Ryder E. Scott and Rylan N. Scott to Megan E. Scott.


•Haily L. Apple to Amber L. and Joshua D. Apple.


•Max M. Chandler to Casandra M. Stoneburner and Jason A. Chandler.