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Wednesday, September 26, 2012 - 12:01 am


•Earl T. Newman Jr. and Jane A. McKeever

•Luther P. Morehead and Rhonda L. Brignac

•Rob J. Colcord and Lisa S. Ortega

•Kevin Benjamin Anema and Kimberly Anne Dean

•Matthew Allen Wynn and Kristy M. Peterson

•Andrew J. Collet and Jessica Jean Cowan

•Nicholas D. Young and Pamela K. Ingram

•Timothy S. Fehrer and Melissa Suzanne Parmenter

•Grant L. Loy Jr. and Brenda E. Morris

•Justin Scott Omo and Victoria Lynn Coe

•Paul M .Salas Sr. and Jennifer M. Goldsmith

•Christopher L. Cervantes and Brittani Re O. Whittaker

•John T. Benson and Candice Renee Armstrong

•Matthew Allan Zeeb and Melanie R. Wright

•Paul B. Giant and Rose M. Hoover

•Santino S. Arrigoni and Danielle Dianne Suckow

•Christopher Secheverell and Danielle A. Reuille

•Brian Joseph Ferstle and Judith Adjovi Noameshie

•Robert Rembert III and Nicole K. Brooks

•Jelani J. Stanford and Kamill Evette Brooks

•Jason W. Smith and Jackeline M. Bayouth

•Nakia N. Warren and Yavonda Lee Pollard

•Jose Eduardo Beltran and Maribel Lopez

•Daniel B. Epple and Sara Marie Webster

•Brandon A. Brown and Alexa Renee Nash

•Cody Lynn Scherer and Caroline Elaine Fogle

•Manmohan Singh and Amanda Lou Baker

•Cory Pierre Davis and Chelsea Renee Rogers

•Sean Alan McGoff and Abigail Marie Thomas

•Joseph Kendall Cort and Megan Nicole Smith

•Steven Douglas Michael and Michelle Ann Taylor

•Nicholas Allen Acra and Caryn Nichel Steley

•Victor Manuel Flores Jr. and Sandra P. Barbalena-Mares

•David L. Zion and Andrea J. Bandor

•Daniel P. Lecy and Kelsey Olivia Rodriguez

•Douglas E. Houser and Kathryn A .Grosh

•Craig Allen McDaniel and Jenna Renee Lichty

•Edward Joseph Freiburger and Patricia A Anderson

•Thomas W. Starkey and Erica Lynne Santos

•James J. McFadden and Marie K. Yorio

•Adam S. Lewandowski and Sarah I. Robb

•Joseph Youngjai Lee and Hae Josephine Kim Mi

•Colton M. Hurst and Jaley Nicole Laudadio

•Troy Pascal Tiernon and Kelsey E Fleming

•Ramon Becerra and Gina M. Leoni

•Anshul Choudhry and Vandana Bansal

•.Andrew B. Matney and Kadie Joe McClain

•Jack W. McLaughlin and Jane M. Swinn

•Timothy Walston and Melissa Magner

•Vuthipong Swetphikul and Brianne L. Gilford

•Kody Garrett Elam and Mary Ann Wilkinson

•Brandon Alan Wheeler and Tassy Jean Winterrowd

•Nicholas James Minnich and Kristen Marie Leef

•Jonathan J. Brownlee and Alisha M. Humbert

•Michael D. Ruiz and Stacey L. Bock

•David Castro and Carmela Aguero

•Erik M. VanWagner and Jessica Jo Thompson

•Ryan Landon Hary and Joni Kay Howell

•Richard A. Caylor and Betsey Linthicum Soto

•Jeremy Miller and Leslie Holbrook

•Todd Cho Koepke and Hyunsook Kim

•Rober Lee Wildman Jr. and Kari Kristin Swift

•Thomas Andrew Hauschild and Amber Leigh Kelly

•Peter Beem and Kera Prusa

•Javier Vazquez and Jessica L. Vaughn

Information received from the office of Lisbeth A. Borgmann, clerk of the Allen Circuit and Superior courts. The above information is public record, and names are published without exception.