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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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The Rant

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Saturday, September 29, 2012 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. Why is it that Republicans have to go back 30 years in trying to compare Mitt Romney to President Reagan and President Obama to President Carter? Is it because President Clinton (the most recent Democratic president) has high approval numbers and President George W. Bush (the most recent Republican president) has abysmal numbers?

It seems fortunate for EACS board member Terry Jo Lightfoot that the board puts the new voting districts seven weeks before the election. The redistricting removes two areas that voted against her … last election.

When a student is struggling in math and needs some after school help, the response from the teacher should be, “absolutely I can help you!” Instead, the teacher tells the student, “I am not available to help you because I have to help coach the football team.”

Hey, Mr. President, here something new to do. How about you go to the White House and be president for a change instead of just flying all over the country to fundraisers?

Not sure it was a good idea for Mr. Romney to make that 47 percent comment … .

In the campaigns, presidential and congressional, have you ever drawn a conclusion on what the candidate didn't say? I have.

All the destruction and murder around the world has done far more to defame the Muslim prophet in the non-Muslim world than any fourth rate-film ever could.

Nice day until someone rear-ended my car on Coldwater Road. Clueless. Why can't people watch where they are going? It's not complicated.

I, too, keep getting calls from “Rachel” at Cardholder Services and I, too, am on a no-call list. It's just strange no one can stop these idiots (and I do mean idiots) from calling the paying public. Please spare us any more calls. This is harassment.

Sarah Palin always looks better with her mouth closed.

To the ranter who disparaged President Obama and Vice President Biden, stating he/she can't wait for them to “exit stage left”: How does 2016/17 sound? Would that be good enough for ya?

Folks, don't let the oil tycoon Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson use their billions to buy this election. Let them know through your vote that you can't and won't be bought.

Please turn on the new bridge lights on the half-rebuilt St. Joe River bridge. It is scary dark down that narrow two-lane tunnel they have set up on the north side of the bridge.

The ranter suggesting sidewalks are needed between Canterbury and Woodbridge Apartments is dead on. I have to walk to work, many times in the dark, and I cannot tell you how many times I have come close to being hit.

It is darker in the morning when we are all on our way to/from work. Turn on your headlights, folks. You may be able to see OK, but we other drivers need to be able to see you.

I vote every election. But this is the first time I have ever been compelled to put a political yard sign out and place a bumper sticker on my car. The incompetent poser in the White House must be dethroned before America finds itself beyond the point of no return.

How can Mayor (Tom) Henry in one breath ask for wage increases for city workers then in the next breath ask for a … tax increase. I think Henry will not be around for a third term.

Move the left lane ends signs to the proper side of the railroad overpass bridge on Hillegas Road. Motorists don't know lane ends until it is too late.

I wonder if the railroad crossings on Thomas Road ever have a chance of being repaired. They just get rougher by the day.

Why can't they move the guard rail on Maysville Road (intersection with North River Road), so they can have a left turn lane to North River Road and a right turn lane to Lake Avenue?

An act of war is performed on the United States in Libya, the Middle East is on fire, the economy and very way of life in America is in the tank, and all this fool in the White House can do is go on the TV circuit and make jokes? Try him for treason and impeach this idiot!

Shave this terrorist from Fort Hood, convict him and fry him!

I dread the opening of the Maplecrest Road extension. It will mean increased traffic and surely more trucks. The problem is going to be the funnel in the middle, which is already not safe due to speeding, tailgating and lower speed limit. Look for more accidents in the funnel area.

Washington is totally broken, or elected or want-to-be-elected officials are available to the highest bidder (unlimited PAC funding), and all they do is blame someone else and do nothing at all. Look at the disgusting negative ads every other commercial on TV. I am ready to vote “none of the above.”


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