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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012 12:01 am
In his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, President Obama said once again that one of his goals for this country is “that everyone gets a fair shot.” During his presidency Mr. Clinton said “it depends on what your definition of is is.” So now I would like to ask what your definition of “fair shot” is; but first, let me give you my definition of “fair shot.”I just read where we as a nation (we taxpayers) spend or waste on average $12,500 per student per year in our public school system. That figures out to be $ 150,000 per student for 12 years worth of taxpayers’ “fair shot.” So, could not we call that “fair shot” number one?

Now, we all know that a large percentage of our young people are not taking advantage of the first “fair shot” that we are giving them, so why should we expect them to take advantage of “fair shot” numbers two, three or even number four.

We as citizens have now given you your first “fair shot” at running this country, so why should we give you “fair shot” number two?

This also brings to mind that there is only one letter difference between the words

(Run this country) and (ruin this country) and that is the letter “I.” It seems to me that you like to use the word “I” in a lot of your speeches.

Herb FullerOur tax dollars support Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood just spent $3.2 million on TV ads in the swing states promoting abortion. They want Obama re-elected.

Is this how you want your tax dollars spent?

Paul ReszelMany people are blind to the destructive cultural trends of the day. At the same time, others see the dangers but are too quick to minimize the negative impact these trends are having on American industries and society. Then there are those who see the chaos all around them but believe resistance to the prevailing culture is useless. We must understand we are in a war for the very heart and soul of America or the consequences will be no more America as our forefathers of all wars laid down their lives for.

We have managed, in about 30 years and unprecedented propriety, to pile up debt that rivals the one we piled up while winning World War II, the most disastrous and largest war in human history. This debt was of a different character. The World War was going to end at some point, and we were going to either win and go back to living and working and paying pay off the debt — this did happen! Or else we were going to lose and then the debt would never be paid.

In contrast, our $16 trillion debt has become the ordinary way our government and our country operates. It is the kind of debt that means it really doesn’t matter how rich we become because we can waste money then we can print it and borrow it from China.

America is still a young country, only 405 years compared to France and Britain’s 1,000 years, China’s 3,000 years, Egypt’s 5,000 years. For many years, it was America leading the world economically. Today, Indiana is home to some 250 Japanese firms that operate manufacturing plants. The majority of these firms are in the auto industry, and Indiana is the only state to have three separate Japanese auto manufacturers located within its borders. Other factors that will simulate future Japanese investments in Indiana and the United States are the ongoing electrical challenges that Japanese firms are facing the Tokyo and Tohoko, areas impacted by damage to TEPCO’s Fukushima a nuclear plant.

Our Indiana elected officials and non-elected officials recently went to the Far East, China, on their so-called Industry Insourcing Hunting Junkets. Maybe they will find companies that are already foaming at the mouth to build plants here. Will our elected officials offer them free land, low industrial loans and pass legislation that enables Indiana to step around the state constitution bans against borrowing money or giving away land to foreign industry?

A lot of our elected officials think it’s wonderful that we’re able to lure foreign money from Japan and maybe China to create construction and to provide jobs for American workers. Unfortunately, we are only shifting ownership and destroying American industry and at the same time selling off the family jewels (our children’s and grandchildren’s birthrights).

Where do you think profits from successful foreign companies go? Not for American purposes — unless they want more of our country. This is putting us in a plantation position. We field hands may get to be overseers, but we’ll never own or manage the farm. The work we do will never mean capital development of the United States

l F. Double



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