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The News-Sentinel High School Football Power Poll (Week 8)

Snider reigns, while Norwell pains

Saturday, October 6, 2012 - 3:20 am

1. SNIDER (8-0) - Panthers enjoy historic night (and year) with dominating performance.

2. HOMESTEAD (8-0) - Shouldn't have Sparty scored more than 20 against Norwell?

3. BISHOP LUERS (5-3) - Some poll voter in southern Indiana really thinks the Knights are struggling because of their 3 losses. SMH.

4. NORTH SIDE (6-2) - Redskins better close out another good year with win against (can be) dangerous Northrop.

5. EAST NOBLE (6-2) - Knights are doing what good teams do, play well late in season.

6. CARROLL (6-2) - Chargers will not be a fun foe to deal with in tournament.

7. GARRETT (7-1) - Railroaders celebrate National Anti-Bullying Month by knocking off Leo.

8. CHURUBUSCO (7-1) - Eagles can dominate most at their level by simply running over and through them.

9. HERITAGE (5-2) - Big game with Garrett next week. Big, big, big game.

10. NEW HAVEN (7-1) - Bulldogs just had to go out and ruin the big showdown for next week, didn't they?

11. LEO (5-1) - Ding, dong the witch is dead. Lions lose ACAC game for first time since Bush (second one) administration.

12. BELLMONT (4-4) - Braves will end season on down note by getting spanked by East Noble next week.

13. WOODLAN (2-5) - Warriors will scare (and beat) the bejesus out of some smaller schools in the tournament.

14. ADAMS CENTRAL (4-3) - Flying Jets always take off late in season and are again.

15. BISHOP DWENGER (3-4) - Battle of the Bishops is next week. And?

16. NORTHROP (4-4) - What other team could possibly battle both Bishop Luers AND Wayne in same season?

17. CONCORDIA LUTHERAN (2-6) - Cadets need to rep this city next week against those rich kids from Brebeuf.

18. SOUTH SIDE (2-6) - And to think that I believed in the Archers. SMH.

19. COLUMBIA CITY (3-5) - At least the Eagles showed up this week.

20. WAYNE (1-7) - Generals took advantage of playing Northrop (everyone does), but couldn't finish the job.

21. BLUFFTON (5-2) - Really Tigers? Shutout by Adams Central? Really?

22. DEKALB (2-6) - It'll be a Baron beatdown at Carroll to close this regular season.

23. SOUTH ADAMS (1-6) - Nothing burning this fall with the Starfires.

24. NORWELL (0-8) - Knights have clock ticking down to start of hoop season posted in locker room.