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Governor Daniels to promote online college for rest of term

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Sunday, October 7, 2012 - 5:52 pm

LAFAYETTE — Gov. Mitch Daniels is still promoting the online college known as Western Governors University just months before he becomes Purdue University's president.

The Indiana governor signed an executive order in 2010 creating an Indiana branch of the online college and has appeared in commercials touting the nonprofit school.

Spokeswoman Jane Jankowski says Daniels will continue speaking in support of the online school until his second term as governor ends in January. That's when he'll become Purdue's president.

But the Journal & Courier reports Daniels is starting to distance himself from WGU, including resigning this summer from the national Salt Lake City-based board.

And WGU-Indiana chancellor Allison Barber says new WGU advertisements without Daniels are airing on television. Those ads focus on students and were filmed in April.