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Friday February 27, 2015
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Fort Wayne births, through Oct. 7

Monday, October 15, 2012 - 1:08 pm

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Oct. 7.

•Aaniyah S. Leshore to Destiny S. Leshore.

•Abby G. Lozano to Emily J. and Jose I. Lozano.

•Adaleena J. Arter to Ashley M. Freeman and Joshua J. Arter.

•Adan G. Roque to Mariana Garcia Roque.

•Addison A. Serre to Christie R. and Brent E. Serre.

•Addison O. Breen to Stacie L. and Patrick E. Breen.

•Addleigh A. Ryan to Courtney A. Ryan.

•Adrianna D. Bass to Nini P. Battles and James M. Bass.

•Aiden T. Jensen to April M. and Timothy D. Jensen.

•Alayshia C. Pearson to Crystal M. Pearson.

•Aleksei J. Blakesley to Meghan E. Harrison and Andrei J. Blakesley.

•Alexandria R. Loop to Rachel E. Majors and Eugene M. Loop.

•Ali L. Davis to Melissa E. and Jason D. Davis.

•Aliciah M. May to Areatha and Melvin E. May.

•Amalia L. Groover to Amber L. Groover.

•Amazing S. Carson to Elaine T. Carson.

•Andrew A. Borja to Marta and Jose Borja.

•Anijah M. Richardson to Crystal L. Richardson.

•Anquan J. Russell to Tabitha K. Williams and Jarmarqus A. Russell.

•Anthony J. Corrao to Margeaux L. and Joseph A. Corrao.

•Arbor S. Fredericks to Caitlin D. and Adam S. Fredericks.

•Ashton B. Kraft to Megan K. and Douglas R. Kraft.

•Aubrey M. Beneke to Ashleigh M. and Bryan D. Beneke.

•Austin J. Stone to Sabrina N. Hendryx and Paul A. Stone.

•Ava M. Tomkinson to Gwen M. and Scott A. Tomkinson.

•Avery L. Craker to Carly A. and Justin M. Craker.

•Avery M. Gadson to Margaret A. and Anthony W. Gadson.

•Avery R. O'Brien to Christina E. and Wayne P. O'Brien.

•Aveyah M. Henderson to Anna M. Walker and Tony L. Henderson.

•Avrious A. Wade to Meiasha J. Wade.

•Ayla M. Travaglini to Jennifer M. and Aaron L. Travaglini.

•Azarriyah T. McCullough to Brittany K. Douglas and Devonte T. Mccullough.

•Azlyn G. Morel to Amber E. and Andrew J. Morel.

•Beckett T. Weiss to Elizabeth E. and Nicholas J. Weiss.

•Bennett A. Berger to Michelle A. Dejong and Andrew J. Berger.

•Braxton P. Ehinger to Megan E. Ehinger.

•Breckyn A. Berghoff to Laura E. and Justin A. Berghoff.

•Brenner R. Howard to Lori L. and Andrew S. Howard.

•Brody A. Diedrich to Brittany A. Diedrich.

•Brooklyn R. Blair to Michelle R. and Christopher M. Blair.

•Brynn M. Seiler to Kristin M. and Derek R. Seiler.

•Caden T. Scott to Tracy A. and Jason A. Scott.

•Caleigha S. Paris to Taleisha A. Paris.

•Camille R. Parrot to Carrie L. and Andrew J. Parrot.

•Canden T. Hull to Rachael L. Vanolden and Adam K. Hull.

•Chandler D. Lothamer to Amy L. and Jeremiah J. Lothamer.

•Charlotte I. Harmon to Courtney L. and Mark A. Harmon.

•Ciin S. Cing to Nel L. Niang and Mang H. Khup.

•Coraline F. Kohns to Elizabeth A. and Shane K. Kohns.

•Coralyn C. Gratz to Heather C. and Parish L. Gratz.

•Da King C. Hayes to Desean R. and Darious L. Hayes.

•Damya M. Sanchez to Deosha M. Virges and Donovan M. Sanchez.

•Datayvion D. Ridley to Shantaye M. Tatum and Damion D. Ridley.

•David Pau S. Khai to Khup N. Cing and Kham K. Thang.

•Declan J. Hofer to Angela M. and Jonathan D. Hofer.

•Dominic J. Breckler to Kelly A. and Joseph R. Breckler.

•Elijah L. Jainagerker to Bianca D. Jainagerker.

•Elijah R. Tadsen to Sasundra M. Tadsen.

•Elizabeth H. Morunov to Johanna R. and Pavel A. Morunov.

•Elleanor J. Mouton to Kimberly D. and Eric J. Mouton.

•Emery A. Pepple to Shana M. and Traves D. Pepple.

•Emmanuel R. Cruz to Consuelo P. Cruz.

•Ethan A. Rouser to Dawn M. Allen-Rouser and James F. Rouser.

•Ethan D. Krill to Bethanne M. and David M. Krill.

•Fallon M. Drummond to Alyssa B. Trice and Dominick I. Drummond.

•Gabrielle G. Dumadag to Lourdes S. Gozon and Paolo M. Dumadag.

•Gabrielle R. Repp to Amy J. and Michael R. Repp.

•Gage M. Clark to Megan C. and Matthew J. Clark.

•Gillian C. Gordy to Julie L. and Brian W. Gordy.

•Grayson M. Slazyk to Jennifer L. and Bruce W. Slazyk Jr.

•Ha S. Na to Ha Li and Ra Pee.

•Hannah E. Clond to Jessica M. and David E. Clond.

•Hannah E. Decraene to Jenna L. and Joseph A. Decraene.

•Hannah L. Blotkamp to Angela L. and Andrew T. Blotkamp.

•Harrison P. Hartman to Jennifer A. and Andrew W. Hartman.

•Hayden I. Davis to Jasmine L. Davis.

•Hayden J. Fisher to Janice N. Sumney and Darrell J. Fisher Jr.

•Haylee E. Lawrence to Michelle L. and Jeffrey R. Lawrence.

•Henry D. Bayfield to Elizabeth A. and Glenn E. Bayfield.

•Isaac L. Davis to Courtney L. Slider and Brandon L. Davis.

•Isabella L. Strack to Mary L. and Matthew J. Strack.

•Isael M. Zuniga to Ealizabeth Perez and Damian P. Zuniga.

•Isaleia F. Ostermann to Kelly D. and Jeffrey P. Ostermann.

•Italiya T. Wilson to Daraina P. Belcher and Samuel L. Wilson.

•Itzayana C. Almaguer to Karla G. Almaguer.

•Ivey A. Bryant to Jaunee L. Bryant.

•Jack C. Winkleman to Erin L. and Tyler J. Winkleman.

•Jacob A. Arevalo to Cecilia O. Reina and Oscar D. Arevalo Jr.

•Jacob H. Conder to Staci A. and Jonathan H. Conder.

•Jada L. Watkins to Crystal L. Woolums and Samuel D. Watkins Jr.

•Jaida J. Geans to Janisha N. Redmond and Justin R. Geans.

•Jalayshia K. McElvene to Rasheida D. McElvene.

•Jax D. Thornton to Megan L. Palmer and Mitchell D. Thornton.

•Jaxon C. Doerr to Kendra M. Wiegman-Doerr and Timothy C. Doerr.

•Jenson I. Howard to Lori L. and Andrew S. Howard.

•Jeremiah J. Maurer to Shaelin M. and Paul E. Maurer.

•Joe E. Marable Jr. to Latoya L. Gaines and Joe E. Marable Sr.

•Joli K. Zickafoose to Tonja R. and Joshua J. Zickafoose.

•Josephine A. Cutter to Ellen A. and Weston L. Cutter.

•Josephine L. Durnell to Nichole L. and Joel T. Durnell.

•Joshua D. Visocky to Erica J. and Benjamin M. Visocky.

•Jude R. Garcia to Jessyka J. and Jesus E. Garcia.

•June C. Holden to Ashley A. and Daniel J. Holden.

•Kade W. Miller to Abby L. and Andrew J. Miller.

•Kaden C. Torres to Erica J. and Oscar Torres.

•Kaemon K. Griffin to Rasheeda L. Bynum and Oscar K. Griffin.

•Kala M. Wilson to Jamee R. and Jamin L. Wilson.

•Kaleb W. Green to Renee H. Dewitt and Kendrick D. Green.

•Kamoni D. Bright to Kayla R. and Kameron L. Bright.

•Kamora J. Moffett to Medallia M. Vinson and Kenneth J. Moffett.

•Kamyhia D. McCoun to Joycandra Q. McCoun.

•Kamyiah A. Love to Taquisha M. Simpson and Anthony Love.

•Katharine M. Konken to Mary E. and Eric J. Konken.

•Kearstyn W. Kimani to Erica L. Yoder and Geoffrey K. Mungai.

•Kennedy M. Epple to Brittany K. Epple.

•Kevin E. Monterroso to Antonia Barrientos and Jose E. Monterroso.

•Kevin L. Mettler to Sharon R. Mettler.

•Kevin R. Alcox to Brittany E. Kelley and Michael K. Alcox.

•Khaleesi A. Woods to Shannawn N. Miley and Joseph A. Woods Jr.

•Kinley A. Yoder to Elise M. and Jerome E. Yoder.

•Kinsley R. Dennis to Samantha N. Dennis.

•Kyla M. Kelsaw to Kaysondra R. Kelsaw.

•Kyla M. Steger to Zin and Ryan M. Steger.

•Kynedi M. Pendergrass to Sharice N. and John R. Pendergrass.

•Landon J. Connerly to Alexis P. Connerly.

•Landrie K. Colter to Ashley M. and Scott R. Colter.

•Levi D. Hileman to Elizabeth A. and Troy T. Hileman.

•Liam H. Smits to Anita M. and Aaron J. Smits.

•Lilah J. Wronko to Madeline J. Wronko.

•Lola J. Neal to Kati J. Neal.

•Lucas M. Burkhart to Christina D. and Bart L. Burkhart.

•Luke R. Rayl to Krista A. and Samuel R. Rayl.

•Luke W. Gilbert to Fallon L. and Mark D. Gilbert.

•Mackenzie E. Lindelien to Ashley E. and Matthew J. Lindelien.

•Madilynn S. Whitcombe to Lauren M. Lockridge and Michael T. Whitcombe.

•Maisleigh J. Ryan to Courtney A. Ryan.

•Mara-Ann E. Carmichael to Cari Ann H. and Christopher M. Carmichael.

•Margaret A. Harshbarger to Sally J. Cuttitta and Bryan M. Harshbarger.

•Mariam K. Alzameli to Basima Alzameli.

•Marlen S. Monterroso to Marleny D. and Mario R. Monterroso.

•Marshawn Q. Billingsley to Danielle M. Billingsley.

•Mason A. Craun to Krystal M. Lyons and Caleb A. Craun.

•Mera J. Thompson to Jessica A. and Chad W. Thompson.

•Mia I. Villalobos to Jasmin Diaz and Roque M. Villalobos.

•Mia J. Bowersock to Melissa J. and Jeremy R. Bowersock.

•Micah G. Bowland to Kristin D. and Ryan J. Bowland.

•Niccali G. McMullen and Nicclin G. McMullen to Neakeba L. and Gregory U. McMullen.

•Nicholas J. Dowling to Joanne E. and Michael J. Dowling.

•Noah L. Minns to Kira M. Minns.

•O Z. Far to Zi M. Be and Sar K. Ri.

•Odailen J. Alday to Cassandra K. Alday.

•Olivia C. Landrigan to Jessica A. and Matthew D. Landrigan.

•Olivia J. Blair to Jenifer N. and Kenneth R. Blair.

•Phoenix A. Harris to Tashanna M. Harris.

•Quamel O. Stinson Jr. to Alyssa R. Hogue and Quamel O. Stinson Sr.

•Raslan Nuhu to Ayesha S. Johnson and Nuhu Abdulai.

•Rowan G. Busche to Shelby N. Laughlin and Andrew G. Busche.

•Sahara Y. Silket to Mariah D. Silket.

•Santos C. Guzman to Samantha L. Alvarez and Jose C. Guzman.

•Senderriona L. Lapsley to Tequila Q. James and Senaca V. Lapsley.

•Shayla R. Barrand to Dominique M. Burden and Dean E. Barrand Jr.

•Sophie M. Barnes to Jennifer L. and Andrew A. Barnes.

•Stephen D. Mangano to Megan M. and Francesco E. Mangano.

•Sy Riah M. Grigsby to Shameika S. Grigsby.

•Sydney M. Boisture to Jessica A. Johnson and Jeffrey C. Boisture.

•Tamaira L. Gates to Lisa Burns and Tijuan J. Gates.

•Terius O. Grady to Lakeisha L. Grady.

•Tillman R. Nichter to Michelle and Terry R. Nichter.

•Trashawn S. Jones to Deshawndra M. Coker and Travis D. Jones.

•Trey N. Troxell to Kristy D. and Phillip C. Troxell.

•Treyvon J. Busche to Rachel M. Busche and Timothy A. Grant.

•Tristan M. Bunch to Kalleen M. and Jordan M. Bunch.

•Tristen M. Bender to Sabrina L. Bender and Jeffrey S. Elkins.

•Troy W. Lytle to Agnes I. and Anthony W. Lytle II.

•Tysaia L. Lundy to Jessica A. Davis and Tyson L. Lundy.

•Victor H. Saldana Jr. to Maria D. Reyes and Victor H. Saldana.

•Virginia R. Gerbers to Jennica R. and Brian A. Gerbers.

•William T. Charland III to Maria K. and William T. Charland Jr.

•Xander M. Lawhorne to Amber M. Newman and Robert L. Lawhorne.

•Yaretzi A. Torres to Guadalupe Alvarez Torres.

•Zoe R. Dahnke to Amanda L. and Michael J. Dahnke.

•Zooni A. Williams to Christina N. and Paul D. Williams.