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Wednesday September 2, 2015
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Area births, through Oct. 7

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 - 8:15 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Oct. 7. Only cities in The News-Sentinel's circulation area are included.


•Arianna J. Wright to Felicia L. Martin and Moses Wright.

•Owen M. Keefer to Janelle A. and Robert M. Keefer.


•Karli M. Miller and Mallori N. Miller to Logan N. Miller.


•Inaya A. Singh to Tracy A. and Paramvir Singh.

•Quinton C. Adams to Kayla M. and Jason C. Adams.


•Asher L. Hendricks to Amanda M. and Ken L. Hendricks Jr.

•Sara B. Phillips to Elizabeth A. and Jarrod E. Phillips.


•Clay B. Alexander to Fawn N. and Dane M. Alexander.


•Adelyn M. Bailey to Rebecca A. and Bradley O. Bailey.


•Elizabeth M. Drummond to Julie M. and Bryan D. Drummond.

•Parker L. Kopp to Amanda M. and Gregory A. Kopp.

•Trace D. Zoda to Ashley L. and Dane T. Zoda.


•Keegan A. Graber to Lindsey N. and Rodney A. Graber.


•James M. Millikan III to Amy L. and James M. Millikan II.

Columbia City

•Chase M. Judd to Bess I. Miller and Michael G. Judd.

•Emily M. Patterson to Karen M. and Ryan E. Patterson.

•Kyleigh A. Hartman to Brittany L. and Travis E. Hartman.

•Olivia A. Davenport to Elizabeth A. and Austen G. Davenport.

•Veronica A. Smith to Jessica M. and Scott A. Smith.

•William J. Calhoon to Loretta M. Silvers and William C. Calhoon.


•Aeriana L. Bell to Starr R. and Adam L. Bell.

•Axel F. Sharpe to Sarah J. and David A. Sharpe.

•Cooper S. Wolfe to Sarah E. and Ryan W. Wolfe.

•Levi T. Adams to Miranda R. and Kasey L. Adams.

•Marita L. Eckhart to Nicole S. and Joshua L. Eckhart.


•Jaeda E. Dawson to Jennifer K. Gardner and Evans D. Dawson Jr.


•Adam J. Schmucker to Rachel A. and Albert Schmucker.

•Allyanah M. Gillingham to Tammi S. and Christopher L. Gillingham.

•Georgia L. Keller to Rachael A. and Benjamin K. Keller.

•Isaiah F. Richardson to Jennifer P. and Derrick N. Richardson.


•Gannon D. Bains to Keely J. and David T. Bains.


•James T. Asher to Amanda M. and Dennis A. Asher.


•Jaxson M. Riccius to Deonna G. and Steven J. Riccius.

•Jordan N. Graber to Jennifer L. and Jeremy D. Graber.


•Kalleigh J. Jordan to Shannon J. and Donald E. Jordan II.


•Audrey M. Kline to Olivia M. and Jonathan L. Kline.

•Maryn G. Jackson to Tiffany L. and David F. Jackson.

•Wade M. Gibbons to Isabella M. and Christopher W. Gibbons.


•Ahvree N. Wabika to Lindsay A. and Yannick N. Wabika.

•David Lee to Sunshine R. and Sung H. Lee.

•Makyla K. Keller to Kristi K. Alfrey and Joseph D. Keller.


•Adelyn R. Custer to Amanda L. and Joshua R. Custer.


•Connor J. Karst to Jaimie L. and Nickolas R. Karst.


•Chloe S. Rettig to Catherine R. Taylor and Shawn M. Rettig.

•Lillian M. Lineberry to Amber L. and Robert J. Lineberry.

•Ryleigh R. Littrell to Carina R. and Samuel J. Littrell.

New Haven

•Ashlynn C. Lengacher to Anita A. and Matthew L. Lengacher.

•Ava L. Choi-Nickell to Maylene S. and Ryan E. Nickell.

•Brenna S. Jensen to Jenna S. and Jason P. Jensen.

•Brinley M. Andrews to Erica M. and Sean O. Andrews.

•Brooklyn R. Ott to Andrea L. and Brian C. Ott.

•Colette S. Goranson to Sara M. and Nicholas W. Goranson.

•Elizabeth M. Krueger to Kimberly J. and Kyle D. Krueger.

•Lorenzo J. Sanchez to Tyann N. and Jose P. Sanchez.

•Nevaeh H. Robinson to Tamara K. and Jeffery M. Robinson.

•Olivia K. Ulrich to Stephanie M. Ulrich.

•Oscar P. Rogers to Shelley A. and Braden P. Rogers.

•Parker J. Engelbrecht to Tarah J. and Christopher M. Engelbrecht.

•Tyler J. Hasch to Katrina A. Hasch.

•Tyler T. Talarico to Abigail L. and Griffin D. Talarico.

North Manchester

•Kynzi E. Peden to Tera C. and Jacob D. Peden.


•Adalynn J. Krontz to Karrie A. Rose and Andrew C. Krontz.


•Emily N. Carnes to Alisha L. and Jason A. Carnes.

•Kipten P. Holzinger to Nicole M. and Ryan P. Holzinger.


•Kari A. Hochstetler to Martha A. and Devon L. Hochstetler.

South Whitley

•Charles R. Deckena to Amy L. and Jered L. Deckena.


•Charlotte J. Flater to Jessica D. and Jonathan E. Flater.

•Liam R. Rekeweg to Lauren M. and Adam M. Rekeweg.


•Ella K. Westby to Jessie C. and Ryan A. Westby.


•Martha M. Herschberger to Mary H. and Wilbur J. Herschberger.


•Gage M. Miller to Vondell R. Kellogg and Sammual N. Miller.


•Alijah J. Zehr to April L. and Jonas J. Zehr.