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Letters to the editor

Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 12:01 am

Hooray for County Ethics Commission

I, and I am sure many more citizens, applaud the Allen County Ethics Commission for doing their job by getting the information they need to look into the case regarding Councilman Paul Moss and Sheriff Ken Fries. As for the former court judge who “dissented” (and) had a different opinion, that does not surprise me. It seems whenever you hear about anyone that is an elected official and they make a “mistake” it soon is covered up by excuses and kept out of the news media. They are not any different from the rest of us, period. It seems like the average citizen has his or her name on every news channel, in every newspaper here in Allen County. Come on, we are not different. If a person made a mistake, come forward and admit it. It all boils down to Moss and Sheriff Fries making a mistake that they should be punished (for). If we citizens would have done the same thing that they did, you know there would have not been a cover-up.

Also, Prosecutor Karen Richards having in the newspaper (that) anyone who refuses to have a breathalyzer will go to jail and have a nurse at the jail draw their blood: They already have that in the state of Arizona. So, that is nothing new, or are we supposed to think it is?

My husband’s uncle was a deputy sheriff here in Allen County, so we were not uninformed as to how things were handled when it came to police, courts, etc. Please do the right thing and punish them like you would if it was the average citizen as they are not any different.

Joan Busche


Letters won't create disdtrust of government

My congratulations and respect to The News-Sentinel for printing all the letters they do, no matter how biased, outrageous and untrue. That includes the whining, Mr. Know-It-All letters from James Silver.

It is hilarious that he is telling The News-Sentinel to get the truth from Internet sources. I don’t understand why people think Snopes or some other Internet fact-checker site is the God-given heaven of truth. I don’t care how many bullets Social Security bites. It’s all a waste. There is no Social Security integrity to protect. It has already been stolen both the money and the integrity.

Whether letters to the editor are lies or truth, they are not going to make us distrust our government any more than we already do.

Mr. Silver, take a look at the editorial to the left of your letter, “President once again to bypass Congress.” We will be a dictatorship before we become Communist.

Joseph Cipolone

Lee made a difference at the Cinema Center

As the Fort Wayne Cinema Center embarks on its next chapter with the hiring of a new executive director, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the contributions of our most recent executive director: Catherine Lee.

Catherine headed Cinema Center for 19 years and oversaw many improvements to the nonprofit organization, including the purchase of the parking lot at Clay and Berry streets; the successful development of our Artament and Oscar Party fundraisers, Movie Talk discussions, the IPFW summer film series; and numerous partnerships with area nonprofits to bring diverse and educational programming to our region.

Catherine always made a point of offering as many free screenings as possible to the public, and at the same time, helped grow the organization from a “weekend-only” operation to a competitive theater that screens movies every day of the week. For everything you did, Catherine, and for all those wonderful introductions to the films, the Fort Wayne film community says thank you. We wish you much success in your next endeavor.

Kathy Bock and board president Kim Grathwohl on behalf of the Cinema Center board of directors