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Farmers offer barn beams to repair Spencerville Covered Bridge

Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 8:38 am

SPENCERVILLE – Repairs to the Spencerville Covered Bridge might include donated aged beams from barns.

DeKalb County Commissioner Randy Deetz said the county has received several offers from local farmers to donate beams from their barns that would keep with the bridge’s historic appearance.

The 1873-built bridge was damaged Sept. 26 when a semi tractor and trailer drove through the wooden structure, tearing down several crossbeams, roof supports and metal tie rods over its full, 150-foot length.

Deetz said the county supports the aged-beams plan, and its project contractor, USI Consultants, examined the beams to determine if they would be appropriate matches for the reconstruction.

The entire project was estimated at $114,000, though Deetz said the reconstruction should be around $75,000.