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Tip of the Hat

Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 12:01 am

Thank you to the documentary “2016” for providing a long needed biography of our president. It explains his attitudes and actions. Every voter should see this documentary before casting his or her vote.

A great big hug and a sincere thank you to the gentleman at the Rib Room who honored this gray-haired couple by paying for our dinner. It was a most pleasant surprise and deeply appreciated. You are special! We will remember your kindness.

A tip of the hat to Phil's Hobby Shop and the owners of Parkwest Shopping Center. A few weeks ago, I went to Phil's Hobby Shop. There is a wonderful handicap parking area in front of the store, but no ramp accessibility to get from the parking lot to the store entrance. I emailed Phil's, and they said they would contact the owners. There is now an access ramp in front of the store! Thank you!

Tip of the hat to everyone who donated to our New Haven Kiwanis Club on Peanut Days at Kroger in New Haven Sept. 28-29 .Your donations will go to Riley Hospital for Children and other children's projects. Your donations were greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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