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NFL Power Poll: Bears, Vikings, Colts rising

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Falcons remain perfect, but Texans, 49ers pushing

Saturday, October 13, 2012 - 6:28 am

1. Falcons. Still in top spot, but Texans breathing down their necks.

2. Texans. Loss of Brian Cushing means loss of intensity leader.

3. 49ers. Defense makes a case that No.3 is too low.

4. Ravens. Did they really win a game with nine points? Is that good?

5. Da Bears. Never thought I'd say it, but Tim Jennings is the man.

6. Patriots. Brady knows a thing or two about winning.

7. Giants. Can they go into San Fran and win? Doubt it.

8. Vikings. Christian Ponder making Vikings front office look sharp.

9. Eagles. There's a rumor Philly is not the “Dream Team.” Just a rumor.

10. Packers. Hey, didn't you used to be Aaron Rodgers?

11. Seahawks. Most underrated defense in the league. If they only had a QB.

12. Bengals. Lost to the Dolphins, but Miami much better than record indicates.

13. Broncos. About 25 NFL teams would love to have Peyton at QB.

14. Chargers. Playing Peyton on MNF. That's usually Manning time.

15. Redskins. RG3 has a headache, and that's not good for Washington.

16. Steelers. These do not look like the Steelers of old. But they look old.

17. Cardinals. Did I mention I don't believe in this team. Yeah, I thought so.

18. Colts. Are we really talking “playoffs”? It's early, but why not?

19. Rams. On two-game winning streak. Won two games last season. Progress.

20. Dolphins. Only a couple of breaks from being 4-1. Unfortunately, they're 2-3.

21. Jets. This is pretty much a “must-win” game vs. Colts.

22. Saints. Congratulations to the Saints. They remembered how to win.

23. Buccaneers. I can't find anything wrong with last Sunday's bye performance.

24. Lions. See Bucs above.

25. Cowboys. Don't see Romo having much fun against the Ravens on Sunday.

26. Titans. Did they really just beat the Steelers? Really?

27. Chiefs. No doubt about it, Brady Quinn is the answer. Now, about the question … .

28. Bills. Forgot to show up against 49ers last week. Honest mistake.

29. Panthers. No team needs the bye week more than Carolina.

30. Raiders. This team has year-long enigma written all over it.

31. Jaguars. The Colts lost at home to these Jags? Yikes.

32. Browns. “We're No. 1! We're No. 1” (2013 draft chant)