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City-county 911 center likely to stay in police HQ

Wednesday, October 17, 2012 - 7:22 am

The joint Fort Wayne-Allen County 911 dispatch center likely will be able to stay in the former City-County Building, possibly saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, local officials said.

Members of the Consolidated Communications Partnership – the board that oversees city-county 911 operations – voted Tuesday to explore the entire 6th floor of the Ed Rousseau Centre, 1 E. Main St., as a likely home to the dispatch center.

The board had recently considered leasing a new space, which Fort Wayne Police Chief Rusty York said could have cost at least $800,000 in new radio equipment, plus another $100,000 in annual rent payments.

“Working with the county, we went back and re-examined the Rousseau building,” York said. “We think there's a lot of potential, and just about everybody we've talked to agrees with that.”

Officials have said they needed to find a new space for the call center because it had outgrown its current space in the Rousseau Centre basement. But Mike Reichert, head of the city's police radio shop, said the building's 6th floor would provide ample space.

The Rousseau Centre houses both city and county law enforcement. The 6th floor would provide about 13,000 square feet – the call center requires a minimum of 7,500 – Reichert said

York said the plan would require approval by the three county commissioners because the county owns the Rousseau Centre.