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Letters to the editor

Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 12:01 am

Tea party ideas not good for America

What are tea party ideas?

No Medicare as we know it: All seniors would pay more for prescriptions and checkups. Soon a new enrollee’s financial status would set the amount for a “Medicare” voucher to help buy insurance.

No Affordable Care Act: No insurance for those with pre-existing conditions or who reached a cap, even though the CBO projects ACA lowers the federal debt, cuts medical costs and helps most of the 30 million now uninsured.

Less regulation: Allow pollution, industry near neighborhoods and accounting variations.

No higher taxes on the wealthiest: Since 1979 most Americans’ incomes increased less than 20 percent, but the wealthiest increased 300 percent. The tea party wants tax cuts for top earners, but data shows the more wealth, the less investment in new jobs.

Less consumer protection: Repeal laws on product safety, labeling, investments and credit.

Less worker protection: Repeal OSHA, minimum wage and family leave. No drilling restrictions: Drill in deep water and on land, and use fracking — disregarding possible disasters. Change tax incentives: Repeal breaks for renewable energy sources, but keep oil subsidies. No national parks: Sell them. Limit funds for public education: Give tax dollars to private and home schools. Limit scholarships and student loans: Fewer could go to college. Limit research grants: Cut funding that has brought America unmatched innovation.

Are tea party ideas good for America? No, but followers say, “No compromise.” None of Congressman Mike Pence’s proposals became law, but he tried to shut down the government. Pence, Richard Mourdock and Marlin Stutzman repeat lies that Paul Ryan told in his convention speech regarding job creators, weakening welfare reform and the future of health care. They will not cooperate to govern. A house divided cannot stand.

We choose representatives of “We the People” — the U.S.A.! Three candidates deserve our votes. They pursue truth, not partisan objectives; deliberate, not demand; and find solutions, not gridlock. For us and for the U.S.A., vote for John Gregg, governor; Joe Donnelly, senator; and Kevin Boyd, representative.

Judith Steckly

Who's stupid

Regarding the deaths of the four Americans in Libya, I don’t know which possibility is scarier: that President Obama and his White House are stupid, or that President Obama and his White House think the American public is stupid. Not a real good choice there.

Bruce Cynar