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Tip of the Hat

Saturday, October 20, 2012 - 12:01 am

I have to agree that Bluffton Road is looking pretty good, particularly with the addition of the Verizon store. It has made that intersection of Bluffton Road and Lower Huntington Road look so much better!

I am sending a tip of the hat to Dr. Gregory Lowe, audiologist. He told me about a new phone for the hard of hearing called caption-call telephones. It prints out what the caller or called party is saying. It is wonderful and has given me the independence to make and receive my own calls. It has improved my life tremendously.

On Oct. 7, after church, my mom, my nephew and I stopped at Hall's on Bluffton Road for breakfast. As we were getting ready to leave, our server informed us that our bill had already been taken care of by another customer. We are sending you a great big heart-felt thank you. Your kindness was so very much appreciated. It was a wonderful surprise. We hope your day was as blessed as ours was. Thank you, again.

A tip of the hat to the person who paid for lunch for three friends and me at the Lunch Box Cafe on Oct. 5. What a nice surprise! Thanks and God bless.

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