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Fort Wayne births, through Oct. 21

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 - 9:23 am

Here is a selected listing of births in Allen County hospitals sent to the Allen County Bureau of Vital Records through Oct. 21.

Fort Wayne

•Adalyne G. Marquart to Rebecca A. and Anthony K. Marquart.

•Addisyn J. Saylor to Jaimie M. Brown and Jack C. Saylor.

•Alden L. O'Quinn to Charissa M. Simmons and Arthur L. Oquinn Jr.

•Alexis A. Boley to Andrea L. and Kyle W. Boley.

•Allannah M. Morris to Constance M. Edgell and Antonio L. Morris.

•Amelia M. Wyss to Megan E. and Nathan W. Wyss.

•Andrew R. Hardin to Holly D. and Bradley A. Hardin.

•Angelique C. Diaz-Najera to Maria L. Najera and Alvaro Diaz.

•Ariana Q. Pitts to Angela A. Perez and Quinton A. Pitts.

•Aric C. Patell to Mystery D. and Joshua S. Patell.

•Avery R. Daugherty to Charste D. and Kenneth J. Daugherty.

•Bailey J. Siddall to Christian J. Siddall.

•Benjamin J. Gooding to Laura A. and Joseph E. Gooding.

•Benjamin Ruiz to Brittany N. Ruiz.

•Bennett A. Feipel to Carrie J. and Andrew A. Feipel.

•Blake A. Houser to Carrie A. and Shane D. Houser.

•Bohde L. Tuttle to Heather M. Henry and Jason A. Tuttle.

•Brayan J. Gonzalez to Hanay Ortiz Gonzalez.

•Brianna J. Jarrett to Leora B. and Matthew S. Jarrett.

•Briella C. Hicks to Jenna M. and Matthew T. Hicks.

•Bryce A. Johnson to Nicole M. and Seth A. Johnson.

•Caiden P. Cox to Samantha A. Smith and Troy A. Cox.

•Calla M. Winsemann to Kristen M. and Ryan S. Winsemann.

•Cameron D. Townsend to Markeita R. Townsend.

•Cameron J. Billingsley to Nina L. Billingsley.

•Camila Medina-Munoz to Rosa H. Munoz and Anselmo Medina.

•Caroline R. Rice to Mary A. and Leith W. Rice.

•Catelynn L. Turner to Erica L. and Joseph R. Turner.

•Cedric D. Benson Jr. to Tea A. and Cedric D. Benson.

•Chandler J. Knutson to Nicole D. and Peter J. Knutson.

•Charlotte L. Hubley to Jessica J. and Stephen D. Hubley.

•Charlotte P. Standiford to Ashley R. and Matthew A. Standiford.

•China J. Arrington to Summer L. Brooks and Willie J. Arrington.

•Christian M. Toins to Jasmine Mitchell and Martez Toins.

•Citlaly S. Flores to Monica Flores.

•Claire L. Delgado to Rebecca J. and Christopher J. Delgado.

•Cohen L. Ivey to Mallory J. and Bradley K. Ivey.

•Darcy E. Freistroffer to Alison L. and Benjamin T. Freistroffer.

•Deangelo J. Billingsley to Amanda M. Didier and Deandre A. Billingsley.

•Deshon L. Debase Jr. to Shaquamia S. Royal and Deshon L. Debase.

•Devyn M. Roussey to Pamela L. and Michael R. Roussey.

•Draven A. Edwards to Dana R. and George J. Edwards.

•Dwight J. Brown to Mary M. and Dustin D. Brown.

•Eli J. Kimmel to Kristen L. and Caleb B. Kimmel.

•Elias J. Sanchez to Carissa R. Mix and Abraham J. Sanchez.

•Elijah A. Miller to Kelly A. Miller and Terry A. Felix.

•Elise P. Leins to Leslie A. and Justin M. Leins.

•Emmarae G. Crist to Jadrienne F. and Jonathon R. Crist.

•Emmersyn M. Onweller to Kristen N. and Clayton J. Onweller.

•Ezekiel M. Coulson to Tara R. Ettensohn and Tyler J. Coulson.

•Gabriel J. Blair to Ashley N. Gonzales and Kent R. Blair Jr.

•Geraldin A. Flores to Brenda M. Vazquez and Raul Flores.

•Grace McConnehey to Teresa and John A. McConnehey.

•Hannah M. Burns to Gwen R. and Terrence C. Burns.

•Harley J. Kramer to Krista S. and Christopher J. Kramer.

•Harrison D. Adams to Jacqueline D. Frappier and Harold D. Adams.

•Hayden S. Wood to Erica M. and Brandon S. Wood.

•Henry E. Cummings to Kari J. and Lucas L. Cummings.

•Holden C. Ripley to Kristin D. and Ryan P. Ripley.

•Hudson M. Dekoninck to Stephanie L. and Wesley M. Dekoninck.

•Iric M. Headley to Tamara R. and Iric S. Headley.

•Isaac G. Harris to Mindy D. and Warren D. Harris.

•Isaac J. Speith to Sara L. and Kevin J. Speith.

•Ishmail R. Summerville to Johanna S. Summerville and Shawn L. Rankin.

•Ja N. Mar to Malaka Zan and Esoh Moh.

•Jace A. Geiger to Chelssie M. Geiger.

•Jaden E. Quinn to Alexia D. Miller and Edward D. Quinn.

•Jamel D. Graham Jr. to Myka N. Blunt and Jamel D. Graham.

•James L. Hackman to Lindsay M. and Mark A. Hackman.

•Jawayne D. Parks to Kayla L. Bessette and Jamie L. Parks.

•Jaydein D. Compton to Eboni M. Anderson and Robert D. Compton.

•Jeffrey A. Gutierrez-Flores to Rosa A. Sorto and Fredis A. Gutierrez.

•Jenesa L. Golden to Salena A. and Brad L. Golden.

•Jillian R. Andrist to Stacey A. and Jourdan D. Andrist.

•Jonylea M. Brooks to Divinity D. Brooks.

•Joshua L. Cowherd to Angelica S. and Phillip A. Cowherd.

•Journey M. Powers to Nakia V. Yates and Robert L. Powers.

•Kahleal D. Parker to Lakreshia A. Jones and Velton D. Parker.

•Kaitlyn R. Burch to Nicole E. and Derek D. Burch.

•Kamden W. Reimer to Breeann T. and Rodney S. Reimer.

•Kaylin G. Boardman to Natasha E. and Rod S. Boardman.

•Ke Andre M. Nicholson to Latoya M. Tompkins and Shamus D. Nicholson.

•Keion J. Birchfield to Jacqueline R. Birchfield.

•Keziah A. Bittner to Jessica K. Gruwell and Brandon E. Bittner.

•Khloe L. Suggs to Ashtyn E. Lancaster and Aarron W. Suggs.

•Kiylah B. Robinson to Samantha M. Neuhaus and Travis J. Robinson.

•Kooper J. Tinnel to Kacey L. Tinnel.

•Kurtis F. Meeks to Heather D. Meeks.

•Kynzie R. Timmons to Brandi R. Quickery and Joshua D. Timmons.

•Laila M. Hite-Coleman and Lillian M. Hite-Coleman to Olivia J. Hite and Jermaine L. Coleman.

•Lamarcus E. Jenkins to Preondra S. McGee and Erritt L. Jenkins.

•Lamarion J. Green to Nicole L. and Lionel J. Green.

•Layne W. Hermann to April C. and Jonathan E. Hermann.

•Leah R. Ratkowski to Charleann K. and Ryan M. Ratkowski.

•Leilani J. Benton-Phifer to Erynn W. Benton and Xavier A. Phifer.

•Lena J. Beachy to Molly K. and Andrew M. Beachy.

•Lilliana A. Butler to Brittany S. Rapp and Travis A. Butler.

•Lily H. Le to Han N. Nguyen and Jackson V. Le.

•Lucas R. Thompson to Mary M. Bressler and Joshua J. Thompson.

•Lydia J. Goheen to Stephanie M. and Chad W. Goheen.

•Lyla M. Bedenfield to Theodocia N. and Antwain D. Bedenfield.

•Madeline L. Rowland to Grace E. and James M. Rowland.

•Madison G. Deselm to Samantha A. and Jeffrey M. Deselm.

•Madison N. Dickman to Sarah M. Eckert and Anthony M. Dickman.

•Madison O. Myers to Lynette J. Haas and Loren R. Myers.

•Makai A. Wilmont to Jessica B. Diss and Roderick L. Wilmont.

•Marissa E. Elick to Margo E. Slusher and Joeseph W. Elick.

•Marques D. Grigsby to Lakiesha L. Grigsby.

•Mason E. Ormiston to Julie M. and George T. Ormiston.

•Mathew E. Tittman to Margaret A. and Kenyth A. Tittman.

•Maximillian D. Feagler to Jessica E. and Zachary R. Feagler.

•Maxwell B. Minick to Natosha E. and Benjamin T. Minick.

•Megan A. Rees to Karen B. and Michael W. Rees.

•Melany S. Chavez-Carvajal to Keyla S. Chavez-Carvajal.

•Micah D. Sult to Jennifer L. and Shannon D. Sult.

•Michael R. Lappie to Jenna L. and Michael E. Lappie.

•Michael W. Saw to Kmeepaw Wah and Joshua Saw.

•Miles I. Campbell to Amanda A. and Daniel K. Campbell.

•N Miyah R. Anderson to Sambria L. Graham and Rayquise D. Anderson.

•Nancy R. Zhu to Hui Li and Fangwei Zhu.

•Naomee J. Kolkman to Lorna G. and Donald R. Kolkman.

•Natali O. Silva to Danielle M. McEntee and Michael A. Silva.

•Neiyah S. Howard to Melissa A. Shelby and Anthony T. Howard.

•Nevaeh C. Hutchison-Craig to Heather L. Craig and Quentin J. Craig.

•Nina S. Creason to Leah M. Fulton and Chad M. Creason.

•Niya L. Lee to April M. Casiano-Lee and Jason A. Lee.

•Nkosane E. Bouyer to Alecia N. Eibling and Nkosane N. Bouyer.

•Noah T. Edmondson to Ashley R. Penisten and Drew T. Edmondson.

•Ogheneyoma N. Ottahsmart to Aghogho J. and Eferae E. Ottahsmart.

•Oliver A. Vandermotten to Kaley A. Vandermotten.

•Oliver G. Link to Faith N. Link.

•Olivia R. Wagner to Alicia K. and Matthew M. Wagner.

•Paige A. Courtney and Payton K. Courtney to Jaimee L. and Brian F. Courtney.

•Patrick M. Clabaugh to Michelle C. and Eric R. Clabaugh.

•Penelope C. Pettit to Leslie R. and Ian M. Pettit.

•Pierson A. Keith to Hannah M. and Craig A. Keith.

•Raegan V. Watson to Michelle F. Dugan and Robert M. Watson.

•Raelyn K. Egly to Kristen M. and Nicholas D. Egly.

•Reagan M. Kelley to Cassandra E. and Bryan R. Kelley.

•Rowan M. Gypson to Rebekah E. and Mark H. Gypson.

•Serenity S. McAfee to Sierra S. McAfee.

•Silas R. Stapleton to Christina N. and Brandon L. Stapleton.

•Sophia A. Landeros to Nina M. Wagner and Anthony Landeros.

•Soren C. Roberts to Leah C. Sands and Seth C. Roberts.

•Symphony R. Harley-Eldridge to Kari A. Harley and Demetrius T. Eldridge.

•Taniyah L. Hill to Connie T. Murphy and Terrance A. Hill.

•Teegan L. Payton and Tenley R. Payton to Megan M. and Thomas K. Payton.

•Tramaine J. Schroeder to Alexandria L. Schroeder.

•Trez Zure J. Salas to Mckaila M. Salas.

•Tristan R. Garrelts to Teri A. and Lendon M. Garrelts.

•Tristian C. Rodriguez to Gennifer L. Evilsizor and Mauricio Rodriguez.

•Tyshawn K. Hoskins to Tyreisha Hoskins.

•Vanessa K. Partridge to Katelynn R. Henderson and Joshua A. Partridge.

•Wesley R. Kleber to Kelly L. and Kyle A. Kleber.

•Weston D. Waterman to Lindsay A. and Jack A. Waterman.

•William C. Johnson to Shannon J. and William D. Johnson.

•Xzavior A. Gordon to Heather R. Gordon.

•Zohla A. Tate to Kristen L. White and Waldell E. Tate Jr.