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Thursday, September 21, 2017
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The Rant

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Saturday, October 27, 2012 12:01 am
The Rant is The News-Sentinel's anonymous sound-off forum. The readers' views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of The News-Sentinel. People aren't poor when they get free food, housing, utilities, child care, medical care, cell phones, have cars and cable. At Christmas, a company adopts them and they get free clothes, toys, household items and cash. What they need is counseling on being responsible for themselves. Mitt Romney is right.

Because futures and other speculator types affect the price of gasoline, then it should only be fair that consumers should be able to go to any gas station and buy gallons at the price ($3.50 today). Place the gallons on an oil card for future use. Buy 100 gallons for $3,500. Use your 100 gallons when you need it!

… (A national youth ministry) has no place in our public schools.

You can't have any crosses or any Christian symbols on government property. Separation of church and state. Answer me this: When appearing in court, (government property) do you swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help you God? Really?

With the oil/barrel still in the $90 range and gasoline $3.43/gallon, I think we should have a presidential election every year!

IU is back to its rightful place in college B-ball.

So the purpose of the IPFW student organization that held a “Condom Crawl” and handed out condoms in the middle of campus was ostensibly to educate students about safe sex. If this group really wanted to educate people about safety, they should have done so in a less offensive manner.

(??Use?? Not sure if everyone in Aboite wants City water.) If the people of Aboite want city water, and the city is willing to provide them with water, why should Aqua Indiana be able to stop what everyone involved seems to want?

Thank you, City Council, for doing the right thing and denying Tom Henry's request to raise taxes. What a spendthrift.

Fort Wayne Community Schools take note. The only reason I pulled two kids out of your school is due to bullying — not vouchers. You have a huge problem, and it starts in grade school.

On the day of the running for MS, some people were so stupid and rude. You all knew it was coming. Why drive like you're crazy, trying to go down alleys and saying rude things about the runners? Just go a different way to begin with. Indiana Avenue was for the runners.

I can't wait until the elections are over, and we can write about interesting things.

President Obama and his … (posse) need to pack their horses up and get out of Dodge.

I am so surprised to see we have such a rude, rude, rude vice president. He interrupted Paul Ryan again and again when he was talking. Parents don't even allow their children to do that. A person who tries to make fun of someone when they are talking only shows their ignorance.

To vote Mitt Romney in as president would be decimating to our country. Please, please pay attention. He cares only about the wealthy, including himself. If he gets in, we will owe our souls to the company store, as the song goes.

For anyone who has a pair of flip-flops, they're now called Romney-Ryan shoes. Reminds one of the old saying by the Republicans a few years ago, “He used to be for it before he was against it” (about a former Democratic candidate). Remember?

If he laughs, he's jeering. If he frowns, he has a bad attitude. If he looks at his opponent, he staring. I'd vote for your any day, Mr. VP (Joe Biden). You've been a true winner and patriot in my book. If the Republicans can't criticize the issues you represent, they'll get personal.

If anyone wonders why the Tea Party is losing, all you have to do is go look at the disgusting billboard they put up on U.S. 30 West.

If women want to have an abortion every month, Roe v. Wade gives them that choice. They eventually “will have to walk that lonesome valley.” Abortions on demand, but taxpayers should not have to pay for them.

I just don't know how anyone can vote for someone that approves the evils of abortion, sexual immorality and poor educational agendas for our children. It doesn't mean that I believe the Republicans don't have any flaws or that some are never guilty in these areas. They just seem like the least adamant in continuing these evils.


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