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Top tweets with #nsfootball hashtag from sectional semifinals of high school football

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 7:52 am

Social media was buzzing Friday night during area high school football games with the Twitter hashtag #nsfootball. Check out the top tweets from game-night and Week 11 of the season that included the #nsfootball hashtag.

#nsfootball is The News-Sentinel's official Twitter hashtag for the high school football season.

Fans and readers are encouraged to use the #nsfootball hashtag throughout this season when tweeting about high school football.

In addition, The News-Sentinel each week during the high school football season will run the best tweets using the #nsfootball hashtag in Monday's issue of The News-Sentinel.


@Busco_Bonar: Busco Football proved the @ThePig_ns wrong tonight!! #nsfootball

@fromannd: Once again SAC won every non conference game!! #nsfootball

@SethBennett: Wow can't believe Carroll and Norwell won tonight #nsfootball

@Burgee60: Best Carroll Penn memory, Powerhouse Penns Crowds silence during most of the game, Great game Chargers!!! #nsfootball

@AndyMcBaseball: It's what we all wanted. Busco vs Luers next week #nsfootball

@TeachRisedorph: NorthWood v Wawasee could give someone cardiac-arrest.

@Judgephil1: The Eagles ran on the field with captain swinging a sledgehammer now they are playing like the whole team is carrying one. #nsfootball

@dhipp4: Go Busco, big match up next week. #nsfootball

@Tram1984: Now this is playoff weather! Eastside @ Luersfield #nsfootball

@bradobc: Eastside star Blake Blaker comes to Luers Field. Probably has not seen a Defense like this all year #nsfootball

@BryanSharp2: What - it's raining on a Friday? Who would have thought! #nsfootball