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Dean's list: Huntington University

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 12:01 am

Huntington University: From Andrews: Mona Geideman, Dale Howell and Gary Rice. From Bluffton: Ann Clifton and Erin Jennings. From Churubusco: Lea Ann Herron.

From Columbia City: Bethany Cabiya, Anthony Crowe, Tenel Hawn, Sherry Hurd, Trudy Miller-Longhenry, Holly Restemayer, Amy Shepherd and Sherry Wurz.

From Fort Wayne: Susan Chipps, Bruce Hanson, Lisa Hollister, Gregory Long and Jia Zolman.

From Huntington: Mike Anderson, Evie Blackburn, Ryan Douglas, Adam Grimme, Crystal Kohler, Debra Kriegbaum, Adam Myers, Robin Ness, April Reed, Dale Reed, Janetta Rydell and David Wust.

From Larwill: Ginger Mills. From Markle: Emily Doss. From New Haven: Brenda Houtz. From Saint Joe: Andrew Kuder. From Wabash: Julie Baker, Melissa Lundmark, Jodie Miller and Larry Nutt. From Warren: Dustin Forney.

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