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Tuesday September 1, 2015
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Letters to the editor

Friday, November 2, 2012 - 12:01 am

Mourdock was right

Finally, a breath of fresh air! Richard Mourdock is a candidate who proudly professes his beliefs without fear of losing votes.

He is a man of honor, a true moralist with a conscience.

As Christians, my husband and I knew exactly what Mourdock meant when he said, “A pregnancy resulting from rape is something God intended to happen.”

He meant that because God is all-knowing, he would know if a pregnancy would occur from that rape, not that God would cause the rape, and God would not want that child destroyed.

It says in the Bible in Jeremiah 1:5: “I know you before you were formed in our mother’s womb and I called you by name.” Also, Psalm 139.

That innocent life has no has no idea how or why it was conceived. Mourdock has our vote.

Dan and Eileen Layton

Bands go to state

On Saturday, Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, will be filled with the sound of high school marching bands competing in the ISSMA state finals. Northeast Indiana, especially Allen and surrounding counties, can be proud of our representation at this event.

In Class D (the smallest schools), we are represented by Adams Central; in Class B, North Side will take the field; and in Class A (the largest schools), we are represented by Homestead High School.

Anyone who follows marching band in this area knows that Class C is where the action is for this part of the state. In Class C, we are to be represented by Concordia Lutheran, Norwell and Angola.

This lineup speaks well of our music programs, our work ethic, the support of the communities and especially support from the parents of these performers.

Congratulations to all the bands that made it to state. Travel safely, enjoy the day, cheer each other on, and know that it is an honor to even be there.

I predict that at least one top-three trophy will be earned in our area, and we have reasonable hope that a first-place trophy will reside here for this 2012 ISSMA marching season.

Loretta Barlow

Censure3 president

It is time for action!

I have had enough of all this rhetoric about Benghazi. I believe the American people heard enough facts and talk about the president and the Benghazi “fiasco.” The body of evidence speaks loudly. The president took an oath the he will “protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” He failed in the performance of his duty, and he deceived the American people about it.

The bodies in the grave demand action. Censure the president!

If the politicians in Congress have (the nerve), then it can be done in nine days. If not, then throw the rascals out.

Tibor Bierbaum