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Our ‘A Christmas Story’ quiz has a winner

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Answers: 1. Jean Shepherd. 2. Hohman, Ind., a fictionalized version of Hammond, Ind., Shepherd's hometown. 3. “Little Orphan Annie.” 4. Pink bunny pajamas. 5. Italy. 6. C+. 7. She quickly changes the subject to the Chicago Bears. 8. A Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200-shot Range Model Air Rifle. 9. Preparing for extended deep-sea diving. 10. Football. 11. Oldsmobile. 12. Cleveland. 13. Black Bart. 14. A zeppelin. 15. The White Sox traded Bullfrog for Four-Eyed Schottenhauffen. 16. “Jingle Bells.” 17. A bowling ball. 18. Simoniz. 19. The Bumpuses. 20. “Deck the Halls” and “Jingle Bells.”

Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 12:01 am

You've watched “A Christmas Story” a million times, but how much do you really remember about the movie?

We triple dog dared you to find out by taking our quiz. On the line was a chance to win two tickets to the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre's live stage production of the classic tale. We had several people answer all questions correctly. We put their names in a random drawing.

The winner is Matt Kortenber of New Haven. Congratulations, Matt!

For everyone else, here are the questions and the answers so you can see how you did. And remember, kid, don't shoot your eye out:

1. The film was based on which author's short stories?

2. Where is the film set?

3. Ralphie receives a Secret Society decoder pin from which radio show?

4. Aunt Clara gave Ralphie what present for Christmas?

5. Ralphie's father thought his major award was from what country?

6. Ralphie gets what grade on his essay?

7. Ralphie's mother tells his father about the fight Ralphie had with the local bully, but Ralphie doesn't get punished. Why?

8. The film centers on Ralphie's desire to own what specifically?

9. Ralphie likened getting Randy ready for school to what?

10. What does Santa suggest as a gift for Ralph after he goes blank?

11. What kind of car does Ralphie's father drive?

12. What was the name of the street the Parkers lived on?

13. Name the imaginary villain who headed a gang of robbers who pestered the Parker clan.

14. What does Randy receive for Christmas?

15. Ralphie's father complained about the White Sox trading one player for another. What were their names?

16. What Christmas song were the Parkers singing at the time of the flat tire?

17. What gift does Ralphie's mom drop in his dad's lap?

18. Ralphie's mom gave his dad a can of what for Christmas?

19. Who owned the dogs that ate the turkey?

20. What did the restaurant employees sing to Ralphie and his family as they ate their Christmas meal?