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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Tuesday, November 06, 2012 10:00 am
I totally agree with you about the closed captioning on the local news. I stopped watching the news four years ago.I used to call the station and they would slow it down but that was just to the news at that time. The next newscast it was fast again. I got tired of calling so I stopped watching. I am almost totally deaf and I depend on CC to watch TV programs, if it's not CC I can't watch it.

I use a Captel telephone so I can see what the caller is saying, people get aggravated because it takes a little time for what they are saying to me to show on my screen. I have to say hold on until what you are saying comes up on my screen or they talk so slow that it says, “Speaker unclear.”

I wish people would put earplugs in their ears and try to use CC or my phone and see what I go through.

I agree it is insulting and very irritating. I know CC can be slow during a live broadcast so we should be able to see the weather portion of the news.

I love to read and I get my news from the newspaper.

Jacqueline D. WoodsWhy in the discussion about abortion does it always seem that abortion must be the best option for victims of rape or incest?

For some reason, whether a person is pro-life or pro-choice, the majority of people stop the discussion about options for an unwanted pregnancy when rape and incest are brought up as if they are required to believe it is the right answer for these situations. Why?

The answer I usually hear is it helps the woman forget rather than make them face what happened every day of the pregnancy. As if getting rid of the evidence that the baby apparently is will magically make the memories and feelings the women and girls who are victims of these horrendous crimes are facing disappear.

Does it really make it easier for the victims or for those around the victims who can forget what happened much easier because the baby isn't around to remind them?

Think about the case of incest. Who wants the baby evidence to disappear the most? The perpetrator and the enablers around him that have let the incest go on. If the baby continues to live, the reality of what is happening will be seen by the whole world around the young victim. The victim will have proof of what has been happening even if she hasn't been believed in the past.

If she gets an abortion early on then no one outside the family needs to know what happened, which is what the perpetrator wants most of all.

In the case of rape, the reality gets a little fuzzier for me. I will admit that I have never met or talked to anyone who has faced this situation. I would think for the woman it would depend on her beliefs of whether abortion is a good option for her or not.

Even most pro-choice women I have talked to have said that abortion wouldn't be right for them because they believe it is killing a baby, but they don't want to take the choice away from someone else.

If the woman who is raped and becomes pregnant really believes it is a baby, how does adding the guilt of killing it to her feelings help her heal faster?

Also another thing that has come to my mind is the thought of why the best thing for a woman to do who has just been recently violated to her core by a man she most likely didn't know or know well, would be to put herself at the mercy of another strange male doctor and expose herself willingly to an equally intimate violation of her body. How does that help the healing process?

Again the question of whether it helps the woman or those around her the most to get rid of the baby comes to mind. Is it for her benefit to abort the baby or for her boyfriend or husband so they don't have to live with the reminder that some other guy is the father of the baby?

Jan Zavodny


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