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TV Diary: Going back to 'American Graffiti'

Tuesday, November 6, 2012 - 12:01 am

Sure, it's Election Day, and TVs across the nation will broadcast election coverage all night long. However, if the election isn't your cup of tea, check out “American Graffiti” at 9:35 p.m. on Encore.

This 1973 film about high school grads out for a final night on the town before leaving for college featured some well-known actors and actresses before they became big stars. How well do you remember this film?

1. Who wrote and directed this film?

2. The film won two Golden Globes — in which categories?

3. What year did the film take place?

4. What actress is seen riding in a 1956 Ford Thunderbird? Name the actor obsessed with finding her?

5. This actor went from drag racing in this film to dodging Darth Vader's men.

6. This real-life disc jockey played — a disc jockey.

7. In a role he was born to play, this actor — not long after this film was made — went on to play a high school teenager in a popular TV series about 1950s life.

8. Who starred as the teenybopper who hung out with John all night? (She actually was 12 years old at the time, and because of her age, producer Gary Kurtz had to become her legal guardian the duration of the filming.

Answers: 1. George Lucas. 2. Best Motion Picture — Musical/Comedy and Most Promising Newcomer — Male (Paul Le Mat). 3. 1962. 4. Suzanne Somers and Richard Dreyfuss. 5. Harrison Ford. 6. Wolfman Jack. 8. Ron Howard. 9. Mackenzie Phillips.