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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Letters to the editor

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Thursday, November 08, 2012 09:58 am
The walk-out by retired Judge Tom Ryan at the recent Allen County Ethics Commission is no surprise. Judges, even retired judges, don't want to hear your opinion. They believe what they say is the final word or they threaten a person with contempt of court. Since Ryan no longer has this power, he acts very immature and unprofessional and storms out of the meeting when he does not get his way.

As to the Fries-Moss fiasco, when Paul Moss texted or telephoned Sheriff Fries on June 2, requesting assistance, ethically, Sheriff Fries should have told Moss that he could not get involved with the matter and informed Moss his recourse was to contest this matter through the court. It appears Moss believes he has leverage over Fries due to the sheriff's budget hearings and therefore is entitled to special consideration.

Sheriff Fries should remember he is obligated to “serve and protect” all people, not just Moss due to Moss' position with the county. How many citizens of Allen County have access to Sheriff Fries' telephone or text number to request special treatment?

This Fries-Moss matter is a perfect example that “power corrupts.” I hope voters remember this incident on the future elections.

Citizens should thank Phillip Pease and Kevin Leininger for bringing this inexcusable matter to our attention.

Kenneth Fritz

LeoIn Kevin Leininger's column of Oct. 27, he implied that a court ruling to block defunding of Planned Parenthood was an “extremist” act (his quotes).

I hardly think that the majority of people would hold this view. Since when is a court ruling an extremist act? Actually it was six rulings in six states. When did these judges go from being “activist” to being “extremist?”

And is any judge who makes a decision that Mr. Leininger doesn't agree with an extremist?

Who's the extremist?

Art KonwinskiEvery day I see pedestrians and bicycles traversing this dangerous stretch.

A woman with four small children trying to get to the store. Every day a handicapped man on a motorized wheelchair has to take his chances in the street with high-speed traffic because he can't get through the mud.

Every day kids going to Foster Park, people walking to work, and the area businesses, have to either walk in the mud or take a chance of getting run over in the road.

I have made Fort Wayne aware of this dangerous situation with several letters to the editor and the mayor since 2007 and nothing has been done. Does somebody have to get killed before it is looked at?

Must we continue to dredge through the mud on one of Fort Wayne's oldest arteries, while they are building miles of paved trails through cornfields where nobody really needs to go?

OK, I realize nobody downtown cares and probably won't get adequate sidewalks on Bluffton Road, but maybe they could take $2 worth of stone and at least fill in the mud holes. Then they would only have to worry about spending the other $74,998.

Roger LindleyInteresting — just read the excellently written letter of Laura J. Smyser, and then find the next letter to the editor from none other than Charles Sizemore. In his letter, he is taking the Republican candidate for governor of our state, to task, for his opposition to and his “no” votes while serving in Congress. He makes the statement that Mr. Pence, by his actions in Congress, is opposite to his goals for the forward movement of Indiana, if he is successful in his bid.

In reading through the list that Mr. Sizemore has created of the government programs rejected by Mr. Pence, I see clearly what Pence is against, and I will make that strongly against these policies of a big government.

Why should I support government programs that give preferential treatment to certain classes of people, that treatment biased by the origin or race of that group. What has happened to those who feel that one can rise to any level, by their own efforts? We have many Hispanics, and many African-Americans who have risen to positions of importance by the exercise of their own efforts without government handouts.

Ronald G. Ross

1SG US Army (ret)Jeers to the people who broke into the Foster Park Little League garage and stole the organization's John Deere Gator and mower. Like all Little League

organizations, we are a not-for-profit group that depends on volunteers to run our programs and maintain our baseball fields. Along with Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, we work countless hours on the fields to keep them safe and playable for our children. Now, we will have to find money to purchase new equipment and replace our damaged garage door.

Ryan KeirnsIn a letter to the editor on Oct. 25, “Biden's stance on life is a poor imitation of Catholic,” the writer should have said “Do we want two more liberal justices who will interpret the Constitution as a 'living document' subject to change on a whim of the court? That's exactly how we got legal permission to abort more than 50 million babies in the first place.”


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